Highschool of the Dead – 12 [END]

…and we go out with a bang!

Here we are…the finale. Our saga of zombies, tears, drama and boobies has finally come to an end. But I’ll leave the reminiscing for after the summary. So, let’s get to it!

The whole missile fiasco is continued from last episode, which instantly depressed me. Politics, in my ecchi anime? WHAT IS THIS? A bunch of missiles were intercepted by more missiles but one got through. Luckily, the one that did get through exploded at a high altitude (I believe that it’s purpose is just to weaken an area before the big missile strike?)…no one was really harmed. It caused a massive burst of light and an EMP (electromagnetic pulse). It was so epic, even the astronauts saw it.

Houston…we have a problem…

Now we get to see a bit of time leading up to the explosion. In a sudden epiphany, Shizuka remembers her friend’s phone number. After taking a millennia to dial her friend’s digits, she gets a response. The conversation is cut short by the explosion before Rika can find out where her friend is. An EMP from the explosion rendered all technology useless. The next thing everyone sees is a blinding light.

Our survivors are incredibly perplexed. I mean, who wouldn’t be? Takagi is one smart cookie though, and instantly suspects some sort of explosion caused this. She continues to impress by explaining things to her dad and suggesting that they replace the car parts to get them to work again. Takagi’s dad actually PRAISES her too!

Yeah, I know you won’t praise me or-BWUH??

Return of the orgybus! Thanks to the EMP, the engine isn’t working and the bus crashes right into the barricade, creating a path for the zombies. Whether Shido and friends escaped or not, well, who knows?

Takagi’s happy scene is cut short by – FINALLY – zombies!! I missed you, zombies. Welcome back! *ahem* Anyways, by now they’ve already swarmed the gate. They slam the gates shut, but even so, one gets through. Cue epic headshot by Kouta followed by the Kouta equivalent of “I’m wet!” No one messes with Kouta.

If Kouta said “I’m wet” I’d cry. and not tears of joy either.

This episode is here to remind us just how badass Takagi’s parents are, and how much we all wish our parents were like this.  Takagi’s mom, Yuriko, rips her dress so she can move better and grabs a fearsome-looking gun. Damn…Oh, and she tells Kouta to teach Takagi to use a gun. He’s a bit too excited by the whole prospect of everything…

I believe this what you guys call a MILF?

The amount of zombies that all stumbled into that area is astounding, especially considering their average speed…<_< Questioning aside, the zombies bust through the gate and this is when the real action starts. It’s dark, there’s fires, the peace-loving adults getting eaten, and a whole pack of zombies are on the prowl. Finally, the action we’ve been waiting for! The threat of missiles and politics ruining the ending is gone!

There’s a small lull in the zombie invasion, as wave one finishes. The Takagi family take this time to strategize, deciding that they will forcefully move into the next house (since it’s still zombie-free). Souichiro takes this opportunity to remind Takashi that he should still look for everyone’s parents (or at least his own).

It’s Kouta’s lucky day, as he is once again asked to protect Takagi. Awww, those two. Takagi, however, is alarmed by the realization that those words mean her parents are going away again. Her mom fully slaps her before she can say anything, and tells her not to be emotional about it, since if she cries they won’t be able to bear parting with her. The slapping was a bit much, but the scene was nice. Takagi finally realizes how much her parents truly love her and how much she loves them.

I love you, you love me. We’re a happy family~

The survivors head out again, now that the next wave has arrived. They manage to find an anti-EMP vehicle (wow, convenient timing) – but it needs a few repairs. They have to hold off the zombies until the repairs are made. Why does this sound like a video game? I hate those missions where you have to protect something until the time runs out! Anyways, MOAR ACTION! *cheers*

COULD THE TAKAGI FAMILY BE ANYMORE BADASS? No, only if they were T-rexes could they be anymore badass. Robot T-rexes. Watching them go on a killing rampage was wonderful, one of the best scenes this episode! Meanwhile, Shizuka has to be saved by Alice and Takagi. ALICE. *sigh*

Rei is also doing her zombie-killing thing, somehow killing them without really hitting them in the head. But oh noes, a zombie grabs her gun and we get more fanservice! Honestly, Rei shouldn’t have that gun practically strapped to her boobs, it’s caused far too much trouble -_- Takashi, as always, jumps in and saves her.

Goddamnit, Rei! We almost got through this episode without you doing something sexual!

The humvee is fixed! Everyone hops in, ready to go, except the mechanic. He has some girl he likes that he wants to be near. Um, okay…They leave him behind as he clonks zombies on the head with his wrench. I thought he would die right away too. Shizuka plows through the zombies into the streets, heading for the barricade. They squeeze through the small space with a risky maneuver (i.e. turning the car practically on it’s side). Saeko almost gets torn in half, but once again, Takashi to the rescue. Woot. It’s smooth-sailing for now~

The tension has died down now as Takashi reviews plans to go search for everyone’s parents and Shizuka’s friend, Rika. Everyone heartily agrees. Their next obstacle is a highway covered with zombies. At this point everyone just grins, gets out their guns, and gets ready for a fight. OPTIMISTIC ENDING WITH UPBEAT MUSIC WHILE FACING DOOM, GO!

