Kore wa Zombie Desu ka – 09


Drama of the dead!

Last week we had some laughs and a few cute moments between Yuki and Aikawa! After the ending of episode eight, let’s find out what happens next to Yuu! And see if the main villain is anything special compared to someone like Kyoko; sure wish she would return. Oh yeah almost forgot, here is some fan art of Yuu! Hope you enjoy it, now onto the review.

Plot picks right up with Yuu going missing and the others running off to search for her, after a bit of arguing about certain characters missions. The King of Night chats with Yuu about her powers causing people problems and a lot of unprecedented appearances of Megalo; Dai sensei shows up and “helps” the others with Yuki as she goes crazy with a summoning spell.

Yuu says hello to an old friend, by stabbing him in the chest!

Before the search for Yuu begins, Aikawa learns Sera had orders to kill Yuu if her powers began to get out of control, which causes Aikawa to question her mission over her friendship. Sera decides to drop the orders and they start their search for Yuu. Who would be able to kill her? She’s SO cute!

Aikawa- “You can’t kill Moe!”                                 Sera- “I KNOW! IT’S TOO CUTE!”

Haruna hates being touched by giant monster penguin!

Looks like a darker version of Aikawa…

Dai sensei arrives after Haruna gets crushed by the large kappa doll, knocking it off her but it lands on Yuki instead. This is where things get really random for me, with Yuki summoning her Mysticore, which goes crazy shooting fire everywhere, eventually ending up with a countdown to explode. Aikawa transforms and runs to Yuki giving her a hug that stops the countdown. Yes, because hugs save the day always! Dai sensei then leaves after the King of night escapes.

Boom! Take that you overgrown monster thingy!

Love this character, still reminds me of the Vocaloid Miku with grey hair.

Battle time! Go magical Aikawa!

Yuki- “It’s getting hot in hereee! Let’s take off all our clothes!”

Yuki’s tears aren’t strong enough to put out the fire…

The hug that saved the day! Still strange with his magical girl costume on.

Haruna- “I THINK WE KILLED IT…”                                      Sera-“I wish….”

With Yuki back to normal and Yuu with the others, they all return home, except for Yuu who wanted to get something from the local store. Aikawa returns home and finds a note left by Yuu in his pocket; the note says goodbye and explains how Yuu thought she only brings everyone pain and leaving to avoid that.  Aikawa is taken over my emotions but Sera and Haruna buck him up and they decided to not give up, until they find her.

Bye for now Yuu! You will return soon!

Poor Aikawa! This was a sad scene; thankfully Haruna was there to kick him back to himself.

Extra Undead!

Haruna- “This face takes years of practice!”

Yuki- “Wake me up when this arc ends…”


Aikawa- “I will cut the fire with this chainsaw!”

End Thoughts:

This was a very drama filled episode about Sera’s mission over her true feelings about Yuu, which felt kind of forced to me but I suppose it works. After all she did say her mission as a vampire ninja is taken very seriously. But we all know Aikawa is there to remind everyone about the special friendship they have, thanks to Yuu being around.

Finally the King of Night shows his face a bit more! I still don’t know what he really is; definitely a zombie with those eyes of his but he does use magic during the episode, so I guess he might be a cross between a magician and zombie. He did have control over Kyoko during her attacks on Aikawa and the other characters; still can’t wait to see Yuu fight. Though, after seeing her in this episode I don’t think she will be a great fighter.

The ending kind of didn’t work for me either, but I suppose Yuu does feel responsible for getting her friends in danger with all the demons after her magic. The drama in this series so far works in most episodes; I just didn’t feel the drama this time around. Of course, seeing Aikawa break down near the end was sad and we do see more of the other characters go through their own emotional breakdowns. I can just hope for some much needed fun and fighting next episode.


Hard to really tell what next week will be about from the title alone but we can expect inventions? Possibly something to locate Yuu! Let’s hope for some fun stuff provided by Haruna and Yuki since they are the “inventors” of this series.




Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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15 Responses to “Kore wa Zombie Desu ka – 09”

  1. Tofu says:

    “it’s getting hot in here~ let take of all our clothes~” OH NOO!!!! NOT THAT SONG!!!! Dx

    This episode was a heartache episode for Aikawa and the rest, it’s so sad how Yuu decides to leave for the better good, in protecting her friends and you can just feel there emotion even though there wasn’t much fighting this episode and it wasn’t the best of the episodes from Kore Zombie.

    After what Sera did, she’s become a bigger favourite of mine, although I just say Yuu will always be my top! <3

    Who here also thinks that Aikawa X Yuki is a good combination? xD I think they make an adorable couple!!

