Kaichou wa Maid-sama! – 02

School festival is but one trouble for Misaki, the Student Council President.

One phrase comes to mind: “Boys will be boys!” Studying in all girls’ school for three years and then going to a co-ed high school, I can understand Misaki’s chagrin of seeing guys doing stupid stuff they deem as funny. Belly dancing, seriously? However, it also produces many bursts of laughter, definitely enjoyable! Also, Misaki’s reactions! Couldn’t help but make gifs:

Boys will be boys

Repent in isolation!

Usui to the rescue, but only after hearing that guys wanted to go against Misaki

Misaki is preparing with all her might for the school festival so that she can get more female students to balance out the disgusting guys in her opinion. Theme: Seika High: Reborn. She finalizes many ideas for the festival and rejects everyone presented by 2-2 (open to all rock-paper-scissor stripping game, Mixed male-female cavalry match, female sumo wrestling and what not). Even after half-hearted attempt of Usui’s after boys’ persistence, she declines.

There’s a Nekomimi day at Maid Latte and Usui has a lot of fun watching Misaki moe cat ears. He reiterates again that it is his personal pleasure to keep her secret. Usui and the three delinquents (her hardcore fans) make quite an audience for Misaki.

Café idea given by class girls is accepted by her instantly. Boys are aghast at her biasness but couldn’t do much about it.

Suzuna is briefly shown, collecting rewards by winning a postcard competition. She seems to be not only intelligent but a realist too. Her lecture about not asking for too much from corporations proves it.

Back in school, preparations are at the peak. Misaki visits every class to see what’s happening and adds in her two cents everywhere. Even Sakura and Shizuko comment that she was too hard on the boys of 2-2 and they would be plotting something behind her back. Clearly, they are because they have left the girls to deal with the café activity.

Misaki is quite sure that she has an uprising in her hands. The café manager observes her serious expression and fawns over the intelligent and cool look. Of course, Misaki has no clue when the manager keeps chiming about how she would not initially open up but completely devoted to the person she would like. She tells Misaki how she loves taking care of people and having fun with them, who herself is quite the typical moe, fangirling after Misaki’s strong character.

To make others happy, one has to be happy themselves, is her motto.

Usui drops by, not only to check out her drawers but to warn her of hating men. “If you keep on treating them as enemies, they would do the same to you. Wise words that come to bite on her ass very soon.

The School Festival finally begins with Misaki lecturing her Student Council minions to keep everything in check. In the sports closet room, the boys of 2-2 are ready to rumble with a combat cosplay idea. Usui joins them as well and has a brief session of costume hunt:

Misaki oversees the festival activity and finally makes her way to 2-2. Only to be totally shocked by the present picture:

Usui seems the only well dressed person around.

However, she calls all the boys outside and demands an explanation. The boys simply inform that they are still going with the café idea of girls; the cosplay mixer was added for fun.

They all comment spitefully about her bossy attitude and how she’s man-hater. They definitely have a point because the original idea was to work together rather than one party deciding everything.

This is what you call a strong character, apologizing when at fault

When everything blows over and boys of 2-2 walk off, Misaki stops them (finally remembering Usui’s warning), and apologizes to everyone and requests them to help out in the cafe.

Usui walks in the café, following President’s request and soon everyone follows. He also covers up Misaki’s slip of “Thank you, Master,” with the right amount of English thrown in to dazzle the couple he’s serving tea.

There is no looking back as people flock to the café for customized services by many cosplaying characters. Misaki finally has fun and shares smiles with the class.

It all concludes with lots of hopeful people showing up to experience the school and refreshing environment, all thanks to the Student council’s unending planning and organization.

Misaki thanks Usui for vouching in for her. However, Usui has his own plans. He reminds her, “You are my personal maid, after all!”

Yeah, there is a truckload of tension between these two! Get a room! XD

Usui: In the next festival, I should wear butler’s costume (that reminds me of Sebastian!) :love:


This episode was definitely funnier than the first. The more I watch it, the more I like it. One can clearly see that Misaki has taken the first step at being nonbiased about males in general. A big applause to Usui for making it possible. The comic timing and tension between the main characters is what keeps the episode going. There’s always an expectation that here, things would progress and progress they did in the end.

It’s quite clear that Usui has some very strong feelings for Misaki. No wonder, he shows up every day in Maid Latte. He supports her and is helping her to get over the biasness that was caused by her father. All in all, a nice mix of comedy and love, leaving many smiles and laughs in its wake.


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6 Responses to “Kaichou wa Maid-sama! – 02”

  1. Xiao says:

    Boo, my comment for your ep 1 review didn’t go through and I’m sad. T_T

    But nvm that since this ep totally changed any negative, minor thoughts I still had. It was indeed a lot better than the first thanks to all the humor that went with it but more importantly, seeing Misaki starting to change her treatment towards boys.
    I don’t blame her for wanting to be angry with all of them, especially if they’re sloppy, undignified jerks or people like the father who left her with a huge amount of debt to repay. But it was nice to see her realize how unfair she was over the more trivial problems that could have been fixed easily. So yea, her turning the demon kaichou level down was good development.

    And of course, it’s mostly thanks to Usui. Hee~
    I like how despite the fact that he has feelings for Misaki that he doesn’t completely side with her and helps her by giving advice that pisses her off but has no choice to admit he’s right when she learns she was the one who’s wrong. Aww, they’ve got good chemistry. hahah

    && finally, Usui looks hot in a US navy uniform. *totally went :kyaa: at “You’re my personal maid” scene* lol XD;

  2. Wildfire says:

    loved this episode more than the first. very funny and moe. the skirt lift was really hilarious.
    the thing about this anime is, it can be funny and serious at the same time. There is also a plot progression which keeps the anime rolling (unlike other animes *coughBGataHKeicough*

  3. cyberpixie says:

    d’awwwwwwwwww usui!

  4. Kyokai says:

    @ Xiao-chan, I think you commented when site was going through some server issues… T_T Anyway, it’s all fixed now so hopefully no more downtime.

    I liked the upstanding part of her as well. Shows the positive side of her accepting facts rather than misconstruing things her own way. Usui is really growing on me. He’s sweet, strong and not afraid to take a stand. A fangirl’s dream! ^^;

    @ Wildfire, fufufuu~ I agree! Without development this can be a big dudder. That is the sole reason that I stay away from series like BGataHKei, Ichiban Ushiro, etc.

    @ cyberpixie, kakkoi~! :4:

  5. Kudos from one brainiac to another. 🙂

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