Kobato. – 05


After the week-long break, Kobato’s back!!


Lol Kobato can’t do story-telling properly xDD Poor Kobato~ But at least what she did is entertaining enough.


Baddies alert in this episode!!! They have something to do with Sayaka though. And this guy really needs to die. Like, 10,000 deaths are not enough for him for pulling Kobato’s hair extensions!!! Grr…


This is how mad I am on how these dudes hurt Kobato >:[… Btw, woah @ Sayaka looking really pissed off in this episode. I almost thought she’s gonna bring in a chainsaw and assault these guys xD


Good thing Fuji-tan saved Kobato!!! Kyaaa~~ *+shipping points* He kicks bad-guy ass just like that~


But for everyone who’s kicking ass right now, Ioryogi has got to be the awesomest~ Sad truth that the dude here didn’t know Ioryogi-san isn’t just you regular plushie..


A mad Kobato keeps the baddies away~! Yay!! Kobato is really cool for showing strength in this moment despite how clumsy and naive she is. Go girl! And oh, the shota kid drove the baddies away too by crying for cops to come, whatever.


Moooooving on to the “client-of-the-week”, we have a novelist for that firefly book which Kobato’s been practicing for storytelling. The man doesn’t wanna remember his novel even though he wrote it.


Turns out that his lover was the illustrator of his novel, and she wants him to see fireflies together with him. It seems like Mori is too busy so he didn’t have time, and then it’s like too late now that his lover had an accident. T___T Sad story…


Woooow~ So pretty~ I want to see fireflies in real life too ^^.


Three candies, a freakton 20+ episode-worth more to go complete that bottle!


80 points for Kobato~!! Hey, at least it’s still a passing grade, right?

Next ep: Ginsei. You know what that means??? coughNamikawa Daisuke ;3

>> Screencaps @ Komatome


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4 Responses to “Kobato. – 05”

  1. Kiseki says:

    Still too lazy to watch Kobato., buuut…


  2. kanzeon says:

    ^ Hope that will convince you now 😉

  3. Ashelea says:

    Ugh those baddies needs to be BBQ’d by Ioryogi-san >:( But I guess his bite scene is already awesome ^^.

    Can’t wait for the next episode!! Namikawa~ :love:

  4. Rapture says:

    I loved the music during the firefly scene. Sooo pretty~

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