Mawaru Penguindrum – 21

What a scoop!

So it is December and the temps are getting cooler, my car needing that extra time to warm up the windshield and the thermostat set to toasty. I use to be a midwestern boy and still do feel comfortable in the cold winter, but I do prefer summer’s heat much more.

Penguindrum takes a break from questioning this week to provide us with some answers.

A man from the Weekly Truth tabloid approaches Ringo on the train saying that he’s interviewing family’s victims of those affected by the 1995 incidents. He also says that the children of Takakura Kenzan are living as make-believe siblings. Ringo shouts at him to protect Himari and the others.

Over some Panda’s Egg Manju, Ringo and Himari talk about the past that Himari had with Shouma. As Ringo describes the reporter, Himari catches the fact that he wore a watch.

Himari tells Ringo that the home she lives in with Kan and Sho is a Mika House. While Himari was sad when her parents left, Kan and Sho worked together to paint the house and make it look as colorful as we the viewer have been accustomed to seeing the Takakura house. Why the teddy bear is outfitted like a pirate is revealed here. In a time when the family is slowly coming undone, it’s interesting to see how they came to coexist with and love each other.

Time for bed! Himari checks on her brothers who are using their penguins as pillows. After thinking back on what happened when Kanba (or actually Tabuki) saved her, she notices the door shutting and that Kanba is gone. She’s followed him all the way to Ogikubo’s Flavor, and after he “talks” with his mom and dad, a man in black tosses Kan some more money and they walk out of the restaurant. After he leaves, Himari walks in to find a darkened, abandoned place and notices something shocking behind the counter.

During this, a flashback shows that the journalist visited Himari the night prior showing her the photos of Kanba taking money and that it has been coming from the remnants of Kenzan’s Kiga Group.

You’re listening to Penguin Wave Radio! The exciting Penguindrum podcast starring Sanetoshi!

Sanetoshi: This week’s guest is Dr. Washizuka, former doctor of Himari. Doc, do you believe in ghosts?
Washizuki: Has science ever proven the existence of a ghost? Has it pretty boy? No, it hasn’t. If you believe in ghosts, quite frankly I don’t think you’ll amount to anything.
Sanetoshi: Drop the “amount” cliche, kid. Anyways… what if I told you there was a guy that was talking to them?
Washizuki: I’d tell you that boy must be hallucinating. Probably wants to see someone again real bad. Whatever he’s smoking, I want some!…Wait a minute! Isn’t this my room?
Sanetoshi: Uh, yeah, while you were out in Germany training with Kenzo Tenma, I was borrowing it. And hey, I heard about your snafu during some surgical work. Be more careful with the scalpel for goodness sake! Part of the reason why Himari’s in this situation is because you’re a bit of a screw-up. And how do you not realize that this is your room?
Sanetoshi: Well, that’s our show kids. Wasn’t it electrifying? Be sure to download the podcast on PinTunes, visit us at, and stay tuned for MetaVerse at the 9’oclock hour followed by Anivision at 11.

Doc picks up the photo of Kenzan’s group and notices that Sanetoshi is in the photo off to the left. Sanetoshi used to be a great assistant, but must’ve died after Momoka got in his way. Sanetoshi calls himself a ghost.

The fate can transfer to photographs as well

Shouma’s leaving school, and the reporter is waiting for him outside. Cut to later in the evening after the reporter (assumedly) fills Sho in on the scoop, and now Shouma is pressing Kanba to tell him where the money is coming from to help Himari with her treatment. Getting pissed off, Sho throws his bookbag down and runs at Kanba. Kan wins the fight, and cuts even deeper when he verbally declares the end of their relationship as brothers. It’s been too long.

During the fight scene, a flashback is shown with Masako and Himari enjoying tea as Masako confirms that she and Kan are biological siblings. Now that Masako has told her exactly what Kanba is involved with, she recruits Himari to help her stop Kanba.

