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My life would be so amazing if I could eat as much as Chie, you guys. Can you imagine how much more time my tongue would spend surrounded by DELICIOUSNESS? Oh how I envy you, big eaters! Although, this episode isn’t about Chie, it’s about Kanji. I bet Kanji can’t outeat Chie.
So here we are for another week of Persona 4. I’m pretty apathetic about Kanji’s part in the game, but maybe seeing it animated will change that.  Also, getting this over with means that the show is getting closer to June (which I’m looking forward to). Or maybe it’s July. Either way, it’s closer.

For once, Igor isn’t in the Velvet Room when Yu arrives there. Instead Margaret welcomes him and talks about Yu’s two new bonds. Before he leaves, Margaret says to come back when Igor is there and asks if he prefers it with Igor away. Daaaaaamn Yu is good.

Screw you, I can use this screencap as many times as I want

At school, a rumour is flying around about a delinquent first year student who took on 100 guys by himself. Of course, as two students in the hallway talk about this, the delinquent they’re talking about appears and glares at them. However, after they run off, he drops his fluffy pink bunny charm, which Yu picks up (with a about as much expression as a rock) and hands it to him.

Is this yours? If not can I…can I keep it?

The next day, Yu gets a phone call from Dojima saying that he’ll have to cancel their trip during Golden Week since he has to fill in for someone at work. Poor Nanako. During Golden Week, Chie visits and asks to hang out , but Yu (being considerate to Nanako) says that he’s busy. However, Chie catches on and invites Nanako to go with them. Nanako instantly brightens up.

At Junes, the topic gets onto how Yu can cook like a boss and how nobody else believes that Chie can. Yosuke proposes a cooking challenge and makes Nanako the judge. He makes things awkward though when he mentions Nanako’s mother’s cooking since Nakako’s mother died a few years ago in an accident. She says she’s okay now though because she had her father and Yu. She calls Yu ‘onii-chan’ here and it is so freaking adorable. On the 5th, Dojima apologises for breaking his promise and gives Nanako a present since it’s Children’s Day. He also gives Yu a very… stylish swimsuit.

“Woah, there’s a button that puts in bishie sparkles? Why didn’t we use this thing earlier?!”

The next few days is studying or the upcoming exams. Yosuke also shares his theory that the people being targeted are females with a connection the Yamano, the first woman who was murdered. Yosuke doesn’t have much figured out other than that. The week after that is all tests. Afterwards, while Yu and his family are all sitting by the TV, a television show comes on about delinquents. The guy from the earlier is there and Dojima says that his name is Tatsumi Kanji. He knows him through work. That night on the Midnight Channel, a familiar silhouette appears.

At Junes, the team learns that Kanji’s mother runs a textile shop that has connections with Yukiko’s inn, so they go to visit there. When they arrive, they see someone else there who was asking questions. The trip isn’t that useful other than Yu recognising a scarf that belonged to Yamano (that was custom made by the shop). Outside they see the guy from before talking with Kanji. The team hides and can’t hear what the two are saying, but the other person says that they’re interested in Kanji and wants to talk later. After the person leaves, Kanji blushes over the fact that a guy was interested in him.

When Kanji and the other person meet up, Yosuke and Chie team up to follow them while Yukiko and Yu keep an eye on the textile shop.  Yukiko starts talking about show she’s not used to talking to boys her age while Chie orders Chinese food while stalking Kanji. Kanji finds Yosuke and Chie (even though they weren’t really doing anything suspicious) and recognises them from the other day. Then there’s a comedic chase scene that gets weirder when a girl on a scooter delivers Chies’ food while they’re running.

The team finally gets away and while Yu says they should still watch Kanji, everybody else figures that he can handle himself. However, on the Midnight Channel, a very… flamboyant Kanji shows up in a fundoshi. Yu’s blank expression is actually quite fitting here.


Aiya Special Delivery:

You know, hiding behind a pole didn’t work last time…what makes you think this time will be any different?

…and then Dojima reveals he owns the matching pair

Genius student Yosuke springs into action

Awww duuudeee…I can SEE sound and TASTE colour….

End Thoughts:

Kanji and “the blue-haired boy” are my two favourite characters in the game, so you can bet I was very pleased to see them introduced in this episode. Kanji may look, sound and act like a punk most of the time, but it’s quite apparent that he has a hidden side to him. We’ll be seeing a lot of his struggles with his sexuality and how he wants people to perceive him. This is completely different than pandering to fujoshi too. It’s just part of who he is, and a very real issue that he has to cope with. I can’t wait to see what Kanji’s shadow reveals about his inner desires…I hope they add more details, like what they did with Yukiko. As for Naoto…Well, Kara and I can’t reveal anything yet. Commenters who have played the game, don’t spoil anything! It’s very easy with him.

