Steins;Gate – 15

Who’s your daddy?

Today has been a bit of a stressful affair. I chose my courses for next year and am on the waiting list to get into half of them. These are courses I kind of need for, you know, my Neurosci major? I always get forced to choose courses after everyone else in my year…But on the bright side, it’s Steins;Gate day! Another day of whacky time travel hi jinx! I’m sure I won’t end up being denied from all these courses I need…not while the glory of Steins;Gate shines upon us! AHAHAHA…HA…………………

*ahem* Suzu tells Okarin and Kurisu about the horrors that take place in the future. SERN is the ruling power, everyone is suppressed, and Suzu is part of a rebel group to try and fix this dystopian world. In the future, Okarin is the leader of the rebel group and Kurisu works for SERN. Sadly, they both kick the bucket by 2036. Suzu got out of the chaos in 2036 by using her father’s time machine, which is why she’s here to try and change the course of events before this horrible future becomes a reality.

Suzu plans on going back to 1975 so SERN won’t complete their time machine. Apparently she was the one who made it possible for Okarin to get the IBN 5100, so it seems like a surefire plan. The only thing standing between them and saving the world is a broken time machine. They don’t have much time to figure out why the machine suddenly broke on account of cops patrolling the building. Okarin distracts them with his blinding stupidity so that Kurisu and Suzu can run for it.

The three of them escape successfully, immediately bringing up the time machine once they’re all together again. Suzu has no idea why it suddenly broke. Her only guess is that it was struck by lightning during a heavy rainstorm; the same rainstorm Okarin went back to in order to stop Suzu from leaving. If he hadn’t stopped her, she would have been able to use the time machine without a hitch. That was more than 48 hours ago, so they can’t prevent the machine from being broken. What they can do though, is timeleap far back enough so they can fix the machine before Mayuri dies.

Awesome, we got rid of Okarin. Low five right here, sistah.

This time when Okarin timeleaps, he’s smartened up enough to call out all the lab members to get to work on the time machine. By everyone I mean Daru. Okarin begs him to finish it in 2 days so that Mayuri won’t die. It’s amazing how he thinks he can fix it despite the technology being from the future. Daru just treats it as a giant Phone Microwave, and the rest just involves a lot of hard labour. Nothing he can’t handle though. As Daru toils away, Suzu tells him about her dad. Hint hint, I wonder who her dad is, hint hint.

Moral of the story: never give Daru more than a few minutes of screentime

Back at the lab, Kurisu is working on the timeleap machine just in case they screw up and need to leap back. Oh how I love seeing Okarin and Kurisu working together. It’s short-lived though. Suzu comes in to give the divergence meter to Okarin so he can tell if he ever passes 1% divergence. With that out of the way, Okarin decides it would be worthwhile to help find Suzu’s dad while Daru works.

They show the pin to everyone without much luck. Not even the universal language of gangsta talk can coax information out of the civilians. Mayuri isn’t getting many good results either, but that’s to be expected when your plan revolves around hand-made “this man was kidnapped!” posters. The police catches onto them and for the second time this episode, they make a run for it.

Daru is nearly done the time machine, so the lab members have a nice relaxing lunch on the roof. Everyone is bonding, everyone is happy and all is going well! This may be the first time an episode ended on good news, actually. Okarin gets a call from the nice african american gentleman he saw earlier, saying he remembers who bought that pin. CLIFFHANGER!



Didn’t anyone tell you that regifting is frowned down upon?

Our friend was kidnapped!! <3 <3 <3 <3 Please save him before he is brutally mutilated~~~ *puppy* *kitty* =D

Oneeeee is the loneliest numberrrrrr

End Thoughts:

It doesn’t stop! It just doesn’t stop! The awesome of Steins;Gate…is endless! Lots of exciting new concepts and even character development. The sad thing about Steins;Gate is that each time a character starts to get close to another, Okarin usually ends up going back in time to erase it. The bonds are usually more or less restored, but it’s never quite the same. Kurisu and Suzu had a nice moment where they reconciled during when they first found out the time machine was fixed, and now that’s gone. Everything Okarin does to get close to someone will inevitably be erased. Can you imagine how depressing that must be? For all your friendships to never progress, never go anywhere? It’s only a day or two of development lost, so it’s nothing major quite yet. It might be an interesting little topic for later though, as I doubt his suffering is over.

The gripping life or death tension Okarin was tortured with has been replaced with a more subtle type of stress.  The immediate goal has shifted from saving Mayuri to fixing the time machine, which is a bit of a pleasant change from having the poor lass die so many times. The new flicker of hope was much needed to balance out all those countless deaths of Mayuri. Actual hope stating that Okarin ahs a fighting chance of saving Mayuri. There were even some sparks of genuine comedic gold here and there to lighten the mood (expect SONUVABITCH to be thrown around quite a lot at least for a while). Will this be the ticket to saving Mayuri or will there be even more dreadful complications? Will Okarin end up using Suzu’s time machine and go way back in the past? Is Moeka gonna come in a mess stuff up again? Whenever this show starts on one track, it switches to another…Gotta be prepared!

