Shiki – 15

The story of Toshio the outcast

The beginning is actually quite nice, with the first-person view from Tohru’s eyes. Now, you don’t know it’s Tohru, you just know that someone is walking towards Natsuno’s window at night. Creepy stuff. He offers a flower outside of his window in place of his grave, and he’s been doing so for about 7 days. Natsuno watches from the treetops, unable to reveal himself to anyone yet…even Tohru.

Baby, I miss you ;_;

Seishin has quite the sight to take in when he enters that operating room. You can hear the dripping of fresh blood in-between Seishin’s laboured breaths, as the whole grotesque scene is splayed out before us. No censorship. Toshio tries to win the monk over when he sees his distraught reaction, asking him what he’d do in that situation. Seishin shakes with rage and disgust before leaving wordlessly. A much greater blow than any statement could have had.

When he comes home, he finds his story scattered across the floor, and the door ajar. Written on the side margins in blue ink are things like “Why did he kill his brother?” and  “Murders without impulse to kill are just accidents, not murder.” Seishin realizes that Toshio, much like the character in his story, just killed out of impulse. He also relates it to his own suicide. So who left him these messages?

Toshio cries wolf, and despite never lying in the past, none of the villagers believe him. His first attempt is gathering up some acquaintances in a cafe to discuss the epidemic and how he can prove that Ikumi was right by digging up old graves. The reactions range from outrage to just waving it off. They even admit they’ve been socialized to not believe in that stuff, no matter how bad things get. I’d be inclined to call Toshio crazy too.

After moping by the bridge (thank god Nino didn’t come out) until night, Toshio heads to the office. It’s full of red-eyed, pale-skinned okiagari. Crawling with them. When he inquires about the death toll in Sotoba, they say it’s zero. ZERO. Everyone moved before they died, making the death toll zero. You should’ve listened to Seishin~ Anyways, Toshio has death certificates that say otherwise, but his threat to show them to the city is cut short by none other than:

Gah gah ooh la la~ Want your bad romance~

LADY GAGA! I mean, Chizuru Kirishiki! She claims Toshio as her prey, as she only eats young, “lively” humans. She tries to seduce him, but fails.

Tatsumi, whose mancleavage is like a magnet for my eyes, is having a chat with the funeral director, Hagami. He wears a pink trenchcoat and juggles candy bars, making it hard to argue that each Shiki doesn’t get weirder and weirder. Because they do. By God, they do. The funeral he throws is a corny, confetti/firework-filled act of complete disrespect that leaves the audience shellshocked. Tatsumi comment is to tone it done a little.

It’s like if you got Carrot Top to host a funeral in Vegas

Hagami explains the rest of how the funeral service works. The bodies are stored in the basement, so that they don’t have to go to the trouble of digging them up if they rise. With just a slight whiff, Tatsumi can tell the body laid before him is going to rise. Hagami calls him a “jinrou”…which essentially reveals that Tatsumi isn’t a shiki. What’s a jinrou? I don’t want to look it up in case of spoilers <_< GO FIND OUT YOURSELVES IF YOU’RE CURIOUS.

Speaking of funerals, Kyoko is next. That means that Toshio’s mom is there to boss around the nurses, who no one wants to be around. Satoko, Yuki’s friend from before, gets all fired up and challenges her – only to break down in tears under the stress. Toshio acting so cold when Satoko told her about Yuki really hurt her. The next day, Toshio finds out that Satoko quit because of him.

Toshio spends the rest of his time pissed off at the ignorance of the villagers. They try to live their lives as if nothing is happening, merrily discussing the Kagura dance without remorse. He sits outside at night for a smoke (real smart there, buddy) and is approached by Natsuno. I thought he was going to die, but no, it’s just Natsuno. He calmly asks if he thought Megumi died, and Toshio hints that he knows she has risen. To that, Natsuno tells him he’s not alone…and vanishes.


“Do you know…the Muffin man?”


