Phi Brain S2 – 02

“If you lose, we blow up the school!” Is she kidding? I’ve dreamed of this happening for my entire life!

To be honest, this is actually exam time for me. I have exams from this week all the way into next week, and I’ve trying to be studying all this time. I have an exam in a few hours. Somehow, I’ve managed to fit blogging first impressions for a bunch of shows, dealing with anitourney stuff and actually studying like I’m supposed to into my schedule. …Now that I’m done trying to brag about my oh-so-valiant efforts, I guess I can actually do my job and talk about Phi Brain.

Just a couple of minutes ago, Kaito solved Freecell’s Judgement Puzzle and narrowly escaped with his life. Now he has to stick his neck out again to solve Chieno’s Judgement Puzzle, or else they’ll blow up their school. Driven insane by her Phi earring and her love for a man who said her writing was not horrendous that one time, she’s out for blood. Despite never doing a lick of homework or studying, they’re concerned enough to challenge the puzzle and let Kaito risk his life again. Chieno and Freecell retreat to wait for Kaito at the finish line while Kaito runs into the puzzle – which takes up the entire school building.

Kaito is the only one allowed in the puzzle, so the rest of the Phi Brain kids just stand around and question why Chieno suddenly became such a bitch. The puzzle is a moving maze. Kaito has to progress to the 7th floor to get to the elevator, but Chieno will be opening and closing doors in three different patterns to block his passage. Kaito wins if he makes it to the elevator, and loses if he gets trapped in a hallway between two shut doors. Chieno can watch all of Kaito’s movements from the surveillance room, so she has the advantage. Still, Kaito accepts the challenge and begins the mad dash to the top.

Chieno actually didn’t make this puzzle when you think about it. She’s just really good at pressing buttons to kill people.

The puzzle turns out to be more demanding than Kaito thought. Not only does he have to predict her movements in order to not get trapped and react accordingly, but he has to be able to run and slide fast enough to get there. This is one of those puzzles where you need some physical prowess in order to successfully win. He’s having a hard time, but he’s making slow progress. Nonoha calls him in the middle of the deathmatch (guess there’s no time limit) to tell him that she noticed something different about Chieno. She had on an earring which is against school policies! Kaito, having telescope eyes, managed to see the intricate Orpheus armlet-like details on her earring from all the way on the ground, and immediately understands. That or he just guessed that anything shiny is probably some crazy Orpheus junk.

“…and then, like, Becky totally said…ohmahgawd…and then, like, Lance…” “NONOHA, I’M KIND OF BUSY”

Kaito can sympathize with being a crazy, bracelet-controlled freak, and he uses this as fuel to focus his mind. Pinochle prods Chieno a bit about her precious Jikugawa-senpai, and it eventually ruffles her feathers enough to push her into Phi Brain mode. Freecell notes her increase in brain capacity with glee. Of course, Kaito has his own trick up his sleeve. His eye doesn’t glow red anymore, but it does SEE INTO SPACE AND TIME FOREVERMORE. Pretty neat, huh? He uses that to his advantage and outwits Chieno to get to the elevator.

Their confrontation is pretty short. Her earring shatters by itself and she falls down (no one catches her), reverting back to her normal self. She’s ashamed of what she’s done, but everyone forgives her because it was the earring that made her nuts. By now, the other Phi Brain kids have rushed to the roof as well to make sure everyone is okay. Now Jikugawa can give Chieno the nice, romantic speech she’s been waiting for…about how her ability to be a good secretary defines her as a person. Get back to work, woman! What would we do if we didn’t have you to do all the menial labour?!

Anyways, Chieno is accounted for, but the Orpheus Order is still watching everyone with cruel eyes. They worship Orpheus, and their mission is to force their religion on everyone else. They also collected some ‘good data’ from having Chieno’s brain capacity grow and seeing Kaito’s potential as well. Kaito destroyed his armlet, so he’s their natural enemy. That, and Freecell has some beef with him from the past that he refuses to talk about. He catches a punch without flinching and then leaps over the edge of the building with his lackies. They’ve escaped…for now. If things weren’t mysterious enough, there is a dude watching from MILES away as if he can actually see what is going on. He is mysterious, and that is all we know right now.

Bonus Puzzles:

Sensodyne toothpaste! For those with sensitive who also want to stop steel doors in their tracks with just a grin! CALL NOW!

