Senki Zesshou Symphogear – 07

Back with a vengeance!

GUILTY PLEASURE TIME. I actually really enjoy Symphogear as much as I complain about it, it’s fun … in a kind of messed up way.

With Hibiki and Chris still engaged in their intense battle Miku watches on in bewilderment. While her wounds are being regenerated Chris reveals her name to Hibiki, who takes the information in delight, making her enemy even more angry. Chris gets the upper hand on Hibiki and then activates the power of Ichii-Bal, the lost second relic. The relic drastically changes her appearance and grants her some new awesome abilities, including a crosbow, dual machine guns, and rockets which would have defeated Hibiki if it weren’t for a surprise interruption.

From the sky Tsubasa’s huge sword stands strong, protecting Hibiki on the other side. Tsubasa asks for Hibiki’s help and they fight alongside each other against Chris. Tsubasa quickly manages to get an advantage on Chris by using her close ranged skills and speed. However, as the fight continues Noise appear and destroy Chris’s guns. The Noise then target Chris, but Hibiki shields her.

In the distance Finne looks on. She says she has nothing to do with Chris any longer. She summons more Noise to attack Tsubasa who easily defeats them, and then disappears followed closely by Chris. Back at HQ it’s revealed that Chris has been selected two years prior as possible attuned. On her way down the elevator Tsubasa starts to see herself as more than just a tool, and wonders what it is she wants for herself in life.

Hibiki gets healed by Ryoko, who tells her she needs lots of rest and that Miku had to agree to secrecy about what happened. The two, along with Tsubasa, head over to HQ where Genjurou pesters Tsubasa about her reckless fighting. She says she needed to help her comrade. Ryoko reveals that she probably heals so quickly because her relic is located so near to her heart.

Hibiki confronts Miku at their dorm room, but she’s visibly upset. She’s mad because they agreed not to keep secrets. Elsewhere we learn that Chris’s goal is to destroy any human capable and willing to fight to put an end to war. She notices a girl crying and the girl’s brother sitting on a park bench lost, so she helps them find their father. On their way Chris hums a tune which the girl compliments. Chris reveals that she hates singing.


At her lab we learn three things about relics from Ryoko. One, they increase human power. Two, they apply a barrier to human skin. And three, they give humans the power to defeat Noise. However, the downfall to this is that their powers have dangerous effects on the users of relics. Hibiki though is the only known person who can overcome those limits. We also learn that the concert in episode 1 was only a tool to activate Nehustan, even though Hibiki was able to activate Durandal without all of that.

I didn’t think seeing Hibiki cry would be this sad. ):

Okay, this smirk trumps Ryoko’s.

Hibiki and Miku have another little fight during their lunch and Miku runs off followed by Hibiki. Hibiki tries to apologize, but Miku tells her they can’t be friends anymore. After the credits roll, Chris confronts Finne at her mansion who is talking to Americans again. (OH THE HORROR.) Finne once again dismisses her as useless and sends Noise to attack her. Finne activates her relic, Kadingil and chases Chris out of the house. The episode ends before we learn of her fate.


This show can be so incredibly ridiculous sometimes that I’m pretty much done trying to take it seriously, because I feel like that’s what the show wants me to do but it’s just not happening. SZS is still entertaining, that was never a problem, but I can’t get myself into the story when there are so many things that make me burst out into laughter.

As always the action bits were well done and I love that Tsubasa is back because I very much prefer her sword fighting style to Hibiki’s punches/kicks. I was scratching my head towards the end of the first half though because there’s something I don’t understand. Originally in her first fight against Chris, Tsubasa was completely overwhelmed, I mean she even had to resort to her swan song (which I thought was supposed to kill her but that’s another story). Anyway, now she somehow has the upper hand against Chris, who not only has a supposedly more powerful form, but is also fighting against a weakened Tsubasa. The only explanation I could think of is that Tsubasa’s new way of thinking had given her a more confident fighting style, since Chris did comment that her style changed. Still … it seems like quite a big jump from only a couple weeks ago!

