Flying Witch – 07

Flying Witch - Happy Makoto

Finding a fun friend

winter15-highw Cats can be pretty vindictive. I’d imagine it would be even worse with a cat that understood what you were saying (instead of just seeming to).

Most Plants Were Wild at Some Point

Flying Witch - Whap

*whap* Do you know what you did wrong, Nao? *whap*

Another couple of stories this week, as we return to using nature on Flying Witch. This time the gang’s headed up to the mountain to pick some more edible plants, and Nao is going along for the fun. Chinatsu is as well, even though she doesn’t really like any of the plants or herbs to eat. Even Chito is going along, but she’s going because of being somewhat insulted by Nao (whap whap whap), who tends to be a little bit overly straightforward with what she says, especially when it comes to Chito.

Flying Witch - Hey!

“Hey, watch what you’re saying!”

It’s fun to see how energetic Makoto gets in the woods, and have Kei mention that woods seem to energize witches. It’s hard to imagine Akane needing more energy when she talks, although she does lie around a lot, but Makoto definitely gets bubbly, up a notch or two from her usual pleasant and calm. She even catches a frog, a lot easier than the pheasant a few episodes ago, and proceeds to scare Nao with it (I can see Nao taking a pass on the next few of these trips). Another thing that’s getting a bit fun is to see Makoto fully accept her tendency to get lost. Early in the series, she tried to deny it a couple times, but now she enthusiastically agrees when Kei points out that she’d never be found if she lost the group in the woods. She even asks him if he got lost like she does later in the episode.

Flying Witch - Not a good day for Nao

The final insult for Nao

Adult Tastes and Kid Tastes and Another New Friend (Eventually)

Flying Witch - see

“See? I ate it!”

Even though she helped pick the young ferns (the plants they were picking are the ‘fiddlehead’ stage of the Ostrich fern, and it’s another plant that is thought to be at least a bit toxic, much like the bakke they ate earlier), Chinatsu just isn’t a fan of them yet, although she does give it a try. And acts like a little kid proving that she did eat it. But she gets a better offer from Akane, who suggests that they go to a nearby cafe that has good cakes. Plus, it’s another witch thing, so Makoto will get to introduce herself and Chinatsu will get to see more of the world of witches.

First it’s hidden, then Revealed, another nice use of magic

But Kei’s not necessarily the biggest fan of some things in the world of witches, specifically the ghost waitress at the hidden cafe. I did like the spell on the place, having them pray like at a shrine, although I’m surprised that Chinatsu didn’t already know about how to pray at a shrine. And even if it seems like noone is there, the invisible ghost is actually their waitress. Now, this time, I actually do think that Makoto and Chinatsu go too far in their discovering what the waitress looks like. And Makoto actually does realize that maybe she shouldn’t have done that, but it seems like a very 15-year old thing to do to force the waitress to be visible.

Flying Witch - You can't see me can you

Poor ghost waitress, having a prank played on her


Another wonderful episode, this time able to really bring some beautiful forest scenery. I also like a lot of the expressions they used this episode, from Chito’s displeasure at being called an obaa-san, to Makoto’s happiness in the forest, to Chinatsu’s effort to eat a fern, to the embarrassed ghost waitress. They’ve really kept up the quality of the show’s art throughout, and that really helps to make it a lot of fun to watch.


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8 Responses to “Flying Witch – 07”

  1. Wanderer says:

    I did like the spell on the place, having them pray like at a shrine, although I’m surprised that Chinatsu didn’t already know about how to pray at a shrine.

    Just for clarity’s sake, what Kenny’s note actually said was “when you get there; two bows, two claps, one bow.” Chinatsu probably knows how to pray at a shrine, but didn’t get the reference to it with that phrasing. Crunchyroll decided to cross-culturally translate it, but ended up making it either confusing as to why Chinatsu was confused, or making her look a little dense.

    • Highway says:

      I’ll disagree, because when Makoto explained it as “how to pray at a shrine”, Chinatsu didn’t go “Oh, right!”. Chinatsu certainly understood “2 bows, two claps, one bow”, and didn’t make the connection even after Makoto said it. So that would point to she didn’t really know about it. And I don’t know what age kids in Aomori are doing much at shrines.

      And it was Akane’s note. She just drew a (cute) picture of Kenny on it (her signature was under Kei’s thumb).

      • skylion says:

        …also it’s a clue out of context…kid’s are usually pretty sharp at point out “this is being done wrong”. I mean, you do those gestures at a shrine. This place wasn’t that!

  2. Namaewoinai says:

    So, Another herb buffet, wow…and this time it’s a fiddle head! i heard that plant is kinda toxic, but slight better taste, and no wonder that little girl (Chinatsu) tasting it and seems like it, Well i guess those people had a habit of making exotic plant dishes or sort…

    and Had you ever seen a bear lately hmm…kinda reminds me of this…oh wait he is somehow much younger

    And…Wow, i thought that house is abandoned, and lately uh…WHAT….WAT!!! OH Witches…Sure those folks are…Tough! Really!

  3. HannoX says:

    Another great episode. And of course if a cat thinks you’ve insulted or made fun of it it’s going to make you pay.

    I really liked the herb picking in the woods. Such a beautiful setting. And the bear being scared off by Nao’s screams was a nice touch. Most bears would want to avoid people.

    I’d been wondering when the ghost in the OP would show up and now I know.

  4. skylion says:

    As a long time Food and Beverage guy I do wonder about that cake shops business model. There cannot be enough witches or otherwise magical folk in the area. So why would they hide themselves; our gang looked like the not just the only people in the place, but the only people who had been there for a while. Ghost server I can see, most human server’s imitate ghost’s anyway!

    Also, Chito took the time to instruct the human, most cats would just ignore you after…

    • Wanderer says:

      Actually Makoto told us that there were a lot of them in that area, due to the abundance of nature and resources for witchcraft. Also there are apparently plenty of magical creatures of various sorts: most of them simply haven’t had any reason to visit Makoto. And don’t forget that teleportationi is entirely possible in this setting: people don’t necessarily have to be nearby to come visit the cafe if they want to. Akane, for example, is a frequent customer, even though she’s been traveling around the world for years.

      As for their business model, we don’t know what their expenses are. Do they have a cost for ingredients or is magic involved? Maybe they have a barter arrangement with someone to keep them supplied in exchange for free services (not at all uncommon in some places, and even more so with magical folk). The ghost likely does not get paid in standard currency, and when the daughter of the family helps out it’s probably viewed as more of a family obligation than a job, so she may not be paid either. So their working expenses may actually be super low compared to a regular business.

    • Wanderer says:

      Would someone please kick the spammy and retrieve my comment? Maybe see if it’s afraid of frogs…

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