After the end theme, we see that they made it to a…shopping mall. Apparently, this is the next arc in the manga. This is the last episode, so we end with a shot of the mall and a few words from Takashi. They aren’t ready to give up just yet~

The Extra Screenshots Finale:


The more I see this, the more I want to go buy striped panties.

Worth a thousand words.

If that’s Takagi’s mom…then when she’s older she’ll be…

You should see when she tries to text.

End Thoughts: Thank goodness the missiles didn’t really play a role in the show aside from rendering all technology useless. It just made things harder for everyone. If things had turned too political for the finale, I would’ve been disappointed.  Luckily, we got lots of action and TAKAGI’S PARENTS. YES. This was the adrenaline that was totally missing from the past 2 episodes. THIS is what this series excels in.

As for the actual ending ending, it’s pretty good if you assume there will be a season 2. It ended on a high note, as our survivors have already accepted this horrendous way of living as their new everyday life. That doesn’t sound like much of a high note, but it means that everyone is determined to live on. However, if there is no season 2 then this is a particularly frustrating cliffhanger. I want to know what happens next. Nothing has been solved, the zombies are still there and ANYTHING could happen.

There is no preview for the next episode, obviously, but I’ve heard that an OVA is coming out. So at least we get something extra. However, it doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing it for a while…<_< It comes out in Spring? Baww…So I guess it’s really over unless you’re betting on a season 2 like me?

Highschool of the Dead was one of my favourites of the season, and in the beginning it dazzled me with it’s great action and drama. Not to mention the 28 Days Later theme at the end of episode 1! The fanservice just made things more interesting to me, and certainly gave fans a lot to talk about. It had a few “bleh” episodes, but it also had a few “TSUUGGOIIIII!!” episodes. I know we need breaks in-between the action, but the non-action episodes were all a bit off. Looks like I won’t be getting my weekly dose of absurd boob physics and zombies anymore.

So this may very well be my last Highschool of the Dead post. I only just stumbled into the world of blogging when I joined Metanorn, so I feel like I’ve just leveled up or something, having successfully finished blogging about my first series! …Let’s ignore the fact that I started in the middle of the series *cough*.  Thanks to everyone who reads and comments on Metanorn (not just on my posts too!)  I will see all of you in the Fall season! Look forward to it!!


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30 Responses to “Highschool of the Dead – 12 [END]”

  1. Epi says:

    Definitely an epic ending. I really hope that there is a second season, but then again I hear the manga isn’t even finished yet, so that may not be possible.

    • Overcooled says:

      With that ending, I’m hoping for a season 2…especially since the series is pretty popular. But with the manga unfinished AND on hiatus (or at least, really really slow updates) I don’t know if it’s possible either D= They could always do an anime original though.

  2. Oppai of the Dead says:

    You should read the manga if you liked the series, because if you’re going to wait until they make a second season then you might wait a LONG time 😛

    • Overcooled says:

      First of all, your username is awesome. Second of all, thanks for reminding me – I have some catching up to do~! ^^

  3. spazer says:

    Just so you know, the purpose of a high altitude nuclear blast isn’t to weaken the area before the actual strike. Rather, it’s to cause an EMP (as seen in the anime) so that the enemy’s infrastructure is crippled.

    • Overcooled says:

      I considered the EMP destroying the electronics to be “weakening” but I didn’t know if it was like a first strike sort of thing before they spam more missiles or what XD Thanks~

  4. jaiger says:

    hey overcooled if u really wanna know who that person is read the manga…:P

  5. ichigopocky says:

    hurray finally zombies but then it is over :dot
    why are all the shows ending :shakesfist
    i guess we just have too see how the fall season goes

    • Overcooled says:

      lol yes, after it was getting back in the swing of things…it’s over. It’s sad that they’re ending, but at least we get some finales? And new fall shows? Once the fall season comes, watch me forget completely about everything from the summer…XD

  6. Kyokai says:

    I had the same expression as you when zombies showed up. I srsly missed them in the last two episodes! xD This was a solid episode with everything that we loved about HOTD. Though an OK ending; I can’t call it epic. I would love it if a season two comes out or a detailed OVA for that matter.

    Also, congrats on ending your first series even if you started from the middle! A job well done! xD

    • Overcooled says:

      Who thought you could miss zombies so much? T.T I was so grateful they returned to their kickass roots this episode…Ending was a bit soft (I wouldn’t call it epic either) but leaves you wanting another season.

      Thanks Kyokai~ =D It was fun~ keke~

  7. foshizzel says:

    Great final episode! nice to see them end on a positive note and I agree last two episodes were boring! and this week yay zombies return! can’t wait to see whats next for HoTD maybe another series or Ova would work too either way people will watch ;D

    • Overcooled says:

      The action was pretttty good this episode~ 8D They really need to make another season or something, people would watch it for sure!

