Hakuouki news & Kaisoroku Jou Vol.1 Character CD

Hakuouki Kaisoroku Jou Vol. 1 – Character CD with scans

There’s an update that the second volume would release on 22nd July, 2010, containing respective seiyuus for Saito Hajime (Toriumi Kousuke), Todou Heisuke (Yoshino Hiroyuki) and Harada Sanosuke (Yusa Kouji) in the same manners of Vol.1. The last episode of the anime aired yesterday with the announcement of another season in fall. If only we could get similar news at Drrr! end!  :shakesfist

Artists: Shinichirou Miki (Hijikata), Tsuda Kenjirou (Kazama) and Morikubo Shoutarou (Okita)


1. Enrai (Hijikata Toushizou Character Image Ver.)
2. Hijikata Toushizou Monologue
3. Kiba Gatsu (Okita Soushi Character Image Ver.)
4. Okita Soushi Monologue
5. Onibi Gensou (Kazama Senki Character Image Ver.)
6. Kazama Senki Monologue
7. Enrai (Instrumental)
8. Kiba Gatsu (Instrumental)
9. Onibi Gensou (Instrumental)

>> Download Here (with scans)

Note: Drrr! – 23 post coming up.

1. Hijikata’s song/speaking 遠雷
2. Hijikata’s monologue
3. Souji’s song 牙月
4. Souji’s monologue
5. Kazama’s song/speaking 鬼火幻想
6. Kazama’s monologue
7. instrumental for
8. instrumental for
9. instrumental for


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    YAY! image songs!!

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  2. Joojoobees says:

    I wasn’t expecting a second season, although it is obviously a popular series based on the volume of fan art.

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