Luck & Logic – 03

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Nemesis has some odd taste on “cute” things.

winter15-foshWelcome back to another fresh episode of Luck and Logic! What kind of craaazzy adventure will we have this week? Oh it’s a Yurine themed episode you say? Cool I guess wake me when its over because wow she is quite boring…


Complex leaders

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Even Yurine is bored this week.

This week we focused a lot on the mysterious Yurine Tamaki as she struggles with the loss of being demoted from the leader role, but how good of a leader was she? It seems she was doing it just to impress her sister or be better than her sister who I can only assume was also a Logicalist back in the day? And what’s the deal with Venus? Does she not want to be partners with Yurine? Was she forced to team up with her? From the outside those two kind of get along; however it doesn’t look that way when they’re alone. If I had to put Venus with someone else from the current team I would easily pick Chloe since both girls have similar happy go lucky personalities unlike Yurine who is gloom and doom! Yeah you got demoted GET OVER IT and quit crying, but I know if you suddenly got replaced at a job by someone with more skill than yourself then you might be kinda depressed like Yurine. Then again from personal experiences and seeing others react to being “replaced” or “fired” I’ve learned everyone reacts differently to that subject and i’m sure there are a lot people out there who would try their best to improve on their lack of skill.

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Do these two even like each other? Probably not.

Yeah I don’t really feel the least bit sorry for Yurine at all! Like I said above she just needs to get over it and improve on her lack of skills as a leader, but aside from that I was shocked that she also turned into the the type of character I don’t like aka the “I’m better than my commanding officers and I don’t have to follow their orders” yeah I know WHY she decided to disobey her orders this week because apparently she wants to save everyone even the monsters? Which comes from her original dreams of being a doctor. I still find it to be strange because she didn’t really display that kind of attitude in the first two episodes when they fought those monsters. Then again I guess they managed to save those people? I kinda forgot that there are some people in this series that get taken over by the monsters and end up being killed off by the Logicalists. Although some might see that as a really interesting character trait, I kinda feel like that was just added to her character this week to give her some depth so yeah I’m really confused on that; however I can agree with Veronica who said Yurine and Yoshichika are very similar, especially since we know that Yoshichika is also guilty of being the type of character to disobey orders like in that first episode dealing with his use of Over Trance. And Finally what is up with the sudden appearance of Lucifer? As in the devil or no? I assume so since were dealing with gods so why not? Also what is Atena not telling us? I’m gonna guess there are lots of monsters in the other world killing gods left and right while some gods just want to escape and hide out on earth which is what I’m guessing Lucifer is planning on doing or possibly partnering with Olga or Yukari? I could see that.

Extra Fusion

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Best knife of 2016~

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Olga really needs help.

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Dem eyebrows.

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I just wish these moments weren’t so damn bright.

End Thoughts


This was certainly not the most interesting episode of Luck and Logic for me personally and I imagine if you’re playing the oh so popular anime game aka the three episode rule I guess this is the deciding episode? If you dropped it after this Yurine heavy episode and I wouldn’t blame you unless you really really really like her character? I don’t think shes anything special since every season is filled with similar characters like her and I know, but Fosh the other girls are also unoriginal character types as well, but hey I suppose as long as you’re having fun with whatever series you’re watching it doesn’t matter if you see the same re-used character types right? Anyway there were some other things from this weeks episode that I liked, like the fact I that Yukari is still being treated as part of the team even with her lack of a partner and I guess the same can be said of Olga who continues to be the LOOK HOW AWESOME I AM! I’M SO COOL! I just want to see him turn into a giant baby when stuff gets serious later! Also any episode that includes Nemesis is always a plus in my book especially with her voice? Wow it always makes me grin and laugh because I can’t help but picture Tomoko from Watamote thanks to Izumi Kitta.


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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7 Responses to “Luck & Logic – 03”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    At the start when Athena figured out what was bothering Yoshichika in his dream, I think he should be rather concerned when she told him she knows everything there is to know about him. Given how they behave with one another, I wouldn’t call it stalking but there’s nothing to shield him from her intuition. If there’s ever a time he needs to hide something to keep her from getting involved in what she shouldn’t, the odds of that being fruitful are none.