A little later in the evening, Kanba puts a hit on the reporter guy and has a truck crash into the reporter’s car.

Tabuki has finally located the place of Kenzan’s hideout. Going behind the counter like Himari, he notices the remains of Kenzan and Chiemi. Yuri arrives and is surprised that “their revenge” was already had for a while now with Kenzan dead. As she asks Tabuki to come home with her, a man in black comes in with a knife and draws blood. Who’s?

What remains of Kenzan and Chiemi Takakura

Now that Kanba isn’t coming home anymore, Shouma decides to put an end to the make-believe family. Himari starts to try and convince him not to, but he interrupts and tells her to stay at his Uncle’s house. Later, Himari has packed up and before she leaves, she gives Sho the scarf which was the last thing that tied those two together. With the medicine Himari’s using losing potency, one could argue that it’s best for Sho to let go of her now.

Himari goes with Kanba to a Kiga Group meeting with the intent of stopping him, even if it costs her own life.

Post Credits: How Kanba got to be a Takakura is revealed and the origins of when he started to fall for Himari is seen.

Why Kanba is who he is. All for her.

Weekly Marching of the Penguins:

Today’s Slogan

#1 would like Kanba to rip it off the wall and take it home

“Wait! So you’re telling me Yuri has… wai… like, for serious?”

Threetie – “No, I would not like pre-chewed packaging tape for dinner.” 

The production of this episode was quite splendid. The soundtrack was especially phenomenal in its usage. We talked about OSTs on MetaVerse and I played a track from the first MPD OST underneath our discussion; it’s a really strong OST that’s versatile in the variety of themes and memorable for certain scenes, and so far we have 2 parts of it. And after seeing the family enjoy a meal last episode in a bright house filled with love, the desaturation of coloring as Shouma made Himari leave and end the family was a very sound artistic touch. The opposite of that could be seen when Kanba first met Himari. Also, man… the remains of the Takakura parents. I’m really glad they showed it toward the end after teasing us with Himari seeing it. It’s grim, but it kind of adds reasoning to why Kanba goes there to meet with the Kiga Group.

We were so caught up in the sudden surprise that Kanba was talking to his parents that not once did we ever question the possibility that it wasn’t actually happening. A key hint to this was that Chiemi didn’t have the scars she had gotten from episode 9 which I believe the doctor said was not fully curable. And to that, I say good on ya Penguindrum! Kanba’s story has been one I’ve been wanting to see ever since episode 6, and while we got it this week primarily in doses, his being exposed brought out a side of Kanba we knew was kind of there but had yet to be unleashed. I mentioned a couple episodes ago about not going far enough to say villainous, but when you compare him to the kind-hearted Shouma and the way he punched him, cut so deeply with his words and now his overly aggressive drive to save Himari, I can’t help but root for Shouma to not totally shut himself off and go do something about it to save her/them. And if anyone is a catalyst to do so, it would be Ringo.

Back to Kanba, he is yet another victim of not having the best parent(s).  His father saying that he was no good is one thing, but saying he failed at family is another thing. Heck, you could say that for every parent in Penguindrum. We had a kid that was genetically altered for the sake of beauty, one that was neglected due to a lack of talent, and more like Ringo being neglected after Momoka died and her parent’s inability to focus on the kid they had.

Himari is no longer an innocent bystander as she was when her non-biological brothers fought for her. In fact, she’s switched roles with Ringo as the active girl and showed more interest than ever in what’s going on (though she still has yet to comprehend what the Penguin Hat does to her). In addition to being involved in the events of episode 18, the reporter was the most key player in getting Himari off her butt and moving all of the pieces forward in Penguindrum. The man was offed the same episode, but it’s all the show needed for him to expose Kanba to his “siblings” and in effect tear the family apart.

I’m sure we’ll be reminded in the next episode or 2, but let’s not forget that we have a Penguin Drum to search for. There’s also so much more to Sanetoshi and the diary to address.