*livetweets his soul-eroding, life-extinguishing puzzles with joy*

Tips from a black belt: you don’t have to jump 4 feet in the air to punch a dude. It’s a SLIGHT giveaway.

I’m just quietly waiting for him to reveal that he’s ripped like Rook was


End Thoughts:

I was surprised the villains actually stayed around to serve Kaito a double down puzzle. Usually they make Kaito solve a puzzle, retreat, then come back, then retreat etc. etc. ad nauseam.  The Orpheus Order has less of a chance of running out of steam given how many brilliant members they have (compared to the mediocre side characters Givers in the POG) and the fact that they can just slip some jewellery on a random bystander to win them over. Not everyone should be able to wear an Orpheus armlet (let’s not forget that Jikugawa was rejected), so either the criteria for being able to go into Phi Brain mode is kind of whack or the Orpheus bling they’re sticking on people is just a cheap knockoff. It’s like what you’d get if you tried to buy an Orpheus armlet from China Town. I’m under the impression that they’re making their own line of Orpheus jewellery so that even those rejected by the Orpheus armlet will have a nice alternative to becoming a brilliant yet slightly psychotic new person. This is likely how he’s going to convert all of Kaito’s friends into his enemies. It’s just as ridiculous of a motive as you would expect of Phi Brain…if it’s not a God Scroll, it’s forcing your mind-controlling devices on people because it’s just sooooo great.

The puzzle quality is still very high for season 2, and the 1vs1 maze is proof of that. Instead of just watching Kaito, Chieno gets to actively open and close doors to try and outsmart Kaito. It makes things more interesting, because both parties are wracking their brains at the same time. It was such a fast-paced puzzle too. I loved how Kaito didn’t get a break, so he had to SPRINT everywhere and slide under doors just to make it on time. Well, until Nonoha called. Then he was totally just chilling and walking around casually. Otherwise, it was a pretty intense match between the two. I’m not sure why they kept referring to it as HER puzzle though, when it was clearly the Orpheus Order that made both a pyramid AND a maze puzzle in the same night.Or maybe they did it over a weekend and no one noticed…? I imagine everyone just stays inside doing sudoku all day on weekends instead of partying. Or rather, that is their party.

Season 2’s biggest highlight so far really seems to be the Orpheus Order though. I can’t wait to see what they’re all individually like, and why they think the world should be filled with Orpheus earrings, Orpheus rings, Orpheus noserings and Orpheus lawnmowers. Their hatred for Kaito is frightening, although I’m sure it’s also fueled by the past issues he had with Freecell. I can’t wait for that to come into light. I’m hoping the fact that they hate those who have forsaken the Orpheus armlet to mean that they also hate Rook. Why? Because then they’ll have to challenge Rook to a puzzle! Maybe he’ll even get to team up with Kaito? This is all EXTREMELY wishful thinking seeing as he’s not even in the OP, but it makes no sense for them to target just Kaito if their main reason is “he threw away the armlet.” In the end, Kaito will show them that being able to reject the armlet is actually the real next step in evolution. Kaito’s eye no longer glows red, but he can still enter an accelerated thought mode without losing his sanity. A much better trade-off, I’d say. Phi Brain is as stupid and wonderful as always…looking forward to next week so I can learn more about the badass Orpheus Order!

Preview: The Orpheus Order is still striking like a viper, and their next puzzle seems to have Nonoha’s life at stake. But what’s this…why is that dorky Kaito-fangirl the one solving it instead of Kaito? What is he even doing this episode?


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14 Responses to “Phi Brain S2 – 02”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Wow, well these villains in the Orpheus Order are playing with a whole new set rules. They brainwash innocent people, they set traps and even though the trap fails, they stay and hand out new ones without retreating and have no respect for their victims and public property. That’s what I call ruthlessness. I wonder what other items they in store. Yeah maybe more Orpheus earrings, Orpheus rings, maybe Orpheus noserings but Orpheus lawnmowers? That one’s going to be a strecth.

    This seasons’ puzzles are certainly in a higher class to last season. They aren’t one-side where it’s just the solver moving around and the giver watching from a distance and the maze was the best so far. How long did it take to create it? After seeing that they built the glass pyramid overnight, I’d say it was probably done while Kaito was busy with the pyramid as an insurance policy and they just needed someone to operate it.