This episode went through a huge amount of time all at once. I don’t mind the jump from one case to the next, but I’m surprised that much material was successfully stuffed into one episode. Yu didn’t start any more of his social links with his other school friends, but he did get closer to Amagi, apparently obtaining her High Priestess arcana based on the ED animation. WELL, THAT WAS EASY. I wonder if the two will end up getting together, or if it will just end with Yu being oblivious to all dem bitches trying to get in his pants. He was especially blank this episode, but I think that’s mostly because this episode focused on humour and that’s how Yu makes his punchlines. Out of all the episodes so far, this one made me smile the most. Persona is surprisingly funny!

Lulz aside, I’m glad to see Nanako getting some more time with Yu! To be honest, I actually didn’t max out her social link…I decided that maxing out my intelligence as soon as possible was better because studying is my priority in real life too. SORRY SIS, WE AIN’T PLAYING TOGETHER UNLESS EXAMS ARE OVER. Since I essentially missed seeing all the drama that unfolds, I’ll be glad to finally see it animated. Yu doesn’t have her arcana yet, but he’s well on his way to worming into her heart. Did you see her face when she called him onii-chan? Aww.

SEXY NEW BANNERS. You know, I’ve always wondered where Igor went when he wasn’t in the Velvet Room. I mean, it’s a moving limo. There aren’t many that places one can go. Also, that raises the question as to who’s driving. You know what, never mind. I don’t even want to go there. Anyways, they really picked up the pace this episode. It took 5 episodes to get through April and now we’re almost done May. Though I guess it’s pretty accurate about how much time the exams take up in the game. For two weeks NOBODY wants to hang out and during exams, NOTHING is accomplished. Two whole weeks of the game. Wasted. Though I always thought that it was pretty damn convenient that nothing ever happened near a test. In real life, murderers don’t care if you’re studying.

They worked pretty close to the game script (from what I remember) but that last chase scene with the delivery was pretty funny. Though Yu and Yukiko probably could have stayed there and Kanji wouldn’t have even cared. I knew the game was just a big yaoifest waiting to happen, but it’s another thing to see it animated (Kou and his balls. LOL.). Yeah. Kanji. Lol, what’s up with that? His Shadow is even more fabulous than I thought it would be and it only appeared for about a minute. I’m actually looking forward to next episode just to see more of his hilariously flamboyant behaviour. I’d call this character gap moe, but I don’t think that this is moe at all. It’s more borderline frightening. You have to love Yu’s blank expression when he picked up the rabbit key chain though and during the Midnight Television scene. That is one hell of a poker face.

D’awwww Nanako is the most adorable thing EVER with her ‘onii-chan’! I always loved Yu and Nanako’s relationship since she’s such a neglected child and Yu makes a great older brother… I can’t wait until they show her social link. Ahaha I really love siblings in games and anime, but in real life it’s just not the same. Also, HOLY CRAP Naoto’s voice is 50 times manlier than the English dub counterpart. I’ll talk more about that in later episodes though.

Preview: Fun times in a sauna.



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32 Responses to “Persona 4 – 06”

  1. Snowley says:

    Ah, my least favourite arc is approaching….. it’s so gay. In a wrong way.

    The humor in this episode was cool. Dojima giving you Yu underwear is so random XD Finally I can say I was quite pleased with P4 The Animation episode.

  2. TheVoid says:

    I hope Yu taped it.

  3. Foshizzel says:

    Best episode so far! Well for random comedy that whole run away scene was hilarious and that ramen girl? LOLOL Awesome and fun reminded me of old school Ranma 1/2 with Shampoo on her bike.

    Have you seen the youtube parody of this episode? It’s actually comic form and fandubbed it is so damn funny after you see the real episode xD

    Here you go!

    • Reaper says:

      OH MY GOD! This link is probably the best I’ve ever clicked! Exam tomorrow? Pfft, it’s time to do a youtube for Persona parodies!

    • Karakuri says:

      Hiimdaisy is awesome. Enough said. xD

    • Kabitzin says:

      Holy crap, this makes watching Persona 4 worth it since I can get all the jokes in this!

    • Reaper says:

      Whilst we’re on the subject of links…I think this one is quite fitting for our Siscon Banchou!

      Not gonna lie…if you look for the lyrics, it fits him to the damn letter…except if they had a cabbage instead of pineapple 😛

    • Overcooled says:

      Wow, why didn’t we link to Hiimdaisy sooner?! XD Totally forgot about how awesome those were. Thanks for the link, Fosh, it really does make Persona like 20X better.

