Tiger & Bunny – 05

Happy Birthday, Bunny-chan~

SURPRISE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! With any luck, it’s actually your birthday. I’m sure SOMEONE out there has a birthday today. If not, I have rescheduled your brithday to today and you will celebrate it and ENJOY it. I made you a cake and you’d better accept it, dammit!

Poor Bunny-chan. His husbando is constantly trying to be nice to him and make sure he stays thin by monitoring his diet, but Bunny just wants to be a douche and die alone. Kotetsu doesn’t think his meddling is really too costly, even though it cost Apollon Media a bunch of money in damage costs. Also, he can’t even pick up a pen for someone without screwing up.

“Barnaby…this baby….is ours…..”            “BUNNY-CHAN, YOU CHEATED ON ME?!?!”

The next day at work, Kotetsu is astute enough to notice that Barnaby is acting even more miserable than he usually is. He recalls a fan wishing Barnaby an advance Happy Birthday and formulates a plan. How do you cheer up an asshole who hates company? Throw a surprise party with lots of people! The other Heroes are sharp enough to recognize that Barnaby isn’t exactly a people person, but Kotetsu is insistent. The other Heroes only agree to throw the party when Sky High decides to do it. Way to go, King of Heroes!

The first thing on Kotetsu’s to-do list is to get Barnaby a present. He has no idea what Barnaby likes so he shows him..aprons…and tries to get a reading on which one to buy him. No really, aprons. Do you…do you even see the salivating fujoshi that watch this show? Do you know how many apron-clad pictures you’re going to spawn? The slew of pictures with Kotetsu using mayonnaise in ALL TYPES OF ACTIVITIES thanks to that one preview was one thing but…Okay, never mind, I should stop pretending to be mad. Teehee. ANYWAYS, the only thing Barnaby says he wants is a 6 million dollar necklace in a museum. And another villain seems to want it too.

“You’d look good in this!” “…This is an ad for mayonnaise.” “Oh….I know~”

The more elaborate you try to make a plan for a surprise birthday, the bigger the chance for it to blow up in your face. Especially when dealing with someone who isn’t exactly oblivious. For some reason, they find it a perfectly logical decision to stage a robbery and fire fake guns with little “happy birthday” flags. They do a quick practice run and it works well enough.

Meanwhile, Barnaby is sulking at home and talking to a maid who used to take care of him. She made him cake every year for his birthday, and this year is no exception. When he hangs up the call with his maid, he gets another call from Kotetsu asking for help. He comes to the scene of the “crime” but isn’t very compliant in trying to catch any criminals. He outright refuses to help and doesn’t even flinch when a “thief” tries to steal Kotetsu’s bag.

Kotetsu somehow drags Bunny-chan into a dark alley to catch the thief, but instead of finding the Heroes dressed as villains, he finds a real thief. A NEXT user who can cover his body in a diamond armour in order to steal rare items…such as that necklace from the museum. Naturally, chaos ensues. He fires a very real bullet at Tiger and Bunny before escaping into a car and leaving the Heroes very, very perplexed.

Everyone gets an official call to give chase to the NEXT user villain with the bling around his neck. Tiger and Bunny hop into Satou’s truck on their way to catch up with the car and quickly don their suits (TRANSFORMATION SEQUEEENCEEE!!!!). Satou tells them he installed a new function for Bunny’s birthday before they head out.

Sky High stops the car and captures one of the goons, while Blue Rose grabs the other. The main guy is left to our main duo, who manage to corner him with only 30 seconds to spare for their power usage. Neither of them can break through his diamond armour despite firing a flurry of jabs and roundhouse kicks. It’s only in the last second that a secret mode activates and they both land a hit with perfect timing that the armour shatters.Kotetsu gives the criminal to Barnaby so he can get extra points, as a birthday present. He pretends to act angry, but he actually smiles ever so slightly. CAN’T FOOL YOUR HUSBANDO, BUNNY. HE KNOWS YOU LIKED YOUR PRESENT.

Tiger and Bunny, over and out!

Bonus Bromance:

Crap, he doesn’t like it. Now I need to go return the apron I bought…

HOLY SHIT THOSE MEN ARE HOLDING HANDS. BEST DAY EVER. Just act normal and push your cart forward…

If you think this is impressive, wait until you see how fast that thing can come OFF.


End Thoughts: God, I love this show. I look forward to it every week, and I can’t say I’m quite so avid about some of the other spring shows. Tiger and Bunny is just pure, silly, shameless fun. It takes silliness and makes it an art form. This was probably my favourite episode so far too, due to the leap in levels of both humour and super power gimmicks. The whole episode revolved around a ridiculous concept with enough TigerxBunny fodder to keep pixiv abuzz for way more than a week. And I am completely okay with this.