Episode 22 Preview:


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29 Responses to “Mawaru Penguindrum – 21”

  1. Kitty says:

    Not brothers ;_; <— traumatizing but awesome episode. Kanda also looks good in a suit, to which I know you have no comment XD Also the fight scene was splendid! I expect awesome things from the remaining 2 episodes.

    • Jrow says:

      I literally bursted out laughing when I read this. Oh Kitty, you know me well! But I will surprise you in saying that I agree! I’d cosplay as that dude at the Animazement convention next May. 😀

      That fight scene was really good. The shot of Kanba about to punch Sho is especially cool looking.

      Penguindrum is gonna be 24 episodes. Should probably have worded that to the next couple of episodes.

      • Kitty says:

        Really?! That’s awesome! You will have pictures yet? Good luck! My favorite cosplay was when I was Ringo from Air Gear, a group of us had fun rollerblading around the event XD

  2. Miyu says:

    Gah I actually teared while watching this episode it was heartbreaking ;_;

    In the end it turns out none of them were actual siblings (other than Kanba and Masako) but the fight scene and the declaration of the end of their relationship as family was unexpected. And saddening. And then that scene when Himari returned the scarf to Shoma! Ugh, just.. T_T

    At this point of time I’m rooting for Kanba and his selflessness, but I’m sure Shoma will come up with something to help save Himari too. And yeah some Shoma+Ringo action would be nice 😀

    And ghosts!! >_> That was really surprising, and so does that mean the siblings have been relying on a supposed HNGG ghost-doctor all this while? :\

    I definitely have high hopes for the next few episodes and I do think they’ll be able to wrap it up nicely. Oh what am I going to do when Penguindrum ends T.T

    • Jrow says:

      The scene of Himari giving the scarf back is sad. And I’m fearing much worse down the road. 🙁

      The ghost thing is kind of crazy cause it’s not the same as like when Himari (and I guess Mario) was revived by Penguin Hat. And also the fact that everybody has been interacting with him, even the doctor on this episode.

      Life after Penguindrum will be strange. It’s a rare kind of anime. I’m expecting things to wrap up nicely as well, even if it means leaving some questions unanswered.

  3. Hime says:

    These two are getting as bad as the Okumuras. Brothers aren’t supposed to fight! They are supposed to hug and cry and inappropriately love each other! T_T

    • Jrow says:

      Oh yeah, I glossed over this because I have no idea how to respond to bros getting it on along with each other.

  4. skylion says:

    The reveal had been a long time coming; but once seeing it, I want to un-see it. This made my heart sick.

    But, Himari steps up to the plate. Oh, sweet girl, don’t go away to soon.

    • Jrow says:

      The way the show went about things, it kind of seems inevitable that Himari will pass on. I wouldn’t mind be wrong, but I’ve been question whether they could save Himari from the very start. Kan’s money is not good enough for her anymore.

  5. Justin says:

    I was wondering if anyone would still remember the Penguindrum XD

    • Jrow says:

      The show tends to travel off the beaten path too often, maybe even to a fault. It’s been a while since we’d been Seizon Senryaku’d, so maybe it’ll come back next week as Kanba tries to figure out a way to save Himari.

  6. FrozenWinters says:

    With Yuri stabbed, Kanba now has the whole diary!

    • Jrow says:

      Can’t be so sure. Tabuki could have jumped in front of her. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the man in black got out with killing them both.

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  8. skylion says:

    Is no one going to mention the boxes of Black Teddydrums? Those darn things, along with the whole of the Rock over Japan sequence, had to much sexual, pregnant, giving birth to the Princess of the Crystal stuffs going on all along. And there’s Himari, sitting right on top of them, saying she is going to become Kanba antidote.

    • Jrow says:

      I made that the feature pic because of the bears. Penguinhat Himari always came out of the white bear (while Sho and others came from the black bear), but I think the black bears might be symbolic of something grim down the road.