    This is the trouble I see from characters that have a death grip on their ideals: They hesitate to do what has to be done despite obviously knowing the consequences if they don’t. Both Yoshichika and Yurine need the reality check that when it comes to saving/protecting lives, there will comes times where deadly force is an absolute must or the number of casualties will pile up more, especially when it’s on their watch. It’s naïve to think they’ll always bump into opponents that will make the situation go in their favor. More so if the opponents are those with irredeemable traits like the two slain this episode. If one ever takes on a duty like those two, in my opinion, it’s better if that person were 50% idealistic and 50% realistic to strike a balance so one doesn’t have a monopoly over the other.

    Veronica surprised me. Up until now, not much attention on my part was given to her as I felt it would be unnecessary. Here I thought she’d be typical power-tripping commander that backseat drives while her subordinates are the ones in the fray fighting to complete the mission while staying alive (A dime a dozen in militarized stories) but she actually volunteered to go out in the field. And it’s hinted she’s very powerful if what she pulled on the Succubus was just a normal attack. Now I’m curious as to what else is part of her personality that’s yet to surface.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah Athena seems to know a lot and I’m surprised that Yoshichika hasn’t figured something out about things since both share dreams and what not.

      IKR? Yeah I get why characters like Yoshichika and Yurine have to stand by their ideals, but yeah they gotta learn when that works and when it doesn’t work! Especially if there are lives on the line.

      I was impressed that Veronica stepped up and fought instead of Yurine xD

  2. BlackBriar says:

    I guess the same can be said of Olga who continues to be the LOOK HOW AWESOME I AM! I’M SO COOL! I just want to see him turn into a giant baby when stuff gets serious later!

    Well, there’s no need for that to be rushed (If that ever happens at all, which is a moderate possibility). At the moment, Olga is busy getting shot down every time he tries to act cool. The guy even got told no one expects anything from him. That’s got to hurt.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ooooh I know just saying from the last review people were saying Olga has that type of personality where he boasts as being this awesome logicalist but hasn’t experienced it before and when things get serious hes the type to probably run away from an actual fight.

      Olga is the reverse Kirito, meaning Kirito is one who doesn’t really boast about his skills, but Olga on the other hand does and has nothing to really back up his claims that to me is very annoying…

  3. Highway says:

    This is a show that I just keep being a little disappointed in. It seems like it could be better, but just doesn’t quite get there. It’s got characters I like, it’s not a bad concept, but it just feels like they’re missing the mark a little bit.

    Like I didn’t have a problem with Yurine’s issues. People don’t get over demotions in a day. Especially someone who has based their value to others on their status and leadership. And I liked how they addressed it through her reluctance to harm, and brought that into her life goals even after her time as a logicalist.

    I think my biggest problem so far is characterizing Yoshichika as a dolt as far as dealing with the other people on the team. Shut up and observe some. But he asks every single question that floats through his brain.

    • HannoX says:

      I think they’re using Yoshichika’s questions as a way to get information to the audience about the people on the team. But it’s a clumsy way to do it–“show, don’t tell.” They don’t seem to have confidence that the audience can figure out the characters’ personalities through showing, so they tell us. Which ends up with stuff like Yoshichika continuing to ask about Olga after being told they don’t talk about him.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah for now it’s dealing with the characters which is fine, but I really don’t want to see dedicated episodes for everyone characters background or their separate “issues” yeah it’s fine for some of the characters but not everyone…

      Yeah I know it’s impossible to get over a demotion in one or two days hell even a month, but yeah Yurine’s values kinda don’t work well as a leader type or maybe it does? I have no idea! Id rather have a leader who follows orders instead of choosing to or not.

      Hahaha yeah Yoshichika is quite dumb and ill agree he does ask more questions and anyone, but to HannoX’s point that is how the audience gets their answers to some of the questions about Luck and Logic.

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