    • foshizzel says:

      Hahahah well it was the only thing that popped in my head at the time xD

      It did have plenty of depressing sappy moments that is true, I don’t think Yuu will be gone forever hopefully she returns after Aikawa runs off to find her. Yeah I can see the whole friendship is key to this series.

      Yeah Sera was great during this episode, nice to see her come around to getting along with Aikawa.

      Aikawa and Yui works for me, sure why not they are fun to watch hahah.

  2. anaaga says:

    i have hots for the bad zombie aka. kind of the night or whatever the title is. i have a feeling he has a crush on yuu. and what does he means when he said that he killed the seventh abyss? hmmm…. anyhow, that unknown villain just earns himself a new fangirl!

    this is probably the most dramatic episode so far. poor yuu she’s so powerful but she can’t do anything because of her natural “gift.” i can’t imagine myself without my friends >.<
    and as for sera? i don't think the whole murder-yuu thing was necessary, but oh well. gives sera some importance. she needs some spotlight after all.

    i'm still not liking yuki though. probably because of the whole "i'm aikawa's wife!" thing, since i ship aikawaXyuu. they're like the best pairing here. i mean, c'mon! they even understand each other only through eye contact! xD

    • Foshizzel says:

      Lol bad zombie, guess he does have that “cool” factor huh? Yeah he probably has feelings for Yuu since he wants to be with her forever…Wooot fans!

      Yepp very dramatic episode so far! Aikawa crying Yuu crying, I was waiting for Sera and Haruna to break down.

      Yeah that is getting a bit annoying…not sure why she has to remind everyone all the time, I think we get it XD Yeah they are slowly becoming a good couple 😀

  3. MikADo says:

    when you mean miku with grey hair, you mean yoshitsune?
    😛 nevertheless Dai sensei is my favorite character so far!!
    she is so…different? she has her own merits XD

    • Foshizzel says:

      Well anyone with looonnggg twin-tails always makes me think of Miku xD

      Dai sensei is really cool!

  4. Dan-go says:

    Dai sensei is supermegaawesomefoxy hot

  5. BlackBriar says:

    A very dramatic episode. I love Yuu’s pen/scythe at the beginning. It’s very useful. You can write and fight. First x-ray glasses, now a pen/scythe. What will they come up with next?
    Give Ayumu some credit for using morality on people to get his way or prove a point. He did it to Kyoko before cutting her up and he did to Sera to test her friendship to Yuu. Man, I want to see Kyoko again.

    The King of Night is a sharp badass himself. Instead of always using physical damage like most bad guys, he finds it better to torment his enemies with a little psychological damage. It’s indirect but it works. He DOES look like a darker version of Ayumu. Maybe he’s sore because Yuu found a new zombie to play with.

    The Ayumu x Yuki thing is growing on me and she’s beginning to like him but there’s also Ayumu x Yuu. Anyone of them can work. Which makes me wonder who would be a good pair up with Sera.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Lol yeah that is pretty useful huh? pen/sythe for the win! Lots of great inventions. Aikawa is a great character he isn’t like most main leads in some anime at least he is not dumb and has emotions xD

      Yeah king of night is also great! hopefully we can see him go all out sometime in a fight against Yuu or Aikawa. Yeah he could so be a older brother to Aikawa hahaha that would be very funny.

      Yeah Yuki is fun so far, long as she doesn’t always remind us she is his wife every 10 seconds or so. Sera has Haruna muhahahaha they are “married”

      • BlackBriar says:

        LOL! I see you’ve unleashed your yuri beast, huh? Don’t worry, you’re among friends.

        I want to know how they plan to find Yuu anyway. After all, she is a necromancer, she can use black magic. I’d like to see Sera feed on someone again and wonder when it’s going to be Yuki’s turn to drink blood. Maybe she’ll feed on Ayumu. LOL!

        The King of Night is a pro sadist. The way he manipulated Yuu was perfect. I wonder if that’s how he got Kyoko in his grip and Dai-sensei seems to have unfinished business with him. As far as we can tell, the King is only getting started with his plan. Can’t wait to see!!!

        • Foshizzel says:

          LOL well not really a Yuri fan but they work, then again it might be more of a older sister type of thing between Sera and Haruna.

          Hahah well the next episode has something about inventions I think with all the genius talk, Sera probably will track her down again.

          Indeed he knows how to toy with Yuu’s mind like that, well Kyoko was strange in one episode leading to the dark version she “killed” herself. Probably his doing easily, yeah he has more plans to reveal 😀

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