Toshio Under the Bridge x Bridge

End Thoughts:This might just be due to the intensity of episode 14, but this episode comes across as a bit drab. The aftermath of Toshio’s experiments are anti-climactic. He doesn’t get to reveal the tape, because none of the villagers can pull their head out of their ass long enough to hear Toshio’s side of things. If they can’t accept the concept of okiagari or even that PEOPLE ARE DYING, what will they do when they see a video of Toshio hacking up his wife? Naturally, they won’t believe him, and they’ll probably make Toshio an outcast (or arrest him). This makes his hard work essentially useless for now. Seeing him this powerless, abandoned and trapped the entire episode was more exasperating than “oh noes, what’s he gonna do!”-invoking.

That being said, Shiki is very good at building up to a crescendo of events. You get a lull, and you know it’s going to end in a bang. Natsuno’s appearance almost ensures that. Speaking of which, I don’t think Natsuno is a shiki yet. Last episode Megumi thought he was cremated and Tohru is still putting flowers by his window. They generally KNOW when shiki rise, so Natsuno must be special. Not only that, his eyes aren’t red. He’s not human though. What he is, I have no clue. Toshio x Natsuno teaming up! (No, not as a pairing! Just..teaming up…o__o )

Seishin and Toshio split up. I get the feeling Seishin forgives him though, based on the notes left for him. Who left those notes? It was night so it easily could have been Sunako. SOMEONE wants him to forgive Toshio, but why? How does that help? Or was it directed more at getting him to reflect on his attempted suicide? (Which is a weird connection for him to make…suicide isn’t murder…SEISHIN STOP OVERTHINKING THINGS!). I like how thick the tension is between the two of them. While Toshio is anti-shiki, Seishin is neutral…

Preview: I was thinking the next episode would be another set-up episode, but after seeing the preview. WHOA. Akira has his mouth taped up in one scene, and is brutally about to stake someone in the next. Akira is definitely going to be going through a lot next episode, and you can almost bet on a cliffhanger. There’s also a lot of Sunako, as she finally starts killing villagers in front of us…but she also looks lonely D= Lastly, more Tohru as his fangs are bloody from an unknown victim…he also is in the company of the Kirishikis, no doubt being briefed on some saddening news…maybe orders on his next kill? I CAN’T WAIT!



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29 Responses to “Shiki – 15”

  1. anaaga says:

    ggggggrrrr i downloaded the one without the preview, so i didn’t see it!!! T____T
    natsuno was really dead when his father checked right? megumi thought that natsuno was cremated, since that was the maid’s assumption. she doesn’t check with tatsumi, but she believes the maid’s assumption =.=; tohru keeps putting flowers because he thinks that his lover natsuno is dead, and he just can’t get over it. and he can’t get inside the house to check too, since the window is always closed now, for some unknown reason. i guess nobody’s doing anything because sunako isn’t telling them to do anything?
    i didn’t see the preview, but it seems like they’re gona go straight to akira
    why is it starting to get different from the manga? T_______T they skipped one of the most important part in shiki! T___T or probably they thought it’s not important…but still… 🙁

    • Overcooled says:

      Download the Raw! 8D

      Well, everyone says he dead and everyone in the village + the shiki think that he’s dead…so I’d say it’s pretty safe to assume so. What do you mean by Sunako isn’t telling them to do anything? o.o

      Gah, I stopped reading the manga…I hope it’s not something exciting they missed T.T

      • anaaga says:

        because the one that keeps checking on dead bodies are tatsumi, and tatsumi isn’t doing anything right now. and sunako directly commands tatsumi. unless, there’s something going on *hint hint*

        Show ▼

        • Overcooled says:

          So something is up with Sunako, eh? =O
          WOW, that’s a big thing to skip…Maybe thy just shuffled around the order and next week we’ll find out. I saw a lot of Sunako in that preview, so maybe…XD

  2. Clinton says:

    remember how Tatsumi can go out in the daylight and that Yoshie can too it because they are both jinrou (2 of the only 4 or 5 in Japan) honestly its not a big spoiler what Jinrou is and Tatsumi should tell you next episode anyway he will say more about him and Yoshie

