Guilty Crown – 08

Shu-“Gee thanks, just what I always wanted…”

 Another week, another episode of Guilty Crown – the series everyone had crazy expectations for only for it to turn out average. Exams are coming up, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have time to watch anime! There is always time for aniblogging during those study breaks when I can’t cram any more info about real life leukocytes (not cannons!) into my head.
  Hello there readers! Welcome back to another Guilty crown review, I have to say time sure has flown by for the fall season and soon it will be winter and of course Christmas which still seems really crazy. Anyway sit back and enjoy the review with me and OC, maybe this week will be somewhat entertaining? We can always hope right? Story this week we follow Shu and a few of his friends along with Inori going on a beach for a trip; that happens to be paid for by the Kuhouin group. While the others enjoy some time together Gai tells Shu to use his friend Souta, Gai needs Shu to use Souta’s void weapon aka a giant camera; this weapon allows you to open any door just by taking a photo.

Gai watches you eat your lunch.                                      Shu-“Dude why are you watching me eat?”

Starting things off yes we have a beach themed episode and you know what that means anime fans FAN-SERVICE-SUPER-TIME! Oh and Shu’s mother running around her house in outfit from the previous episode. But back to the real story with Shu and his classmates, they got to leave the school and enjoy some fun in the sun. Unknown to them Gai has a secret mission for Shu and Inori, this mission is to use Souta’s void to break into a nearby base and steal something valuable. Thank you Guilty Crown for teaching the kids cameras can be used to break into government bases to take important things…

Shu-“Whoa! There really are other girls in this series…”   

Looking good there Inori, to bad we didn’t get to see more…

Inori in deep thought, probably thinking about magical girls and unicorns…

After a few service scenes like Hare chasing down Shu to use her breasts as a weapon to distract Shu from eyeballing Inori’s bikini. Shu leaves his friends to visit the grave of his father, a famous scientist who originally studied the Apocalypse Virus. Gai tells Shu he needs to come up with a plan to lure Souta out in the open so he can take the void from him, Shu decides to use Souta’s feelings for Inori after taking Gai’s advice. I have to say wow! What a terrible move to pull on Souta or should we just blame Gai for suggesting it? Either way god damn Shu…

Gai-“Oh yeah record that beach volley ball scene, we will make millions!”            Shu-“We need new hobbies…”

Girl on girl or guy on guy? Guilty Crown is for everyone!

After successfully getting Souta alone with Inori, Shu rushes in ripping the void right out of him after hearing his friend about to confess his feelings to Inori. You know he probably could have waited like five seconds to do that. Shortly after getting his new toy everyone appears out of nowhere just to make fun of Shu because he happed to shout Inori is my! And the team couldn’t help but laugh at him; I would have done the same if I was there. With the new camera void Gai, Inori and Shu break into the base and discover the thing Gai wanted was already stolen by someone named Yu Shimamura t aka the leader of the GHQ antibodies.

Inori-“I remember when we used to do that…sigh…”

Ayase and Tsugumi the best stealth team ever!

Super cool old man with a gun versus moe blob girl with a gun…who wins?!

Your super moon rock is in another high security castle please try again.

A few hours later Souta wakes up from his long nap and has shouting match against Shu! Earlier in the episode Shu told Souta he had no feelings about Inori. Man was he ever wrong, Shu actually does like Inori and lied to his friend about it. The two guys finally become bros once again after Shu told the truth. The episode ends shortly after with Shu asking Inori a question about what voids really are Shu feels he reaches into their “hearts” I think it is more like reaching into their souls? But I am not sure if Guilty crown is looking for a deeper meaning behind his powers or they are just trolling us for a few laughs?

Extra Crowns

Hare is hiding some of her own weapons in that top.

No tops were removed on this episode so good work Shu! You survived the beach episode.

This was a nice moment between Ayase and Tsugumi.

Poor Daryl forever alone, that or he killed all his friends.

I admit Inori was cute in this scene her eyes! They trap you.

End thoughts

A beach episode, oh dear. I don’t mind blatant fanservice, as long as it’s not the only thing on the screen for me to look at. If they are killing zombies or drawing blood, they could be naked for all I care. But just showing characters in pretty swimsuits for the sake of making guys drool obviously isn’t going to impress a lady very much. I’m glad that there was more substance than just swimsuits, although the story-telling in this show is as clunky as ever. First of all, Shu’s friend Souta got some development! It’s a bit weird that he’d still want to be friends with Shu after the whole charging in with a battlecry during his heart-felt confession to Inori. We’re supposed to believe that under that reckless personality is actually the type of person who cares about people and wants to get to know them better. It’s a nice thought, but it just comes out of nowhere. Since when has he ever shown the inclination to get to know people and understand than in that one line of dialogue at the end?

