WORKING!! – 01

Wow, a month early before the premiere… Thanks Japan.

We have a lolicon-in-denial male lead, and a clumsy loli (Funny thing is that the loli turns out to be 17 years old, and a year older than him) She’s in charge of finding a recruit for their family restaurant. Since the male lead likes little things (claiming as a “minicon”), he gladly accepts the offer, an offer that welcomes him to the Wagnaria family restaurant.

We get to get a glimpse of the crazy staff on the restaurant. From the age-sensitive manager, who you don’t really want to mess up with, and a lot more girls, including an exaggerated androphobic and a waitress who uh, carries a sword. By the way, fans of DRRR!! would be really glad to hear Izaya and Shizzy-chan in this show as well (Hiroshi Kamiya and Daisuke Ono), we’ll be expecting some non-stop bickering from these two aside from Durarara!!

Animation is from A-1. Expect KyoAni/K-ON!-ness, like what they’re doing with Sora no Woto too. They were all-out promoting this one by the way before. The music is boring, it doesn’t help at all. Voice acting is fine. Probably the best thing about this show is its seiyuu line-up.

Overall, I wasn’t impressed at all with this. It’s plain ‘ok’ with a little bit of bad. It can be something you wanna waste time on if you want a light slice-of-life watch. I gotta say the only thing that made me chuckle a bit was the age issue with the manager. The rest just screams overly generic, especially with the characters. I really only like the 28-year old manager character so far.

So that’s it for the month-early preview for working. Catch the full run of the first episode (with possibly added OP, ED, and no screen interruptions) this April 4th.

>> Screencaps Here


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9 Responses to “WORKING!! – 01”

  1. karry says:

    I gotta say the only thing that made me chuckle a bit was the age issue with the manager.

    “Loli = crustacean” was rather funny.

  2. Shi says:

    My first impression was like “ohmaigah, Izaya and Shizuo in the kitchen!” and I think I’ll continue watching this show just to hear Kamiyan and OnoD bickering all the time, lmao.
    I liked the manager as well.

  3. karry says:

    “Izaya and Shizuo in the kitchen”

    Do you REALLY recognize their voices so easily ? I dont think they are THAT distinct, how come every freakin otaku instantly call them Shizuo & izaya ?

  4. scol says:

    hahah, after you hear certain seiyuu for a while, it gets easier to recognize them… esp particular ones

    I’ll put this on a casual follow. Yea I liked the mgr’s char too.

  5. I enjoyed it enough to check out a few more episodes. Every show doesn’t have to be life changing; I don’t mind chuckling a bit — especially when I’m feeling kinda bored and have half an hour to kill. If the humor starts to go stale I’ll drop it, though, as I have a bunch of other shows I’m more interested in.

  6. kamikei7 says:

    I quite enjoyed it, particularly the parts with the manager.

    I didn’t recognize Shizuo, but instantly recognized Izaya (watched way too many of Kamiyan’s anime lols).

    I’m looking forward to it; I think it’ll be good just for laughs.

  7. kaji san says:

    i saw up until the OP and I was like “no.”
    i dunno this one seems like failsauce to me. I’m not impressed.

  8. tsuki says:

    The manager kicks ass. I like her. lD

    Well, as truiteru said, this series is quite an “OK”. I will probably continue watching it. It not hurts to try watching something different as my current anime list are mostly violence-themed. XD

  9. Yuu-kyun says:

    I LOVE this anime it’s fricken hilarious!!!! I’m called Poplar a lot cuz I resemble her alot……unfortunatly not in looks…minus the height…..

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