    I want to see what each of the Order’s members are like individually as well but the highlight was its leader Freecell. He’s more of a better fit of a rival for Kaito since from what he says, he has a bitter history with Kaito, one that Kaito is unaware of. OC, I think you’re going to have trouble holding on to your loyalty to Rook. Can you still continue to root for him while Freecell is stealing the show, especially when Hiroshi Kamiya is his seiyuu?

    • Overcooled says:

      They’re crazy in a completely different way from the POG. Haha, yes, can’t wait for that lawnmower! It’s totally not a bit stretch at all, you just clip it to the your belt as a hip, new accessory!

      I think all the 1vs1 puzzles in general are better. Remember when Gammon started the trend? That’s when they got good, in my opinion and S2 is just riding on that trend. lol, I can see them working on that maze up until the last second. Still…such fast building skills!

      Whether or not I’ll like Freecell more almost certainly depends on his sanity…The more twisted he is, the more I’ll like him – ALMOST GUARANTEED! As much as I love Kamiyan, I actually really liked Rook’s seiyuu too….We’ll see, we’ll see…You’re right that I’m starting to get quite fond of Freecell though, hehe. :3

  2. Foshizzel says:

    Chieno = Misaka Makoto for the win…err voice actress anyway ahahah

    Soooo S2 is basically = the background students get time to shine for a few episodes as they “challenge” Kaito to puzzles!? Seems like a cool idea so far.

    I am so excited all these top quality voice actors!? So good!

    OP/ED loveeee them! I do miss the brain diver theme, but these new ones are growing on me.

    • Overcooled says:

      Pretty much! At least…so far. I think the chick in episode 3 is actually helping him though. At least the side characters get good seiyuu – that’s all that matters!

      I love the new songs too…PHI BRAIN OST DO WANT!

      • Foshizzel says:

        Gooood god yes I need the Phi Brain OST

        • BlackBriar says:

          Fosh, don’t forget the Tasogare Otome x Amnesia and Jormungand OSTs.

          • Foshizzel says:

            Those are good! But Eureka Seven AO > The best so far

            • BlackBriar says:

              Oh yeah, I forgot to mention Eureka Seven AO. There’s also Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? Of The Dead’s OP. Sankarea’s OP isn’t half bad either. It’s very upbeat.

  3. Yuushin says:


    It’s Shumira Shinpachi, duh! xD
    He’s temporarily working as Freecell’s butler until Gintama continue again xD
    But jokes aside, that guy is Whist, Freecel’s butler I think xD

    I agree with you, puzzles this season really are pretty exciting being played duel like and all. I’m actually enjoying them very much now xD

    I think that earring they put on Chieno, and ring they are going to give that girl next episode are some sort of copy’s of original Orpheus artifact that are for one-time use only, as we could see….they we’re saying something of converting people to the way of Orpheus (what ever that is xD), and it’s almost like they’re testing a product before putting it on sale or smth like that xD

    Also like BlackBriar said, with brainwashing people, and manipulating with them ruthlessly, building puzzles without anyone noticing and destroying public property—-We got some major Orpheus trolling there xD
    Can’t wait to find out about each member individually and what happened between Kaito and Freecell in the past..

    • Yuushin says:

      lol, I messed up with the link…I knew it! >____< TuT

    • Overcooled says:

      I fixed the links :3

      Phi Brain just keeps getting better! I think these cheap Orpheus knockoffs break if they fail to properly posses the person. I think the side characters are their guinea pigs too. lol the test phase before mass production!

      The Orpheus Order mean business! I want to seer their individual personalities and reasons for joining as well. Freecell in particular!

      • BlackBriar says:

        The Orpheus Order is vicious. They made it clear that they don’t care what happens as long as they reach their goals. Even though their items are flawed, you gotta ask if they aren’t causing some life threatening side effects because the vice president’s Orpheus earring could have been poisoning her mind while accelerating it.

  4. Kyokai says:

    Phi Brain is doing it better in second season. The slew of seiyuu cast is keeping me busy in DAWWING while watching each episode. Oh how I’m glad I stuck around this!

    • Overcooled says:

      I don’t know how they got both S2 and a stellar seiyuu cast. I mean, it was already great to begin with, but it got EVEN BETTER.

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