      It always cracks me up when Yu is called a “siscon banchou.” Poor guy. XD

    • Miyu says:

      This is better than the real thing -shot-

  4. Reaper says:

    This episode defines gay in both ways; Kanji Tatsumi and Nanako-chan~! And with that, we get a glimpse of the Detective Prince (voiced by none other than Romi Park, yay! Bit of awkwardness between Edward Elric and Kanji…*shiver*) On the arc though, we’ve seen most of what we’re about to expect, with Kanji’s skills of making cute things (Katanashi-kun! Where did you come from?!), purple boardies for an event that will hopefully be shown in its entirety, as well as the usual bumbling of high school days; love the part with the exams, god, hope I don’t pull a Yosuke…probably more like Chie with her dead expression…anywho, I was hoping Yu would pull a courage and just ask Yukiko straight out for her number but alas, no…hopefully this isn’t a sign that they’re not going to be paired but I can hope…as for that Aiya delivery girl…never saw her in the game I think, but I’m glad that she’s in it; need my daily beef bowls whilst I’m out running away from a fatal beatdown XD

    • Overcooled says:

      Never be the person in exams who is like Yosuke D: Be like Yu!

      Yu doesn’t seem interested in Yukiko right now (or, well, ANYONE) but she certainly seems to take a liking to him. I wonder if he’ll pull another friendship route type of thing and turn her down.

      Pretty sure the Aiya delivery girl is new. The only thing that greeted me when I went there in the game was MEAT. She’s a pretty cool addition to the cast though!

  5. Bob from Accounting says:

    Has somebody been watching a certain recent anime movie parody, by any chance?

  6. Miyu says:

    This episode had a lot of random crack. I seriously burst out laughing when Yu went all “This swimsuit… is very fashionable desu ne :3” SO OOC -dies- And that running away scene with the Ramen girl!! WHERE DO I PUT THE BOWL?

    Usually when this kind of gay-hinting thing happens in a normal anime (like No.6/Tiger&Bunny) I would be all 8D YES DO IT KISS SEX WHATEVER but somehow Kanji just has no appeal in any way… then again it’s probably because he’s not a main character.

    I liked how they managed to incorporate humor into an anime like this xD

    • Overcooled says:

      It was really a comedic episode at heart. I don’t even remember the game being this funny XD

      Oh, okay, so I’m the only one who thinks Kanji is kind of hot. Uh. <_< But I guess it's good in a way because his gay issues are taken more seriously as opposed to being fantasized about. By 'taken seriously' I mean that a bit loosely, considering his uber flamboyant shadow self...

      • Miyu says:

        No it’s probably just me I have an inclination to the pretty boy type like Yu even though he kinda feels like he doesn’t have a personality now (yes you can shoot me) Mm hmm I appreciate that flamboyance, though. It brings much humor 8D

        • sakura_fai says:

          I love Yuu…Idk why, but his personality or lack of amuses the crap out of me. 😀 He’s my fav character. So I’m with you on that one.

  7. anaaga says:

    Actually I have a P4 doujin with Kanji and Narukami. GYAHAHAHA

    • Overcooled says:

      Oh, me too! I think that pairing is adorable! *high fives anaaga* Before the anime aired I secretly downloaded about 30 doujin~

      …Oh crap, my fujoshi power level is showing.

  8. BlackBriar says:

    Where did Chie get such an appetite? She puts the guys to shame with the amount of food she craves and eats. And how did that delivery girl find them all? She was nowhere near that area to begin with and Chie actually paid for it while running. That part was really funny.

  9. Sabine says:

    Wohou Sauna I´m from Finland so yesss >XD *Cough* Kanji was so fun! XD I love these new characters, they add so much more funny (and…other>:D) moments in the show :33 Waiting for next week~

    • Karakuri says:

      I assume there are lots of saunas in Finland? I don’t remember Kanji’s arc being this funny in the game so this is nice xD.

  10. Amuro1X says:

    The S. Link for Yukiko happened the same way in the game, too. When you split up to spy on Kanji, you’re forced to stick along with her, and that’s how the S. Link bond is formed. It’s funny, because people are using that scene as to say that Yukiko will be the official love interest, when it was taken straight from the game. That’s supposed to happen, and doesn’t really indicate a romantic leaning.

    I’m still hoping for Rise route, because screw you guys, she’s my favorite.

    • Overcooled says:

      It’s the bare essentials needed just to start her social link in the game, but it still looks like Yukiko’s taken a suspicious liking to Yu XD I mean, if this continues, he’s gonna have to turn her down or accept. With the anime, it’s hard to tell.

      Rise is fine, I quite liked her! Is she a largely disliked character in the fandom or something?

  11. Joojoobees says:

    “a rumour is flying around about a delinquent first year student who took on 100 guys by himself.”

    Now why does that sound so dirty after having watched the episode?

  12. Alynn says:

    This episode was actually so funny. I couldn’t stop laughing. LOL Kanji. He might be my favourite character.

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