By pushing the usual criminal chase to the side even more than usual, it could focus on more Kotetsu AND some of the other heroes. We haven’t seen much of Sky High sans superhero suit before, so it’s nice to see him in street clothes. The other heroes are also quite funny and quirky when they get their time on screen. They’re all kind of stereotypical dorks or brats in one way or another, but they mesh together quite well. Even though it was Barnaby’s birthday, he actually wasn’t in the episode much. This…is probably a good thing. I still think he’s a prick, and can only be handled when taken alongside Kotetsu. Barnaby by himself is just too bitter to swallow >_<

The actual crime was just a saturated 5 minutes or so of eye candy…a new transformation sequence and a new attack mode. Sure, the attack mode is useless but HOLY MOLY it looks downright BADASS. Forgive me, but I was totally won over by those totally campy segments, but it REALLY hit the spot for me. Please oh please let there be more cool transformation sequences! This is one of the first times they had to fight a criminal with NEXT powers (except that kid, but they didn’t fight him..they chased him), and if the villains keep getting stronger, maybe the fights will get more intense? It might just be wishful thinking on my behalf, but the only thing the Hero TV segments are missing is a sense of urgency. I want to see a villain that tears people to shreds.

In terms of more serious, plot-related snippets, we had 2 bones thrown our way. 1. Barnaby had a good relationship with his maid and is still all angsty over his past. 2. That judge is in on something. I’ll bet you anything he’s the one who sentences Fire Emblem to murder in the next episode. I doubt he has the staying power of a recurring villain, but he might appear every now and then to try and slander people. Could the next episode be…a serious episode? I’m very curious to see how they pull of that one after this gag-filled creation.

Preview: Oh! This time Barnaby is doing the voiceover! Wow, he really does know how to sound cool and not mince his english as much as Kotetsu. Barnaby seems to see something that could be related to his father’s death! Also, Fire Emblem gets accused of murder next episode! Sounds a lot more intense than usual…Especially with the hidden implications with Fire Emblem being black and falsely accused of something *cough*. Next episode will be one to watch indeed.


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20 Responses to “Tiger & Bunny – 05”

  1. cassi says:

    Thank God, this episode was so much better. They are not very subtle with the fanservice. LOL Come on, Kotetsu has to give Barnaby a special gift because he’s his partner?
    My inner fujoshi thanks you Sunrise!

    • Overcooled says:

      It was a good idea to put this after the not-so-amazing episode 4. Now we’re back to awesome levels, with twice as much hinted yaoi – HOT DAMN. XD I think fujoshi are going to be sending fanmail to sunrise haha

  2. Joojoobees says:

    The one thing missing this week was Origami’s cameo. I really like the humorous mood they generally maintain in this show. In the beginning it looked all serious, because they were in the officious-looking hall of justice, then Kotetsu breezes in to work, saying it was such a nice day that you could forget he was convicted of destruction of private property. XD

    • Overcooled says:

      I would kill for an Origami-centric episode. Or at least a cameo every episode. He’s a really great running gag, it gets me every time.

      Nope, never expect a serious moment when you’re watching Tiger & Bunny. Paying fines? NOPE, WHO CARES XD Oh Kotetsu, you.

  3. Elyon says:

    This episode…words cannot describe how much I loved it XD I was surprised that Sky High didn’t end up being the complete douche I had him pegged as, and Blue Rose was…better.

    This fujoshi is very satisfied right now~ Haha

    • Overcooled says:

      I loved it so much!!! Sky High was surprisingly nice comparing to what I thought he would be too…Blue Rose was less bratty too. She was actually cute when Kotetsu patted her head.

  4. Metalsnakezero says:

    This show is great and its cliche in a good way and not overly done.

  5. Renn says:

    Lolarious review! 😀 But I disagree with one thing… I don’t think their husbandos yet. I think they’re still in the teenage drama, puppy love stage. Though I’m not an expert on anime relationships, so I could be totally wrong. 😛

    Barnaby is not a great character when compared to the rest of the cast. He’s a bit stiff and serious while the rest are complete crack-ups. It’ll probably get better as they go along and he loosens up. 🙂

    Those transformation sequences put the GINGA BISHOUNEN to shame. FABULOUS.

    • Overcooled says:

      Thanks, Renn :3 True, they’re still not married yet. When Kotetsu wears that apron and starts cooking for him we’ll be in veritable husbando territory XD But oh man, the transformation and that good luck mode was just….in your words…FABULOUS.

      I guess they need a straight man to make the crazy people look…crazier…Like putting onions in cooking. It adds flavour, but I hate eating the actual onions (…bad metaphor is bad)

  6. hika says:

    This…is the episode which I finally acknowledge the inner fujoshi in me…and sent me searching for TigerxBarnaby fics even though I was in the midst of exams. Tsk.

    And yes, the transformation sequence was campy but in a good way. And the moment they KO’ed the episode’s villain, with all the flashes of lights and the voice over saying “Tiger & Bunny” almost made me burst out laughing!! XD

    • Overcooled says:

      I tend to be more of a closet fujoshi, and even I had to acknowledge their undying love for each other XD Luckily there aren’t many fics out yet to distract you (but lots of fanart. Oh man.)

      That ending punch/kick was so ridiculous, I started to laugh too. XD I think they intended it to be that way too, it was great.

      • Hime says:

        The amount of fanart is ridiculous…or should I say GLORIOUS.

  7. MikADo says:


    “over and out”

  8. Hime says:

    Kotetsu reminds me of someone…and it’s been bugging me for the last 5 episodes…WHO IS IT.

    • Overcooled says:

      Well, good job, because now it’s going to bug me too. Hmm…

    • Elyon says:

      He kind of reminds me of Albert’s father from Gankutsuou (even though they’re nothing alike o.O ) because of the beard. XD

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