    Honestly tell me what Monster’s Shiki’s are (hint it starts with a V and ends with an ampire) so just work your way down use your brain to find out what sort of Monster’s Tatsumi and Yoshie are (its not really even a spoiler it depeands on the translation when i read the Manga they out right said what Monster Tatsumi is (honestly his hair style is a dead give away)

    • Overcooled says:

      I wasn’t sure about the werewolf considering they’re missing the main aspect of a werewolf (turning into a wolf) <_< I was wondering if they might not technically be a werewolf, but something similar. I'm generally just over-sensitive of something so plot-intensive as Shiki being spoiled.

  3. Jo says:

    I gotta say, first Lady Gaga, now Willy Wonka lol..I wonder who will be next to feature in a cameo…

    yeah, this episode was a bit anti-climatic after last week. At least we know that Natsuno is alive and kicking… but what the hell was he wearing??!! was he seriously wearing pink leggings under his shorts?? and the shoes with pink highlights?! Hahaha…Megumi would be disappointed if she saw him dressed like that…

    • Overcooled says:

      omg Willy Wonka, yes. O_O

      Are you kidding? That’s the best outfit ever! He sure has Chizuru beat when it comes to fashion, even if his shoes are something that someone’s 6 year old sister would wear. XD (I think I just look at the jacket and ignore everything else though…)

  4. I must admit that I didn’t really think of the margin notes as an attempt to get Muroi to forgive Ozaki, as the only logical one to be attempting such a thing would be Natsuno… but he’s never met Muroi nor is there any indication that he knows who he is or of his relationship with Ozaki. I more took it as Sunako messing with Muroi’s head – assuming, of course, that it is indeed Sunako who wrote the notes.

    As for suicide and murder, it isn’t at all uncommon for suicide to be considered murder, particularly in many faith traditions (and legal systems as well)… I’m not particularly familiar with Zen Buddhism, but Buddhism in general considers suicide a sin because it is murder. The Japanese setting certainly complicates matters, though, as suicide in Japan has often been considered an extremely honorable action to take.

    • Overcooled says:

      It WOULD be strange for Sunako to get Seishin to forgive the only real competition she has, but that ended up being the effect. She really went to a lot of trouble to mess with his head, if that’s what she’s doing. Not sure exactly how it benefits her to confuse the already frazzled monk. Once I know what her intentions are in general, I can speculate more =P

      Ohhh, that’s interesting that Buddhism considers suicide as murder. Thanks for bringing up that point! For me, I see them as complete opposites, so it was out of place for me.

  5. ichigopockysticks says:

    AHHHH what is going to happen I really hope there isnt a cliffhanger but they are evil so there probably will be
    and yo know what is really weird I had a dream really similar to Shiki last night and still a little freaked

  6. BlackBriar says:

    Toshio is loosing himself, whether it’s mentally or socially. Due to what he is trying to achieve and recently ice cold behavior, he’s loosing everyone around him even his best friend (former best anyway). A nurse quit her job at the clinic because he didn’t put any interest in the disappearence of one of the other nurses. A man with that kind of mindset is proned to do anything.

    As for the junior monk, Seishin. We all know who came to his place leaving messages and asking why the character killed his brother. It’s the young Shiki who received an invitation from him and who he has been speaking with nightly. It’s strange. He’s a monk sworn to all things spiritual, yet he writes really dark occult novels, the direct opposite of what he does. That’s a complete and utter contradiction. And in a sense, you can say that he played a part in the reason for bringing the Shiki to Sotoba in the first place. That’s like bringing your story to life.

    • Overcooled says:

      Toshio certainly slipped down even further this episode. His period of being only focused on his Kyoko experiment did NOT pay off…I fear he’s going to do something stupid soon since he is, indeed, “prone to do anything.”

