SA ~Special A~ 03 – Onigiri/Devotion



Losing to Kei in the previous episode, Hikari is asked to do a bento for him. As the saying goes, try and try until you die succeed, Hikari tries her hardest to make a simple onigiri(rice cakes) but always ended up making cannonballs(lol Ryuu said that..).. Meanwhile, the president thought that the onigiri is for him.


Well, I’ll describe this episode as the best so far. Because of this episode, I’ll officially now follow the series since I need a laugh these days(were I’m stressed and busy at schoolwork).. I found the side characters(members of SA) quite interesting and I hope they’ll give some focus on them on at least some episodes. Overall, this is a nice episode with Kei showing some obviousness that he like Hikari but I think Hikari is too dense yet…


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