If the present wasn’t enough to think about, now I have to start worrying about the future. OF ANOTHER TIMELINE.  I want to know how Okarin and Kurisu died in the future and who Suzu’s father is! I’m guessing SERN eventually bested Okarin and probably gave Kurisu the axe when she realized how her precious time machine was being used for evil. I’m also getting a lot of vibes that Daru is Suzu’s dad. They went out of their way to show touching moments between the two when previously all Daru did was make otaku look bad. That’s probably the most he’s ever said in one given episode. Heck, maybe that full day date with Feyris lands him an actual honest to God 3D waifu somehow! …Okay, now I’m getting ahead of myself. I’d better finish this up before more MADO SCIENTISTO thoughts start leaking out. El Psy Congroo….sonuvabitch.


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18 Responses to “Steins;Gate – 15”

  1. Kyokai says:

    DARU’s HER DADDY! It’s so obvious with the hair colour but who’s the mother? Can Ferris-tan be ruled by Daru? Who knows? But he did make one awesome time machines so I’m willing to look over his perverted tendencies. xD

    Btw, good luck for your courses. Hopefully, you will get all of ’em. ^^

    • Foshizzel says:

      Daru as Suzu’s dad I have seen that idea pop up on Cart Driver by Shinmaru, but yeah I was thinking the same thing when they were chatting and thanks to Mayuri saying they look good together.

    • Joojoobees says:

      It can’t be Feyris. Suzuha says her mother’s name was Amane.

      Suzuha Amane *is* her mother. She may not realize that Daru is her father, and has sex with him. The child is Suzuha Amane. **Time-paradox baby**

      • Overcooled says:

        Well, we all seem to be set on Daru being the dad from all the hints in this episode, but can’t really decide on the mother.

        The time paradox baby works but…holy crap that is going to be very weird if it’s true. Where will she find the time (and…desire) to have sex with him before she time travels again?

  2. anaaga says:

    Obviously,Daru’s her dad. Hair color, similar face. Also, since his dad made the time machine, which happens to be similar with the Phone Microwave, the father must be either okarin or daru (the original founding members of the resistance). but since daru’s the one who fixed the time machine, he has more knowledge of the time machine, and he can make the bigger and more complete time machine instead of a microwave.
    and as for her mom, I wonder who it is. Maybe Feyris? But I have a feeling it won’t be her (>.<)

    that's my two cent. Also, sonuvabitch

    • Overcooled says:

      Sooo many arrows pointing to Daru now. IT’S INEVITABLE. Feyris seems like the obvious choice for the mom, but I also think there might be something more to it than just being Daru’s 3D pretend waifu. XD

  3. Foshizzel says:

    Awesome episode and DAT ENGRGISH!? I laughed hard when he was talking lmao.

    Yep I think we are onto something! Daru did build a few of the lab inventions! Anyway great episode looking forward to more next time xD


  4. Reaper says:

    It would be a greater surprise if Daru WASN’T her dad, heh. Before, I thought Daru might have been suspicious since he hasn’t been getting a lot of screen time like the others but I guess nothing came out of that suspicion. The plan for the Future Lab seems to be coming together aka Okarin’s wish to save Mayuri/(world to a lesser degree), though I have to wonder what has SERN been doing other than watching; will the mysterious Facebook FB strike before Suzu time…shift(?) or where Moeka is drifting along on her shining path…heh. Hmm, cliffhanger with who Suzu’s dad is…IT’S TOO MUCH! TOO MUCH AWESOME!

    • Overcooled says:

      Oh, I had almost forgotten about SERN and FB. SERN and Moeka should be fully aware of every move Okarin makes, so it’s a wonder they haven’t jumped in yet. Maybe they’ll wait until they fix the time machine and then steal it, much like last time.

  5. amado says:

    somehow I feel like this is the series I need to drop since school is getting more in the way. not that it isnt good, just that im feeling more interested in the other series around this season…..

    • Overcooled says:

      This wouldn’t be the show I’d choose to drop since I love it so much, but hey, do what you gotta do for the sake of school.

  6. Mad Chemist says:

    I have to say, I feel sorry for Suzu if Daru turns out to be her dad. Anime characters learn dark truths about their parents all the time, but having your dad make awkward passes at you while you’re traveling in time is a special experience indeed.

  7. Kansokusha says:

    Whos’s your daddy!? XD

    You feel Okabe’s pain? What he has gone through, no1 knows. To him, the Reading Steiner is a cruse rather than a gift. He had to take the burden all by himself. The lyrics of the opening theme says it best, “孤独の観測者”, a lone observer indeed. His suffering is far from over…

    Great quote from cool Okabe. Sonnawabitch. I wonder if the japanese laugh as hard as we do. =D

    The moments between Suzuha and Daru are just priceless. Well done anime team, well done. =’)

    About the future of Alpha Worldline. Actually there’s a short story “The Far Valhalla” by Rin Chokko, the writer of the original VN. Show ▼

    • Overcooled says:

      I would love any extra OVA or Special they throw at us, but that sounds particularly interesting. I don’t think they could wrap it up in one quick OVA though. :/ Not without rushing it like crazy or only focusing on a small part of it. Man, that Alpha Wordline sounds awesome… *drools a little*

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