Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? – 07

Killer Ramen and Christmas parties…

After that crazy episode last week, what do we have in store for this episode?! More wild and crazy fun of course! We also get to learn more about this strange blond girl in the opening. Had a debate with my brother trying to guess what she was from werewolf to wizard! Or another magical girl…I hope not.

Plot this week follows Haruna teaching Aikawa some maths, until a megalo attacks and he runs to help her out. They get swarmed by the monsters until a strange person arrives throwing ramen noodles on them and saving them. New girl reveals her identity and everyone back at Aikawa’s place celebrates Tanabata together.

Aikawa-“Let’s see, divide by lion add cat take away flower…WTF?!”

Haruna pantsu-shot one

Dai sensei!! We missed you already!

Aikawa gets a message from Haruna to assist her in taking out some demons, while he rushes to aid Haruna he gets a call from Dai sensei to hold onto an object for her. After running through some intense heat and almost dying of dehydration, he arrives to find her fighting a horse; YES, A DEMON HORSE looks damn freaky too! Aikawa transforms and they get jumped again by monster jellyfishes. Yeah it’s all kinds of random monsters; I liked the giant whale better. Aikawa and Haruna are then saved by a mysterious girl named Yuki Yoshida, who happens to also be a vampire ninja from a rival clan to Sera. Damn, and I wanted her to be something epic!

Haruna-“No not AGAIN!!”

Why do I feel like I am watching Power Rangers?

Fighting for justice and freedom…with ramen? Whaaat?! Where’s Naruto?!

-Squish-                                              Yuki-“…Aikawa no hentai….”

Yuki-“This ramen packs a punch!”

Yuki then takes Sera and Aikawa to her base to treat them to ramen and explains her plan to use the ramen against the megalo. Sounds like a great plan! Wait, you want to cover the town in that? No way! I also forgot to mention Aikawa’s accidentally kisses Yuki and that means they are married now… at least she can cook. After the tour of Yuki’s place, Sera and Aikawa leave to find Haruna and Yuu decorating a bamboo tree for Tanabata, Haruna also explains Christmas in her own unique way.

Christmas comes early in Zombie land!

Yes, that is how everyone sees Santa, a great big monster.

Ponytail night, always a huge hit at Aikawa’s house.

What a lovely moment between everyone!

The following day Aikawa gets a strange pair of glasses couriered by one of Dai sensei’s minions ; he’s also visited by Yuki, apparently she goes to the same school! Imagine that!?  She brings him lunch bento and informs everyone she is his wife. This was also a cute moment, ‘course Yuki is your typical tsundere but more dere than anything towards Aikawa. He puts the glasses on and finds out that they are x- ray glasses and sees all of Yuki as he screams! Not sure if he was embarrassed or shocked, hahah still a funny moment.

Take this! I spend years developing this love ramen!

X-ray glasses are fun huh, Aikawa?!                          Yuki-“What are you looking at?! BAKAAAA”

Extra zombies


Glasses on? Or off? Yuki’s cute meter is increasing!

Couldn’t forget this scene! Damn you evil jellyfishes…

Halloween, Madi Gra and voodoo? Usual Friday night party huh, Aikawa?

End Thoughts:

Well, a nice break from all the fighting and blood, a bit more progression on the plot and of course brand new character! She wasn’t that much of a huge secret character anyway. I still wish she was something other than another vampire ninja! Was a bit disappointed with that reveal; however she does fit with the other crazy characters so far; I do like her design even her hairpin kind of reveals what she is, now that I think about it.

And we saw Haruna get a bit annoyed, when Aikawa completely ignored her after they were saved by Yuki, then again she might be the youngest girl in this series. We already saw in a few episodes back she has grown to like Aikawa, I can feel a little older-brother little-sister relationship between them. Yuu didn’t get to do a whole lot this episode but still provides fun as usual; I died laughing when she solved all Aikawa’s math problems for him and Haruna went over hers, so damn good!

Last bit with Yuki in the classroom was also a fun and cute moment; the minute that light music kicks in, that is one thing this series has going for it! Great moments between characters with impressive music. Yuki isn’t the most dramatic character but offers Aikawa somewhat of a normal girl around him. I don’t like that she assumes they are married but that is just the vampire ninja gimmick I suppose. So, does this mean Sera is married to Haruna??! I hope so! Hahaha.


Yuu in a school girl uniform?! Watch out Tofu…

All I can assume from the ending text; a school themed episode will take place, probably having Haruna, Yuu and Sera attend school. Should be a great and comical episode!


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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24 Responses to “Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? – 07”

  1. Kyokai says:

    A new contender arrives! Ayumu’s sure getting a big harem by the day.