I loved the dorama (!!!) between Miku and Hibiki though this week, I was getting tired of Miku playing along with everything and not speaking up. I personally feel like Miku is the right one in the argument and that Hibiki should have told her the truth. What scares me the most though is that Ryoko now knows about Hibiki’s close relationship with Miku. If Ryoko really does have some connection to Finne (which seems even more likely) then she’ll probably use that against Hibiki in the future. I’m still sticking with my prediction that Hibiki dies from saving Miku, but we shall see~

(Oh and we better get an explanation for Genjourou’s and Ryoko’s powers sometime soon! I’m really curious …)


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8 Responses to “Senki Zesshou Symphogear – 07”

  1. Samantha Zan says:

    Tsubasa is kicking ass this week! I was just so thrilled with that whole fight scene. Though Hibiki had her good moments too.

    I have to also 2nd Miku being totally angry with Hibiki, cause even if it is a government secret, friendship still rules in my opinion XD

    • Hawthorne says:

      That was my line of thinking too, their friendship has been going on for probably a long time. By now I would think they could trust each other with almost anything. D:

  2. BlackBriar says:

    No fair!! Chris was doubling up on Symphogear armor!! I like her Ichii-Bal armor a lot more than her Nehaustan armor. It even has better weapons. She’s really likeable even though she’s pretty much a tsundere and that she helped those two kids. She’s interesting because she’s struggling to figure out the difference between right and wrong. I hope she survives and joins up with Hibiki and Tsubasa. Besides, it was painfully obvious that she was being used as a means to an end.

    Yes, we got some more Tsubasa this week. Her fighting has gotten better since she’s become more level headed. She could’ve easily won the fight against Chris if they weren’t interrupted by that backstabbing bitch, Fine.

    Miku’s is such an ingrate. Hibiki did those things to protect her. Technically Hibiki never lied. She did tell Miku several times that she was training, which is exactly what she was doing. She just never said for what purpose. And it’s not like, before then, she just blatantly made up something else to explain why she was leaving like “going shopping” or something else like that. Also, it’s not like Miku ever exactly TRIED to find out what was going on either.

    So while I can understand that she’d be hurt over Hibiki not telling her about what she was doing, I think she is REALLY overreacting by breaking off the friendship completely and treating her the way she is. You can’t compare this to any normal argument either, as in this case, Hibiki’s actions could affect the future of the WHOLE WORLD, so the whole non-disclosure stuff is meant for national security pretty much. Add in that Hibiki risks her life every fight to do so as well, but Miku doesn’t get the gravity of the situation.

    • tatsuya says:

      yeah !! NO FAIR …Ichii-Bal armor is awesome !!

    • Hawthorne says:

      I see your point on the last part! I didn’t think of it like that. I guess it’s a matter of whether or not national security trumps an intimate friendship. I feel even worse for Hibiki now that I’ve put it in perspective, that’s a very tough decision!

  3. Gecko says:

    I don’t think that Hibiki and Miku can even be anywhere near “in the right” in this argument. I am on Miku’s side, since Hibiki did technically break their promise, but then again, how exactly would Hibiki tell Miku what was up? She’s risking her life fighting things that Miku can’t imagine being near. Miku should have tried to figure out, she was weak about that, and how she just broke off their friendship like that was not good. Hibiki did probably need to tell Miku sooner, though. Or just find a way to leave Miku and get out and live with Tsubasa or somebody else.
    As for Tsubasa, thank goodness she’s back and fighting. Her swords are definitely better than those punches from Hibiki. They get boring pretty quickly, where as big swords seem to be better… somehow…
    And on a side note, why is Chris not the main character? The show would be so much more interesting with her. She has a much more interesting situation with Finne and her goal, compared to Hibiki and her drama.

    • Hawthorne says:

      I might be wrong, but it seems like you’re of the opinion that neither of them made the right decision. One broke a promise, and the other doesn’t understand the gravity of the situation. I guess it comes down to which is more important. That’s a tough situation! XD

      Chris being the main characters would be interesting! I’d love to watch a series from a “villains” point of view.

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