Senki Zesshou Symphogear – 10

The Noise don’t stand a chance.

I had to write this entire post twice today, so I’m a little on edge right now. It’s a bit shorter, but the important details are still there. I guess I learned my lesson on saving drafts. -_- On a brighter note … ! This week of Symphogear was definitely awesome!

Outside of Fine’s lab American soldiers prepare to infiltrate while inside Ryoko is at a large computer reading some strange data as surveillance videos of Hibiki play on the side. If it wasn’t clear before, Ryoko’s grin says enough about where she stands. The Americans crash through the windows and door, immediately firing their weapons. Ryoko is shot and falls to the ground before she can escape. In classic Symphogear style they exchange words through a hilariously bad engrish. The American captain tells Ryoko that all of the data is now theirs, even though it was thanks to her that the data was compiled. The American kicks Ryoko over, but she suddenly heals her wound, insults the American soldiers, and kills them. (Classy, Ryoko.)

Never trust lusty scientists.

At Lydian Miku and Hibiki are both excused from their classes and while walking down the hall Hibiki hums the school’s song. They stop to take in the view of the school and Hibiki mentions that Lydian is the only place she feels truly safe. Back at Fine’s/Ryoko’s lab Chris arrives and sees the dead American soldiers thrown around the room. Soon after Genjurou enters with agents. She pleads her innocence, but they already know she didn’t do it. Chris once again claims she hates adults, but Genjurou stands his ground and tells her she shouldn’t hate adults (aka her parents) because they chased their dreams for her own safety and spread their music for other’s happiness. He tells her one day she’ll become a grown up and will be able to look at her dream of ending war in a new way. Genjurou then embraces her in a warm hug.

They look like they’re about to have a final showdown.

Before leaving he gives Chris a communicator that works for the whole team, even though she has her doubts about working with her former enemies. Before he drives off Chris also mentions that Fine was researching something known as Kadingir. Now back at HQ, Genjurou contacts Hibiki and Tsubasa and tells them he can’t get a hold of Ryoko. She soon calls in with an excuse to hide the fact that she’s still bleeding out from her wound and can’t make it. She informs them that Kadingir has to do with a divine existence, “a heavenly tower”.

Suddenly four large Noise are detected flying towards the Tokyo Radio Tower. Tsubasa heads to the scene on her motorcycle while Hibiki takes a helicopter sent by the second division. Before leaving however she tells Miku to go back to Lydian and help bring the students to the safety bunker if something happens. Meanwhile Ogawa somewhat suspiciously jumps in a car and heads off to an unknown location.

Hibiki hops off the helicopter and transforms midair, as she falls she punches a hole straight through one of the large Noise and destroys it. The others begin dropping small Noise into the city, however Tsubasa takes many of them out with Blue Flash. Hibiki and Tsubasa now realize it’s hopeless trying to fight the flying Noise, both large and small when suddenly their savior appears, it’s Chris! Tsubasa eventually gets into a bit of a fight with Chris who can’t accept that they’re working together, however Hibiki arrives and mends their relationship. They join hands to fight together.

I’d hate to be Noise right now.

Nevermind, I wouldn’t mind going out this way.

To take care of the large flying Noise Chris concocts a plan to gather energy in her Gear while suppressing it’s release so that she can let it all out at once and destroy anything in her path. She initiates a brand new song and eventually gather enough energy to increase her long range arsenal to that of a one woman army. Her missiles easily beat the Noise and the city is saved. Hibiki soon gets a call from Miku alerting her of the presence of Noise at Lydian.


Ahhh! SZS is all over the place plot wise, but I’m pretty much used to that by now! What I loved this week was that it brought great action, great music, and more Chris. This week pretty much wrapped up her part of the story I’d say, with Genjurou finally giving her the peace of mind she needed when it came to her past. I’ve never really recognized Ayahi Takagaki’s voice before (though I do remember her from Occult Academy), but she has a very quirky singing voice not like anything I’ve really heard before. For me her voice stands out the most from the others in the show, in a good way. Thankfully she’s not going anywhere anytime soon now that she’s apart of the second division armed gear team and she really rounds out the group nicely. Tsubasa has a natural leadership quality to her personality since she’s level headed and strong, Hibiki is the cheerleader and can stand on her own on the frontlines, and Chris handles all the long range combat.

So the reveal … reveal? Reveal … maybe? I’m not sure if I’d call it that since it seemed pretty obvious, but Ryoko being officially (unless we’re being trolled here) shown as “Finne” was pretty anti-climatic in my opinion. I mean, they weren’t very subtle leading up to this point, unless they weren’t trying to be. We still haven’t really been given much background behind her motives, but I’m expecting something crazy and over the top, especially when she faces off against the group in her own armed gear revealed a couple episodes back.

I’m more curious then ever after this week’s conclusion now that the Noise are attacking Lydian. There are a few minor characters running around Lydian so I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some deaths, but ultimately I’m most curious about whether this will be the backdrop for the conclusion of the series that leads Hibiki into activating her swan song.