  8. Jester says:

    Since I started to read the manga I wanted the anime to come out, I have to say I wasn’t TOO disappointed. Though the ecchi in the anime was taken to a whole new level. Probably the only downside for me, but the added action scenes were def. worth watching. As for the ending, we can only hope for a season 2. But the likely hood is slim to none I would say :(.

    • Overcooled says:

      The anime certain took the fanservice to another level (bullet-dodging boobs?), which was so ridiculous I ended up liking it for the most part XD At least it made up for it with action?

      With the manga still unfinished I know the chance of a season 2 is probably low…unless they do an anime original maybe? o.o

  9. gwern says:

    The EMP strike makes hilariously no sense. For starters, no one but the military has EMP-hardened electronics (because they suck – TANSTAAFL); the strike instantly condemns anyone in orbit to a quick cold death; and it does nothing against the zombies who weren’t using high-tech *anyway*.

    Hope the in-universe justification is some entirely other war unrelated to the zombies…

    • Overcooled says:

      Ahaha XD Sadly, this is HOTD…if you expect it to make perfect sense you will be disappointed…(I shall say this again: BULLT. DODGING. BOOBS!) Although I guess you could say the people in power want to take advantage of this state of chaos to pick off their enemies with explosives. However, most of the people in power became zombies already…so…<_<

  10. anaaga says:

    hmm i’m wondering which country was shooting the missiles. my mind went straight to middle east xD and i’m starting to wonder about the pres in the plane…
    ehm, ANYWAY, i was on the verge of tears when i saw d last moments between takagi and her parents. it was sooooo sad. i can’t help but thinking “what if my parents are in that state…” :'(
    btw, i can’t help but laughing when takasi was closing the episode with his words. i mean, u got zombies all around you and u have time to give some poetic words? just where are the zombies when he was doing that? and what’s up with the shining sun? anime i tell ya…..xD
    there’s a 99.99% (and if you round it off, it’s 100%!) chance that there’s a second season, with all the shopping mall scene and the police officer. don’t worry, you’ll probably have to wait. dunno how long though xD why don’t u just read the manga? 8D

    • Overcooled says:

      lol I think it was America and maybe..China? Or Korea…? The planes are gonna run out of fuel SOMEtime. D=

      After all their bickering, finally, a quality family moment. Awww, Takagi’s dere side. Gah, I never thought of putting myself in that situation…That would make me wanna cry too >_<

      GOTTA HAVE A DRAMATIC ENDING! Oh, HOTD, you're like the child that is always begging for attention. But we forgive it because it's actually kind of cute. Wait, what, where did that analogy come from? ANYWAYS, despite the manga not being done, since they left it hanging like this it's set up PERFECTLY for a season 2. Which is what I want. And everyone is bugging me to read the manga, which I want to do, AND AM DOING RIGHT NOW XD

      • anaaga says:

        hmm probably the mangaka is stuck trying to find the right ending for the manga. first of all, how r they gona kill all the zombies in this world? and where did the disease came from? middle east? xD oh gosh i can’t help it, srsly xD it’s like, the disease just “poof!” appeared like that. maybe this is the manga version if 2012 xD

        • Overcooled says:

          They will all rot under the sun into a molten blob of flesh. No, I don’t know…I kind of get a feeling that we’re never going to know the origin. <_< They're not exactly concerned about finding that out, as long as they survive XD *cough* yeah, it could be from there, but my first thought was "IT'S THOSE AMERICANS!! THEY DID IT!"


        • Masu says:

          are you american perhaps? 😡

          anyway, according to all editions of D&D, zombies, and moreover, most undead are weak to sunlight so………..

          i think the characters should just grind and hit the lvl cap (by killing more zombies), then they wont need to be afraid at all. nawimean?

  11. jaiger says:

    there’s supposed to b a ova coming out with the next issue….”supposed”

  12. Hato-kun says:

    That was the worst ending ever. To the worst show ever. Show ▼

  13. Masu says:

    WHA-? I thought Code Geass was cool till the ending, especially the second season: if you didn’t see it coming you’re an idiot.

    anyway, i’ve been gone so long that all the shows i’d been keeping up with have ended. OH MAH GAWD. QQ

    • Overcooled says:

      Code Geass was meh for me. I got halfway through the first season just fine before I had a sudden revelation that I wasn’t enjoying it at all.

      Looks like it’s marathon time for you~ Welcome back, Masu ^__^

  14. ajax says:

    They didn’t really find a anti-EMP vehicle at that moment it was only convenient that the HUMVEE was shielded in the firt place but really at Shizuka’s friends place they already found everything they would ever need to survive that the HUMVEE being protected isn’t that big of a stretch in the first place. Have no idea why that small detail in your post bugged me…oh and it was a great series though as for a second season maybe maybe not…for example berserk never got a second season and ended with a cliff hanger and is more popular as far as manga goes its been running for a long time

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