      I wasn’t sure if it was 100% Sunako, but I’m certainly placing my bets on her XD I like the duality of Seishin too, the occult vs holy. I love shows that make use use of dualities and opposites like that. Shiki and human. Toshio and Seishin. Night and day. (Okay, those examples are getting a bit lame, but you know what I mean…I like contrast!). You really can put blame on Seishin for them moving there, but the fact that the village is entirely secluded from everywhere else is also a factor. Who would’ve thought his story would reflect reality so perfectly?

      • BlackBriar says:

        You’re right. Maybe it wasn’t Sunako that went into Seishin’s room but she definitly has her hooks in him deep. That’s child-like innocence paid off perfectly. That’s the thing about vampires: They have the ability to effortlessly twist your mind around. I, for one, wouldn’t mind being turned by someone like that. Those are the kind of people you just can’t win against.

        A closed off area like Sotoba is a ghost town waiting to happen. If there’s no connection to the outside world, then there’s a really slim chance that you’ll get any help. And lastly, the risen Natsuno. Since he came back, I think his personality has slightly changed. Even that new outfit he’s got doesn’t seem like him. Plus, that expression on his face reminds me of Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto. I wonder what Megumi would say if she found out that Natsuno is playing against her and the other Shiki since she wanted him to rise up so badly. You what they say: Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

        • Overcooled says:

          If only Masao had gained some of that vampiric grace when he rose from the dead.

          It’s hard for me to judge Natsuno’s personality based on the small amount we’ve seen of him…but he does have the cold eyes of someone hellbent on revenge…well, not revenge, mostly just getting rid of shiki and revealing the truth. I hope Megumi falls at Natsuno’s hand – she may be pretty, but her heart is absolutely rotten.

      • Joojoobees says:

        I tend to agree that Sunako must have written in the margins, since she has permission to enter, and especially because I don’t think any shiki would dare touch anything of Seishin’s without permission without getting her permission.

        The resonance with Toshio’s killing of Kyoko is interesting, but Seishin doesn’t comment on it. Another overlay could be Sunako killing Seishin. Assuming she did write those notes, she could be arguing that she will be innocent of murder when she feeds on him (or bragging of her guilt).

        • BlackBriar says:

          I’m pretty sure that it really was Sunako in his room. I think she’s trying to keep him alive long enough to gain his trust because she looks like really lonely person and wants to have an actual relationship with someone. Most people see vampires as monsters while the few accepting ones see them as lonely, misunderstood beings. They would even go to the point of giving up their humanity so they wouldn’t be alone anymore. And think those who accept them didn’t have much faith in humans at all.

  7. Namika says:

    I knew, that Natsuno was just too smart to just lay down and die. I bet, he wasn’t cremated at all…. or is he REALLY special? >> *no clue…* but I get the feeling that the tension will rise up even more! if it’s possible Now that Natsuno teams up with Toshio, who knows, what these 2 psychos will do?? oO (yes, Natsuno IS a certain type of psycho. And must I say, it’s rather attractive! :3)
    LADY GAGA O_O why do they have to squeeze her in Shiki?…. I mean, they could have draw Chizuru in some classic black dress or something similar… It didn’t have to be like that lame excuse for a….for a…Idk O_O

    • Overcooled says:

      I bet he wasn’t cremated at all either…That should be his real body afterall XD Next episode definitely looks like a nailbiting cliffhanger….Although I didn’t see much Natsuno in the preview..if any at all o.o But when those 2 DO pair up, oh man, it’s gonna be GOOD.

      lol I don’t even know, I try to ignore her now XD

      • Namika says:

        Yeah, I TRY too, but it’s still too bad for my eyes…..
        And the bets are up, for the upcoming cliffhanger of Shiki! Who will fall as the next victim? And your bets are??
        I can’t wait to see next ep.!!! *crawls up the wall*

        • Overcooled says:

          I saw a lot of random deaths of villagers I don’t care about. =B I don’t think they’ll kill Akira just yet, so I wonder if they’re gonna kill another nurse or something XD Really, ANYBODY could be next XD

  8. LaLa says:

    That Lady Gaga will NEVER ever be able to seduce MY Toshio. 8D

  9. foshizzel says:

    Lol @ willy wonka xD

    So far things are getting good!

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