Persona 4 – 20

“Ahh, I’m fantasizing about you washing my back in nothing but a towel.” “Cool. Me too.”

It feels good to be back from…whatever Karakuri told you I was doing. Wrestling bears? Well, no one questioned it so I guess it was believable enough. But there is a time for laying a beat down on wildlife and a time for blogging with my comrade, and now it is time to WRITE ABOUT CRAZY PERSONA SHENANIGANS!
OC, you’re back! I hope you knocked out a few bears for me while you were gone… Anyways, back to Persona and the aftermath of the Cultural Festival.

VR. Margaret sings and it sounds kind of like this song from Persona 2. She also mentions her little sister (what?! Not her little brother?), but for whether or not they’ll give Elizabeth a cameo, your guess is as good as mine. The cultural festival is officially over and Nanako and Dojima show up. Nanako visited the fortune teller, who told Nanako that he onii-chan is a gigolo and then Dojima hands Nanako off to Yu since he has work. Yukiko invites Nanako and Yu over, which results in everyone else inviting themselves over as well.

At the inn, the team gets to see Yukiko in action and she’s pretty good at what she does. In the guy’s room, they wonder what’s wrong with the room since it looks expensive, yet isn’t being used in the busy season (not to mention that there’s a talisman to ward off evil hanging on the wall). However, before anything frightening can happen, they’re called that the bath is open to them.

Meanwhile on the girl’s side of things, they’re in the bath and they uh, act like typical anime girls in a bath. …Until Kuma and the guys show up that is. The girls then start throwing stuff to make them leave, but when they do, Yukiko remembers that is IS the men’s time for the bath and she made a mistake AHAHAHAHA. Afterwards, Yukiko has to go deal with a TV station while the guys play ping pong to forget their depression. The TV station wants her to star in some sort of reality TV show based on her inn (or more like her in a bath) to attract customers, but Yukiko completely refuses. Then everyone shows up and Nanako asks if Kuma and Yu are perverts causing them to be the ones depressed this time.

Learn from their mistakes…GIRLS ARE SCARY!

In their room, the guys finally remember that they’re staying in the same room that Yamano stayed in before she died and they keep hearing a woman crying. With that, Kuma decides that they should sneak into the girl’s room. Which goes okay until they notice that it’s not the girl’s room, but instead, Noriko and Hanako’s room. Then things go to hell. After that ordeal, most of the team sleeps and Yu talks to Yukiko after he finds her in the hallway. Yukiko talks about her time in the TV world and how after she broke free of her cage, she realised that she really does care about the inn. Yu says that Yukiko looked cool telling the TV station to go away. The episode ends with Yu getting a threat letter telling him to stop saving people.

Room Service:

All in favour of an orgy at Yukiko’s?!?! 

I bet Yosuke wants to trade his man-magnet skills for Naoto’s girl-magnet skills

“It was a pleasure peeping with you, men. But I’m afraid our time is up now…”

All bishie’d up, and no girl to bone

End Thoughts:

The comedic episodes usually elicit a chuckle or a smirk at the very least, but this week I was poker faced. Almost all of the jokes were taken exactly from the game with a few changes in delivery and other minor factors. Any originality thrown in to spice things up was a flop as well. I simply didn’t find it funny. I enjoyed the Inn portion of the story the first time I came across it in the game though, so it could be my “never watch or play anything twice” disorder flaring up. I get bored when I know what’s going to happen. “BUT WHY ARE YOU WATCHING AN ADAPTATION THEN?!” you scream at your computer screen, hoping I can somehow hear you. Well, up until now the original presentation and shifting events has been enough to keep me entertained. They just dropped the ball this episode, and I hope they get back into the flow next week.

There is one good thing about the direction things are going, and that’s the involvement of a “part 2” of each Investigation Member’s social link. Yu already has the cards for everyone on the team, so I thought they had pretty much covered the entirety of the social link. But last week Rise had her social link topped off, and this week Yukiko did too. I wonder if the other characters will get the same treatment in the final stretch of the show, because it’s definitely a good idea to let your main characters develop. The development in Persona is all a bit contrived (they develop over the course of like…a DAY. gg with the pacing, guys) but it makes things feel more complete to see the team finally coming to terms with themselves yet a second time after defeating their shadows. They also get closer to Mr. Gigolo Narukami, which is always a good thing. Especially Yosuke. Show ▼

I heaved a sigh of great relief during the preview, because episode 21 looks like it’s finally touching base again with the more plot-heavy aspects. As Karakuri mentions in her end thoughts, there’s still a lot to cover. It may be wishful thinking on my behalf – but from episode 21 and onwards, things should take a more serious tone until the finale. I think this series might have benefited from cutting out some scenes and even some social links. If they had just focused on Yu interacting with his teammates and maxing their social links, I would have been fine. It all depends on how frantic the final stretch of the series is.