  9. Mint says:

    Every time someone walked into the abandoned curry restaurant I was FREAKING RIGHT OUT

    That being said, this episode manipulated my emotions so perfectly that it was a little eerie. Even the soundtrack complimented the atmosphere more perfect-er than usual. I was charmed, scared, sad, shocked, then I teared up just a little bit near the end, and then I watched the whole ed sequence for some reason, even though I never do, so I caught the extra scene after the credits. That’s just creepy. I’m going to be sad when this show ends.

    • Jrow says:

      Hi Mint! Pleasure to see you commenting here. 🙂

      The show fooled me with the ghost/hallucination thing, but seeing dem bones was chilling.

      The soundtrack was highlighted very well this week. As you mention, complimenting the atmosphere went a long way to making this one of Pengi’s best episodes yet. And admittedly, I tend to not pay attention to the ED themes (although the mixup is nice, but the animation is usually the same), but I do stay for the episode preview since it’s not really giving away everything.

  10. Gecko says:

    When Sanetoshi showed up in the photograph, I was really creeped out. He’s cool… but that was flat out creepy.

    At this point I’m wondering if Mario as well is not related to Masako and Kanba. But Mario is so minor it wouldn’t matter that much.

    • Jrow says:

      My first thought was, “think back to episode 12, was he in the photo then!” But I think that’d been a giveaway that the writers wanted to hold for this moment in time.

      Mario has been pretty much worthless. It was such a reveal at the end of episode 9 when he showed up, but the only moment of time he had any significance to story was in episode 16. Hopefully he gets a few minutes (no more) to be featured and maybe killed. It would certainly cause Masako sadness & anger.

  11. skylion says:

    I think that Mario is like Himari in respect that he was also a Child Broiler ‘rescue”. In addition to having a penguin hat. And being possessed the odd time or two.

    • Jrow says:

      I think you might have been addressing Gecko’s comment above. And the mention of Mario reminds me that Sanetoshi isn’t the first ghost we’ve seen since Mario’s grandfather did possess him.

      • anaaga says:

        That’s really the grandfather’s ghost? I thought that it’s just the psychological side effect Maario has because he’s been living with his grandfather for a while. People who live together are bound to affect each other’s personality, and maybe that’s what happened to Mario. Then Natsume uses the ghost excuse to be in denial

  12. anaaga says:

    Once again another victim of bad parenting. This show definitely points out the negativity of bad parenting and the result of it. Sadly, the one who had excellent parenting died already (Momoka. Or Momoko? Too many O’s)

    Now the question is, why is Momoko a hindrance for Sanetoshi? She did prevented the incident, but what does the diary has to do with it? What about the girl that left Sanetoshi?

    • Jrow says:

      Momoka’s the only one that had good parenting, it would seem. But when she died, Ringo unfortunately had to go through their divorce.

      When Momoka uses the diary, fate changes. Sanetoshi’s whole thing is about putting the world “back on track”. Back in episode 13, Momoka was that girl that Sanetoshi was talking about, and it leaves open the idea of whether Momoka really died or maybe is now a ghost like Sanetoshi.

      • anaaga says:

        I don’t really see the diary more than part of Momoka’s past. It’s just like how little kids are planning for their future, that’s what Momoka was doing with her diary. There’s no concrete proof that fate changes when Momoka used her diary. And when Momoka told Yuri that her diary is a magic diary, I think it’s just a made-up story sot that Yuri won’t feel guilty about her case

        I was thinking about how Momoka is the girl in episode 13. But it seems that she’s all grown up in that episode. I keep getting this feeling that the penguin hat is possessed by Momoka. Or maybe that is the reincarnation of Momoka

        • Nai says:

          How do you explain the part with the statue turning into Tokyo Tower, and Yuri’s dad disappearing then? -_-

          • Jrow says:

            What tower? I have no idea what you’re talking about. 😉

            There’s also the rule about paying a price for using the diary, which in that event, Momoka got hurt real badly.

          • anaaga says:

            *smack head* huur duh forgot about that. That makes sense then

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