Log Horizon – 02

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Chibi Akatsuki is ultra cute!

spring13-jrowSup all, as said in the Arpeggio FI, Fosh and I are gonna be mini-talking the Elder Tale adventures of Shiroe, Naotsugu, Akatsuki and others for this season. Before the first ep had aired, I wasn’t exactly looking forward to it, but my impression of ep. 1 was high enough to ask Fosh about making this a podcast blog. Hope you enjoy the convo throughout the 2 cour series. 🙂


spring13-foshWoooooooooo! The Metanorn Mini-talks are back and this time we tackle the MMORPG world of Log Horizon! So stick around and listen to the fun



Extra MMORPG fun

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Random mage-“How do you like your human? Charred broiled or burned to a crisp?”

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These two could make a fun couple.

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No one runs away from the tank!


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Akatsuki wants to practice CPR on you Shiroe


We live, laugh, enjoy and strictly believe on "more the merrier". When together, we usually come up with very chatty, conversation-based episodics and interesting posts.
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11 Responses to “Log Horizon – 02”

  1. Highway says:

    I spent almost no time comparing this second episode to SAO. I was more busy comparing it to WoW. I thought that they did a good job with the trinity aspect, although they really downplay the power of healers, where most other MMORPG’s seem to make healers out to be more valuable. Maybe they’ve got more of a shortage of healers than other games. The other thing I thought was “12 classes and tons of subclasses? Balancing nightmare!”

    The explanation of the classes and abilities was interesting to me, again in comparison. They were nice and simple, but you could see why they work, and I liked the twist they put on Naotsugu’s tank abilities that they worked in PvP.

    I don’t quite get the deal with Marielle and her guild, just seems kind of weird. I can understand the idea that “Well people are bored cause they don’t have anything to do, so they PvP.”

    • skylion says:

      Yeah, that aspect of why PVP is quite questionable.

      • Highway says:

        Yeah, you gotta have stuff for people to do at level cap, or they get bored and quit. Well, in this case they can’t quit, so bored.

        The PvP aspect takes on a lot less menace this way, without perma-death, but it also means griefers have very little to worry about. If this is to be a lasting society, then some people will need to become, essentially, a police force to protect others and to punish the predators.

        • Krono says:

          How I usually watch anime is to suspend all disbelief and enjoy the episode the first time through and scrutinize it the second time through. My second time second time through this made me go “…wait what?”.

          Don’t get me wrong I loved the explanation of skills and classes. This episode also showed our enchanters amazing strategic abilities, but the premise made absolutely no sense. Think about it how do MMORPGs stay alive and have a thriving player base?

          The answer should be an obvious “by giving players a ton of things to do and enjoy”. With the revelation of the fact that they can’t die wouldn’t the first thing they would want to do be explore the world thoroughly for a way out? Even if they accepted they couldn’t get out and had to live here why would they resort to PvP for entertainment?

          If I was in this game the first thing I would do (upon figuring out we can not die) is rally all my my friends and say “We are tackling every awesome dungeon here, exploring this world, and killing every monster we see!!!”. Maybe it’s the gamer in me but there is so much to do in a MMORPG that PvP would never cross my mind for at least several weeks to a month of exploration and fun with my friends.

          Not to mention they said there was an expansion (I do not remember if they said anything was added content wise), so why not explore the new world? In my mind the plot center of this episode being people are PvPing because they are bored is complete and utter nonsense.

          Hopefully the characters in Log Horizon will realize this and we will get to see some awesome dungeon runs.

          • Highway says:

            I have some of the same qualms as you about the lack of content, but I imagine that a lot of it is so many people just not sure of what they’re doing. But with little death penalty, you’d think more people would be out there doing stuff.

            I am waiting for them to try to explain more of the circumstances of people being pulled into the game. That’s an interesting avenue they can go down, how they’re now realistic characters in a virtual world, rather than a 2D world (as it seemed to be before).

            • Krono says:

              That would definitely be put a more casual spin on this series if people just make peace with the fact the are in the game and start building governments and communities. That way we would see things evolve and characters grow through that.

            • Foshizzel says:

              Death penalty or not dying in this game still sucks because like I said on the mini-talk if you are adventuring somewhere far in the world with a few friends and one of them dies like the healer you are screwed if they are sent way back to the main church! I mean if the warp gate things were fixed it wouldn’t be an issue but yeah travel time takes a while xD

              Yeah since we have 24+ episodes I assume it will be a while until we find out about the real world and WHY these players are trapped in the game in the first place.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    For an anime with a similar plot to Sword Art Online, it has a different, inventive way of creating despair. If you keep dying only to be brought back and be pretty much stuck in the same place for who knows how long then you begin to lose your sense of purpose. And I can sympathize because it’s irritating when you have nothing constructive to do.

    As someone who a taste for some games like this, I usually compare the attack patterns, magic and classes to such like Final Fantasy or Golden Sun. Akatsuki’s classes and sub classes benefit her well for being an assassin. She becomes deadlier the more we see her. I wonder how many classes and sub classes a player is allowed and if they’re able to switch with others or mix some together. Like in the Golden Sun series (Golden Sun, Golden Sun: The Lost Age, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn), if you mix two different elements, you get a new attack and class.

    So Urobuchi’s two most recent animes (Gargantia and Psycho-Pass) are getting second seasons. I can’t wait to see what happens.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep and to stay busy people resort to killing other players because they are bored! I do like that there is no irl death penalty, but it still sucks to get killed lol…

      I was thinking the Class/Subclass thing was very Final Fantasy and I know a game called Everquest Next is going for a similar Log Horizon set up with their classes being “unlocked” as you progress through the game and your character can learn other class abilities to create new ones.

      Yeah maybe Urobuchi will actually DO something in Gargantia s2? I know he was always tagged as an “assistant” not the main guy overseeing the project.

  3. skylion says:

    Akatsuki is very much in the running against Hozuki Ferrari for LOLi of the season.

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