Anyways, I actually like Souta. I liked that he he wanted to confess to Inori and try to impress her, while Shu was in emotional turmoil. The whole scene was great until the other members of Funeral Parlour started to make fun of him. From there, things got back into the more action-based stuff, which Guilty Crown has no problem pulling off with style. It was over pretty fast, but it was fast-paced and a bit tense once they realized what they needed was already stolen. There’s a lot going on now, although I find the majority of it very hard to decipher with the amount of stuff they threw in this episode. There’s Gai’s reaction to hearing that Haruka is Shu’s mom, the appearance of Shu’s dad’s access pass, learning more about Shu’s father…drama, drama, drama and I have no idea where any of it is going. Let’s also not forget no one showing up for Daryl’s birthday, which was incredibly random.

All in all, it was a weird episode that jumped from one place to the next without warning. At least they managed to tie it up neatly at the end with Souta and Shu making peace with each other, and Shu’s questioning of what Voids are. If someone’s Void changes with the person over time, then it explains why Inori suddenly gave Shu a giant laser that one time. I wonder if anyone else’s Void will suddenly change as Shu meets new people and they start to interact. It would be a cool way to really drive home a character’s development by having them embody a different type of weapon, so I hope it’s used well in the future. Furthermore, taking out Voids looks like it’s painful so it should have SOME negative effect, no? They really need to do more research on this before they run about sticking their hands into everyone’s torso…

Hohoho beach episodes! You live in every anime possible, hell even Ben-to had a swimsuit episode! Anyway the fan-service wasn’t so bad this time around. I am sure there are a select few out there that would have wanted to get a better view of Inori’s bikini. I will be honest here Inori was alright this time around and she had a few cute moments. And what about that bath scene? Damn! That was nice and Inori’s quiet “no” was great, it looks like Inori appeals to guys and girls? Either that or Kanon is secretly into girls too. Now to wait for the fan art of that scene to come out, trust me there are artists out there at work as I speak.

Fan-service aside for a moment Gai’s and Shu’s plan to use Inori as bait was kind of low I mean damn Souta really likes Inori while Shu is such a bad liar and bad friend. But hey I can’t hate on Shu to much because it was part of the mission since Gai and Shu are apparently “bros for life”. We did get some back story behind Shu’s father and the Apocalypse Virus that led to the famous Last Christmas event, I wonder if Shu’s father is to blame for setting everything into motion? For some reason I can picture his dad using Shu as an “experiment” back when he was a child. That would explain why Shu can use this new void power! But yeah that is just my random thoughts.

There were a few random moments made me laugh like Ayase and Tsugumi together and her maid uniform, I couldn’t help but grin after hearing Tsugumi’s new laugh towards Ayase! Now just picture Azusa from K-ON! Doing that laugh you seriously will laugh. Other than that moment I enjoyed watching Hare go after Shu, you can tell she really likes him a lot. Or maybe it was the fact he was in that GHQ prison? Some girls love those bad boy types. For once Gai was left with a failed mission so high five to Yu Shimamura, speaking of Gai for a moment it seems like Arisa has fallen in love with him, I bet that was his goal from the very start after meeting with her…


Swimsuit overload! Sorry OC hopefully something better happens with more plot.

Next week it looks like Shu is going to help his friend Yahiro and his brother, who still looks like a chick to me.


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35 Responses to “Guilty Crown – 08”

  1. Kyokai says:

    Souta gave me such Mikado vibes, I miss Durarara!! after watching this episode and NOT because it was great.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Souta was great for a side character, hell even Hare was great this time. I find it really sad that the side characters are more interesting than Shu and Inori…Yeah not the best episode ever, smells like Yumekui Merry’s beach episode….LAME and BORING.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    It’s still hard to believe Haruka is Shu’s mother. She doesn’t fit the mother type.

    This is a swimsuit episode I can totally live with. Hot girls in swimsuits is win for me and Inori and Hare look so hot they’re on fire. I laughed when Shu made an indirect confession to Inori without thinking and everyone was listening in.