Well that was, uh… interesting. I’m more concerned with the pacing now more than anything that happened this episode. Just how are they going to fit in the next part? From the looks of things, this is going to be a 2 episode ordeal, yet game-wise there’s still  a quarter of the game left to cover if not more. Especially if they’re going the ‘true’ route (which I assume that they are or else I’ll be very disappointed). I wouldn’t be so worried if they hadn’t used up an entire episode on just the trip to the Amagi Inn, because I can guarantee you that nothing plot important happened here except for maybe Yukiko’s talk with Yu near the end. My hopes of seeing Yu having that epic optional battle with Margaret are slowly fading…

Though I guess from a different point of view, this was a good comedic episode since Persona gets pretty srs bsns from here on. I can’t believe that Margaret called Yu a gigolo (it’s funny because it’s true). It was cute seeing Naoto and Nanako become closer too. NO ONE CAN DENY THE MOE.  The part of Yukiko’s social link that they chose to show here was well done. It didn’t feel rushed and it fit pretty well into what was going on. Of course we’d see Yukiko doing her job at her inn, but they built up to it well… I still don’t know what my problem with last episode’s character development is since they built up to that too.

Why is it that the female side of the investigation team (or more like Chie and Yukiko) annoyed the crap out of me in the game (well, more so at the beginning of the game), but here I think that they’re hilarious? It probably had a lot to do with me being used to the more serious Yukari and Mitsuru from P3 and then playing P4 and seeing the not always serious Yukiko and Chie, but yeah. All of the parts where I felt bad for the guys before, I seem to find hilarious here. Like that bath scene where the guys walked in and it wasn’t there fault. In any case, the anime keeps reminding me of why I liked the game so much.

Preview: Finally, some srs bsns.



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5 Responses to “Persona 4 – 20”

  1. Reaper says:

    What has been seen cannot be unseen!
    Must have been what went through all of the guys’ heads the moment they realised their fatal mistake 😀 Definitely would have scarpered from a room with predators people like that!
    Ah but alas, the girl power always wins. Sometimes when it’s excessively done it’s annoying but in this case it was definitely funny, the guys striking out like, what, three times trying to just get a bath?
    Yeah, I agree that most of the events were just taken straight from the game without much more originality (not that they could beat the original apart from Aika’s appearance) but I like to just enjoy it as it comes 😀

    Are there really only two episodes left? Firstly, NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Secondly, yeah how are they going to fix the pacing with this? I thought it would have been a 14-ep season but from the looks of it, it’s not, and there is definitely a lot more stuff to be covered, more awesome stuff, from the rest of the game…hm…I hope they might just extend the season, but right now looks like they’ll just stick to the ‘good’ ending. Wouldn’t want a DEAD END, and I suspect they might make the ‘true’ ending to bundle with the disc release and stuff like that as an ‘incentive’ for people to empty their wallets in the name of Persona…not that we wouldn’t anyway 😀

    • Karakuri says:

      That it does. Though at least here, it was entertaining. Aika was a nice bonus, but yeah. I don’t think they could have improved much here.

      Hmmm, I think there are at least 4 episodes left, if not 5 or 6. I assume the next dungeon will take 2 episodes and then that leaves… 2 more for the rest of the plot? I don’t know, but I’m worried. >_<

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Really, OC? Wrestling bears? That’s something I’d expect from Mayo Chiki’s moe tomboy Kureha Sakamachi.

    Points to Teddie for asking a good question: “Is the bath co-ed?”. I can understand his disappointment.

    You can’t have a good bath episode without the characters showing some skin. Ah, the wonders of animation. While the classic “guys walking in on girls at the bath” has been well tread before, I didn’t mind this one bit because I think this is the most we’ve ever seen of Naoto‘s feminine side. Is it me or are Naoto’s breasts bigger than everyone else? And how sweet, Naoto and Nanako are sleeping together.

    Poor Yuu, being called a Gigolo by Nanako and then a pervert. But it’s true, he somehow makes all the girls want him. The way things are going, he’s gonna end up with Yukiko. I was thinking he’d be a better match with Rise.

    • Karakuri says:

      I don’t care what OC says, I’m convinced that she was wrestling bears.

      Naoto just keeps getting more and more moe. …And yeah, it was said in the game that she has the biggest bust size of them all xDDD.

      Ehhh, I think they’ll be going the harem route with this one. I like Rise and Yu as well, but this anime hasn’t had any of the couple route stuff going on that was in the game…

  3. Foshizzel says:

    Welcome back OC! I hope you had a good time xD

    This episode wow I seriously could not stop laughing! Those poor dudes got no love at all for this episode, but I spoiled myself and saw this whole thing play out on youtube with the video game. Still amazing! And Teddy you are starting to become more interested in girls? Awesome.

    The girls sheesh how many baths did they take together? Three? Four? I lost count. The best moment was the girls throwing all those things at the guys xD

    Poor Yu…Nanoka has learned a new word…perv…noooooooo!!

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