  2. Anya says:

    Kyaaaaaaa ponytail Yuu >.<

  3. BlackBriar says:

    I think I just died and gone to heaven. A harem of hot, free loading girls who are making this zombies’ afterlife hell. A magical girl, a necromancer and TWO vampire ninjas!!!! And one became his wife! What next? But Ayumu did a number on that horse before he transformed. If Ayumu had kissed Sera, it surely would have been “till death do us part” as she might be trying to kill him for it. Since there are two vampires now, the’ll need to fed regularly. Look out, everyone! They already got Haruna!!! LOL.
    I’m expecting a lot more insanity in the other episodes.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Lol yes great cast of girls! I wanted the new girl to be something else but ah it works I suppose. LOL yes and she is now his wife, Sera probably would kill Ayumu fast if he even tried to kiss her hahaha then again he can’t really die.

      Oh ya didn’t think about that…Yuki might want some blood from someone 😛

      • BlackBriar says:

        I’m fighting to cage my yuri beast and I’m hopelessly losing the battle. Especially that possibility of Sera being married to Haruna. LOL. In all honesty, I want to see Yuu get bitten. Whether it’s Sera or Yuki who will sink their teeth in. Haruna got her blood sucked so I’m curious to see Yuu’s reaction when she gets her turn seeing that she can’t speak. Also, I think being married to vampire would make anyone’s day. Am I right? Haruna is so anti-clothes. It’s either an oversized shirt and underwear or nothing at all.

        The three girls look really cute in ponytails and that was the weirdest description of Christmas I have ever seen. Where does Haruna get her information? I got some advice for Ayumu the next time he tries act heroic while going out in the sunlight: Wear a hat and coat. It just might save his afterlife.

        Sera is contradictive. I noticed she has a cross on her necklace while wearing that outfit. I thought crosses repel vampires. Unless she’s built an immunity to it.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Best description of Christmas ever hahaha I died laughing just at the subs and the artwork.

          I like the different girls so far really good characters, each stand out on their own in different ways.

          • Tofu says:

            The REAL story behind Christmas… xD

            • BlackBriar says:

              LOL. If that’s the real story behind Christmas, then I wouldn’t know whether to be overjoyed or scared to death when Santa comes to visit my house. I should have both milk and cookies AND a shotgun ready. Just to be safe.

            • Foshizzel says:

              Lol I just gotta love the insane mind of Haruna xD

  4. Tofu says:

    OH MY *BLOOD SPILLS OUT OF MY NOSE* YUU IN A SCHOOL GIRL UNIFORM!?!??! KYYYYYAAAAA~~~~!!!!!! SHE’S SOOO ADORABLE!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 AND AND AND PONYTAIL YUU IS SOOO KAWAIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X3 Alright, no matter how much I love Hikasa Yoko, fi it's not Mio then it doesn't always have to stay as the top one character in other animes (Sera) so Yuu is now my favourite character followed by Sera from Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka x3

    I'm liking Yuki a lot, also being a 'enemy' of Sera's, they allow her to come in like a guest to try out there ramen!?!? xD AWESOME! And how she's now Ayamu's wife is like… DAYUM~~~ But I don't think it's a bad combo as well. X-Ray glasses are EPIC, but I'm sure it's only normal for the husband to be allowed to see the wife naked NISHISHISHI~~~~ 😛

    Who else ROFL-ED hard when they saw Ayumu run in the sun while rotting? I DID!!! xD Oh…how sadist I am… ^^

    Tentacles and Magical Girl in trouble…. omg why does it remind me of those tentacle porn out there O____O Not right….

    I realized I really like girls with ponytails, there attractiveness in the anime goes up by heaps! xD Gimme a tsundere with a ponytail and I'll go fanboy <3

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hahaha figured you would like that, nice sera is getting there for me anyway.

      Yuki is interesting, she is also voiced by the same girl who does Ika’s voice from squid girl but hard to really tell just by listening. LOL the glasses yes makes you really wonder about Dai sensei’s mind.

      Hahaha yes that was great seeing the sun drying him out, and his old man transformation voice.

      • Tofu says:

        omg that old man transformation voice was both hilarious and weird during his transformation LMAO!!! “typical perverted old men” that’s what was going through my mind when Ayamu was like “oh yeah~” during the trans

  5. MikADo says:

    Almost died from such intensive ‘moe’….
    btw Ayumu’s march of death proved much amusing 🙂

  6. Starry says:

    I have the same feeling! I wanted Yuki to be someone epic too! And especially after the ‘xxx’ in the OP, it made me think that she would be someone special…. >..>

  7. Dan-go says:

    Omah gooood,, i love vampire ninjas, and i love tonkatsu ramen, in other words i love eeeeeeeveryone heeere,

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