    Gai can really be heartless when it comes to his missions. Telling Shu to drag Souta so he can use his void. But that is a dangerous void. Imagine if he used it on a human.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Right it really does not fit at all…but at least she has enough eye candy to keep her around xDD I wish she was more of the older sister not a mom! Arrggg

      Indeed! I liked Hare more than Inori wow! Very nice and she isn’t even a main character. Ahahah yes!! WHAT WAS THAT I guess Inori will be confused for a while, I laughed when Ayase and Tsugumi poked fun at him <3 <3 so good.

      Totally! Gai is all about the mission, which means SCREW EMOTIONS just get the job done no matter what. Cause ya Gai hates friendship lolol

      Shu was a jackass in this episode for me! He was so heartless towards Souta...

      • BlackBriar says:

        Imagine what would happen if everyone in the series had mothers like that. Heads would roll because they would be so hot. She’s so carefree it makes me question the fact she’s a big time scientist. She shows no signs of stress or anything along those lines. And the way dresses at home. Whoo!!!

        Yeah, the girls were really like wow. Guilty Crown has the best looking girls around. When you said the girl on girl thing, I was thinking Inori x Hare and Tsugumi x Ayase or you can swith between the four. LOL, oh, the possibilities.

        I guess the reason Shu didn’t tell Souta anything beforehand is because he didn’t know how he really felt about Inori untill there was a challenge in his way. Because it was just the two of them, he didn’t think on it much and took it for granted and got pissed when Souta stepped in saying he was going to confess to her.

    • amado says:

      in missions, of course you forget about your emotions. what kind of group would put their feelings above orders?
      and even then, I dont see this as any short heartless. it’s just “pretending” and its just one date. how the heck is that going too far? heck its pretty small.

      and your point is not a good one. dragging souta to use his void? its not like they’re gonna bring him to the enemy base, they just need the void and they can leave souta somewhere safe.

      but yes, I agree shu is a moron, which i’ll state it soon.

      • Foshizzel says:

        True they wouldn’t just drag Souta to the base just to use his weapon, that and Gai probably arranged for the whole beach party anyway and knew souta would be there so that just makes it easy since Shu knows Souta so why not.

        • BlackBriar says:

          Well, Gai was the mastermind behind the attack on the GHQ army in the second episode, breaking Kido out of prison, the plan with the satellite cannon and sneaking onto a cruise ship with politicians, rich people and scientist. With all that on his record, it’s safe to say that there’s no plan Gai can’t think and no advantage that he’s not willing to take. Even if it’s exploiting someone’s friendship. He’ll sacrifice everything for the sake of the mission.

  3. Kitty says:

    I vote he killed all his friends. I love beach episodes. I look forward to them like Festival episodes, or camp episodes I love those too!! Unless its the cotton drifting festival @[email protected] Its nice that most anime has a system like that. Thou the beach episode in Ao no Exorcist was lacking le sigh.

    I rather enjoyed this episodes, it was nice to see Shu interacting with someone other then Inori and Gai. That little spice of plot development was intriguing. Wonder where they are going with that. Hope Souta sticks around now that Shu has opened up to him.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Poor Daryl he just wants cake and a birthday party T___T

      Ahahah YES! Those damn festival episodes are on the way you can bet money. I remember the one in Sacred seven what a horrible episode… So expect the usual “haunted house” and “maid cafe” and that means Inori,Hare wearing maid uniforms.

      Yeah it is about time Shu quit being a loner and talked with the others, still he was a huge jerk to his friend Souta…

  4. obladi05 says:

    Many people criticize this show but I actually enjoy it. I think it’s pretty early to say it’s good or bad since there are still many episodes to come, the plot is starting to develop. By the way, I laughed so much with the first pic! Hahhaha Mufasa and Simba renewed XD

    • Foshizzel says:

      I know right? Ah well things are fun even if there is little to no actual plot developments besides this episode ahaha.

      Why thank you! xD

    • amado says:


      this show is really not as good as people are saying.
      and the plot has developed from where? no, nada, thats the problem. even if its supposed to be “mysterious” there should still be an outline for the actual plot. not to mention the characters, the only good ones are the side characters ayase and tsugumi.

      as I pretty much stated before, check out some comments on other sites especially other anime blogs.
      this one makes great points of course, cause I hang out here, but this place needs some more commentators who have a good measurement and are able to show their points.

      • Jrow says:

        Why does he/she need to show points? Can’t they just plain enjoy it?