Ah now that I brought her up, Hibiki was great this episode bringing Tsubasa and Chris together. I remember originally feeling as if her character was stubborn and one-sided, but she’s really grown over the course of the series, admitting to her own flaws and growing stronger because of them. That’s why it pains me to know that she’s destined for death! I’m still questioning the reason for the producers to reveal her death right from the start. Honestly it kind of takes away from the emotional side since we’re expecting it. It felt like they used it as a way of shocking the audience, grabbing some attention in the process rather than using it as viable plot device like say … a certain blonde haired magical girl?

Also … dat engrish.


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8 Responses to “Senki Zesshou Symphogear – 10”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Chris’s resistance has failed and now Hibiki’s yuri harem is complete. We now welcome Chris as Hibiki’s third wife. Wait a minute, she and Miku are the closer couple and she sort of proposed to her when she said she’ll come back to her so let me rephrase. Miku is the wife; Tsubasa and Chris are the mistresses (In case Hibiki decides to cheat on Miku. LOL).

    Genjurou is the only male badass in this show. You’re telling me he neutralized the explosion with a martial arts technique?! That’s just epic!!! And he’s quite the conversationalist. His talk with her was very well done. I’ve never seen Chris become so vulnerable.

    Ryoko is finally revealed as Fine. No surprise there as I’m sure countless others were thinking the same thing for weeks. Even their bodies and expressions were similar. Besides, “Ryoko” being found working on the computer in Fine’s mansion without an alarm going off would have been a dead giveaway for those who really didn’t know. I wonder why Genjurou hasn’t done anything about Ryoko when he clearly knows that she has betrayed them.

    Just when you thought Chris couldn’t get more awesome, she unleashes a devastating attack. “Mega Deth Quartet” was great and her new song sounds awesome. She was completely adorable this episode and was practically hugged into submission by everyone.

    What I wish they didn’t try again was their attempts at English dub. Whenever they do that, it’s like pieces are being cut out when they talk. With the cliffhanger at the end with Lydian under attack, it’s got to start getting bad from here on out.

    • Hawthorne says:

      Haha! Hibiki’s harem, I forgot to mention that. xD Poor Miku, Hibiki has two mistresses and she doesn’t even realize it. But unbeknownst to Hibiki, Miku’s probably been building up her own harem with those three girls from Lydian who appear sometimes.

      I find it hard to believe he did that with only martial arts. Like, he’d have to superhuman strength or something. Genjurou is such a mystery …

      I was curious about that as well. I’m wondering if maybe he has some kind of closer connection with her from the past and doesn’t want to believe she’s actually evil. Though, I doubt that’s the case.

      Mega Death Quartet was definitely great, it’s my new favorite attack, though Chris’s old Nehustan abilities weren’t so bad either. ^^

      Whenever I the engrish part come up I kind of just phase them out and focus on the subs. haha you’re right though, it sounds like bits and pieces are missing from the dubbed dialogue.

      • BlackBriar says:

        Yeah, it’s a shame that Hibiki’s unaware of all yuri love in the atmosphere. So much yuri this season. Whew!!

        I think Tokyo Tower was indeed a trap to preoccupy the three girls and drag them away from the Academy. Ryoko built the base, so it’d be a piece of cake to penatrate with her Noise army. Miku is in danger along with everyone else but I bet the school will be in ruins by the time they return. And I think Ryoko is after the remaining relics. Remember, we’ve been told that there’s ancient relics within the ‘Abyss’ that is under the Academy itself, including the headquaters.

        If there’s a slaughter on the way, I hope Genjurou will survive. He’s been so good to Chris and is her first step to come around and start trusting people- adults in paritcular.

  2. Karakuri says:

    Childish uncle Sam indeed xD. I have sooo many questions right now about Ryoko and Fine (mostly as to who taught her English), but I was pretty sure they were the same person due to the hair (and the Sawashiro). …So I’m just going to consider this one confirmed.

    TEAMWORK!!! That whole fight scene just filled me waith warm fuzzy feelings =w= yay for Chris working together with them! …It’s a shame that this also reminded me that Hibiki is supposed to die sometime in the future. Yeah, I’m wondering about that too.

    • Hawthorne says:

      Yeah the whole Finne/Ryoko thing felt almost like … too obvious. Like you said, just the VA and the hair was enough of a giveaway. (and lol! I’m more worried about who taught the American soldiers English. At least Ryoko has an excuse. xD)

      Yay for teamwork! I’m happy to see Chris making friends, ones who don’t tie her up to electrical devices. x3

      • Karakuri says:

        Lmao. They all learned from google translator. THAT IS THE ONLY LOGICAL EXPLANATION.

        …Oh yeah, I had forgotten about that. No wonder she was so messed up.

        • BlackBriar says:

          OMG. That must be the worst translator ever. I was gonna say they learned english from a pop-up book but that’s definitely worse. At least Ryoko did better than them in the language department.

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