        • amado says:

          how would you like a series if the good points dont balance its bad points? besides, the problem is the plot and characteristics.

          even the likes of itsuka tenma no kuro usagi and C: the money of soul are much better. and that’s cause we get to see the main characters thoughts and we know the plot.

          the point of a storytelling is to have a protagonist that a person can either understand or sympathize in his position. and also to see how the events unfold.
          we dont get to see shu’s thoughts as much and when we do its him being a moron.
          “I dont like my friend for blahblah” well then shu, have you tried to understand your friend? he complains too much yet does so little. list me things that shu rebelled and he actually did rebel.
          the problem is as I stated, shu complains but doesnt try to do anything.

          lets take it up here:
          shu didnt like the mission and complained so shu felt that it wasnt the right thing to do, right? yet he accepted the mission then.
          so it means he saw the logic behind it, right? NO!

          if shu was against it, why did he accept to do it when he didnt even see why it was important. heck, why did he even go against it if he just easily did the mission.

          in comparison with someone similar to him, like yukiteru from mirai nikki.
          yuki is annoying but hey, lots of people understand why since we can see his thoughts and he even says it. and no, its also including the anime viewers who dont really know how yuki gets better later. he displayed why he continued to try to help his “friend” since he didnt want to return back to his old self(no friends).

          shu on the other hand, he wanted in the first ep to be diff yet when given the chance he refused. then later he joined it and complained, like he doesnt understand his position.

          and that’s the problem, he does not understand. does he understand why gai is doing this? does he understand why those are the action gai is doing? he doest so of course he would disagree yet he once again soon accepted it for barely any sort of explanation. and he didnt even try to understand why.

          and lets say, can you honestly say you like shu as a character? or any of the main ones, inori and gai?

          I have more but it will clutter so much and il wait to see your reply first.

          • Jrow says:

            I’m not arguing whether Guilty Crown is bad or good. I’m was addressing the fact that there’s someone that is liking it and then you basically barge in and tell obladi05 that he’s wrong. obladi isn’t wrong for enjoying the show in whatever way they do, regardless of what the popular opinion is across all the aniblogs and such.

            • amado says:

              it was more on his point that the show is criticized. every show has critics in it. im saying that its quite nearly half way so criticizing is very much valid at this point.
              like the general rule of 3, this one has gotten past its ep 6 so people saying that it shouldnt be judged yet needs to watch some more anime to see the point.

          • Kitty says:

            Personally I think it is really a matter of opinion. For me I can’t stand Yukiteru even tho we get this thoughts. How can he let some girl run around and kill people for him and not act out? He’s just letting himself get babied like Ganta from Deadman Wonderland.

            Shu is a mystery because we don’t know what he is thinking, but when push comes to shove he rises to the plate and does something! I reserve judgement on him until future episodes as I do not have enough evidence to properly condemn him. As for Gai and Inori I find them interesting. Its only 08 episode in, again I reserve judgement until the plot gets rolling, as I have learned from watching anime.

            I do have to say, because I watch WAY to much. Guilty Crown is the first in a long time to really impress me. I honestly, believe it wins across the board with animation, soundtrack, characters and plot movement. For 22 episode the pacing is rather nice. Basically obladi05 I totally agree with your original statement ^_^

          • edru says:

            to simplify on what amado said:
            you know that a person’s decisions are based either on their heart or their brain. sometimes both.
            which is why shu is aggravating as it isnt shown that he’s doing it because he wants(heart) and because he knows the importance(brain).

            lets see the big problem more obvious than ep 5.
            gai said he wanted souta’s void so drag him in that area using inori, right?

            well as you can see from the fact that shu wasnt able to drag him to that area, it shows that he never really had to bring him that far to use his void.
            so really, shu could have just grabbed souta’s void and put him somewhere no one could see him and then go to the area.

            even if we assume that they have no idea about that, theres the painful view on shu not thinking of another option. he didnt like it, so he could have tried to reason with gai saying that he’d find another way. and if it didnt work, he at least tried to do something other than just follow orders ever time.

            the problem is that this one seemed to be just put up there to give shu angst, which is not only very annoying but also too convenient.

      • Foshizzel says:

        True there might have been zero progression or “plot” but things are moving along at a decent pace. And sure they had to resort to girls in bikini’s and fan service to keep people watching, but honest what series hasn’t done that?

        I do read other blogs but when it comes down to it, everyone has their style of blogging while some will break down every key moment to “bash” or tear apart Guilty Crown apart. Now do I think this is a perfect series? Hell no! It has plenty of flaws and plot holes.

        That said I usually look at the good side of things with Guilty Crown, my style is more parody less informational? While some sites like Random C use lots of important details.

        • Kitty says:

          I actually stopped reading the blog Star Crossed because they had negative opinion on everything. While I’m not saying someone should censor their opinions but if you’re going to follow an anime for 24 eps and consistently be negative about its a little disheartening to those who actually enjoy it. I mean, why not just stop blogging it? I really appreciate that Metanorn -trieds to look at the positive side even when the series fails. Sacred Seven It makes the blogs enjoyable to read ^_^

          • Foshizzel says:

            Truth @Kitty

            I don’t mind someone blogging a show to bash it or to even poke fun at it, hell that is what I do the most! Ahaha yes even Sacred Seven failed hardcore in so many ways. While that is true blogging it was actually very entertaining for me, some have already dropped Guilty Crown some will return to watch the final episodes I bet xD

          • amado says:

            it still boggles my mind how star crossed got the position as the “best anime blog”(this is true btw). I have been there and visit yet I do not understand how their views are.

            on the other hand, tenka seiha is the most negative blog that ive ever seen yet they at least make sense to me. heck, Arudoc liked dog days and oretachi ni tsubasa so he’s not so bad.

            also, not all the blogs needlessly bash GC. random curiosity is stating both the positives and negatives, which I very much agree on. tone of the anime shifts too much and we cant get a grip on the anime. theres also kurogane.

            • Foshizzel says:

              True I will have to look over those blogs, I only read a few random ones and Random Curiosity.

              Yeah I know not everyone bashes GC all the time, but yeah ill take your word for it and check out those other blogs and see what they are saying about this episode.

            • amado says:

              not really intended for you, fosh. your thoughts are good enough and you already understand.

              I just want to show to others that it isnt just needless bashing and the hate its getting is totally justified.
              that’s why I also recommend some more sites to broaden the other people’s understanding.

              I at least give this show its graphics and art but other than that its pretty much down the drain. im still watching since I dont normally drop anime unless its due to time pressure.
              plus im watching so I can give valid judgement and measures, in order to avoid all of those saying “it got better. just watch it again and you’ll understand” and shove it in their face if they say that line.

          • amado says:

            my comment got eaten…

  5. EGGY says:

    i lol’d at the first pic, lion king ftw XD

  6. amado says:

    let me grab my comment of this ep from the mangafox forums…

    “I know condemn shu into my hate list for this ep.
    everything was going well enough and smoothly that I would have liked this ep if it werent for shu screwing up that confession. this show has made the impossible and made me hate it more than I ever did! certain parts like shu’s dad made it more interesting but doesnt change that shu’s interruption is making me angry. and I was even starting to accept some of the shows failures!

    as the romance expert, he has no right to do that especially to a friend. it is a sacred ritual for love and romance to develop, interrupting that makes shu a horrible guy now in my eyes. and most especially he did not even attempt to do anything with inori and now he acts like he owns her. he even thinks that the guy would not succeed and hates him for being direct!? dude, your just jealous and being hateful, not even realizing that that kind of personality is actually normal and that it is even better than just having delicacy and social norms.

    damn you shu, you do not deserve inori now.”

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahh not bad, I had similar views guess I need to lurk in forums aside from ani-blogs.

      Thanks for sharing amado ;D

  7. Sabine says:

    Poor Pooor Daryl! I got a heartbreak when I saw him alone, so crushing!! DDDDD””””””; When bad guys show theyr “..not so bad” sides, it crushes you heart! The pain, poor poor him, fell in love in that One Random Moment, it hurt really, when seeing him so sad (yes he is sad >__<) and alone D; Forget the beach, forget the Stupid Shu who ruined everything for Inori! D8< <-rage, they would have been one great couple.. ;___; Daryl D;

    • Foshizzel says:

      LOLOL Yeah poor Daryl T___T

      Yeah Shu is a terrible terrible friend…not sure why he did that, but I relate it to him getting extremely jealous over souta…I knew he was always interested in Inori.

  8. TheVoid says:

    You know it really says something about the main cast when I sympathize more with the insane Daryl than I do Shu or Inori.

  9. Ayame says:

    Poor Daryl, I’m so sorry. It’s just that I wasn’t free this day ! D: Please forgive me, next year we will make a giant cake and go kill some people as a present for you ! 8D Love you ! xoxoxo
    /facepalm/ Yea, I like Daryl, so what ?! D:
    *Daryyyyyyll !! Come heeere ! 8D*

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