The Sacred Blacksmith – 01


Oh, you tsunderes you~


OP:JUSTICE of LIGHT” by Mayumi Gojo

It was pretty decent. Not a fan much of the song but I love the animation. There are lots of characters shown in here so I can’t wait for them to get shown later on~


This honestly surprised me again just like Nyan Koi because this is one I overlooked at in the Fall line-up, but it got me interested upon seeing the previews. I’m definitely liking this so far, though I’m not yet sure how this one goes or gets, since there’s something I’m nervous about in this show. First, it’s Manglobe. Next, is that I wonder if this thing would be episodic or if it’ll go on the plot flowing. But I’ll go positive and watch along.


Meet Cecily Campbell, and no she’s not cosplaying. She’s a knight. She looks pretty strong at first, but she ends up being weak and naive. Also, I honestly lost count on how many times she repeated her whole name throughout the entire episode -__-;


Fateful first encounter with the main guy (Luke) saving Cecily, who ends up looking like a damsel in distress. But anyway, instant shipping TIEM!!! XD


Oh Luke, you tsundere you~

Fits so much with Cecily~


And having her to “look at her own body” makes Cecily quite bold for first impressions XD.


Cecily is such an obvious tsundere~ So cute when she’s flustered XD.


Meet the loli elf Lisa. She’s loli… and she’s an elf. Yeah.

Moving on~~~


Ok. Cecily needs to prove someday that she’s useful, since all she did I could remember is to count how many times she gets saved by Luke and preach how her family name is awesome. It’s forgivable since it’s only the first episode.


LUKE YOU’RE AWESOME *AAA*. You’re my favorite Luke ever~ *kicks the ToA one to the corner*


The forging scene was quite awesome. It’s interesting to see Lisa as an instrument for Luke to forge, so that means he can forge everywhere as long as there are materials and there’s Lisa. Moving on with the scene, it’s pretty nice and something new to see on anime.


Luke is like, 80% reason why I’m loving this show. Dude, you’re outshining the main female lead! 😛


ED: Miracle Happy Day (みらくるハッピーディ)” by Aki Toysaki

The ED is so CUUUUTE!!! Well, it’s Aki Toyosaki (Yui from K-ON!) we’re talking about as she’s singing the ED. The animation is also cute as well, just gotta lol how Lisa trips down and falls XD. So cute~


Yep~ I sure am liking this one. There’s something to ship in here, and oh god they’re such a tsun-tsun duo XP. Also, the animation is nice so far, which is quite unexpected. The action is prety cool, thanks to BONES staff working on it. The monsters doesn’t look funny (but they sure act one), but it’s still creative. I can’t remember myself getting impressed with fantasy action series so far as I remember, so I hope this won’t disappoint.

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13 Responses to “The Sacred Blacksmith – 01”

  1. Kiseki says:

    Luke is like, 80% reason why I’m loving this show.
    I am totally seconding this. 😀

  2. Ralkm says:

    Cecily said her whole name… 4 times… I was starting to hate her, and then… Luke :kyaa2:

  3. RP says:

    lol, at least Cecily’s got the counting thing down pat.

  4. fenixdown110 says:

    My pick for the season personally. :thumb:

  5. warriorhope says:

    Luke and Cecily tsun-tsun-ness=awesome. Blushing tsun and aloof tsun all in one show. Lisa is cute too. ^__^

  6. Rin says:

    This is definently something different for me and anime. You don’t seen a magic way of forging a sword in most animes. I can tell that Cecily says her name way to many times and even though Luke saves her ass a million times, she goes on about how her family is awesome just as you said.

  7. meteorhouse62 says:

    Cecily seriously looks like Minori from ToraDora :haha:

  8. NobleX says:

    i find Cecily’s BREASTplate too awkward…
    it distracts me…each time i’m like “WTF?”

  9. fenixdown110 says:

    LOL Metal bewbs!!! :nosebleeds:

  10. FuyuMaiden says:

    So Cecily says her whole name even more than the number of times she needs to be rescued by Luke! XD

    Part of what makes the show fun is making fun of Cecily though (even her armor just seems funny to me). But of course there’s also her being tsundere, Luke having some tsundere tendencies (oh gawd double tsundere combo ftw), Luke being incredibly awesome (he cut a sword in half guys~) and Lisa being damn adorable (that ending~).

    Hopefully, since it seems like a series that will get serious, they do that stuff well too. I’m hoping Cecily gets better after she gets her magic sword girl (which is also hilarious btw).

  11. Ladiee101 says:

    :blush2: Ohhhhhh!!! Luke ^^ x :nosebleeds:

  12. IhateCecily says:

    Since the whole series is over. My thoughts were that Cecily was pathetic to the end, naive and likes to say her name over and over and over again. On the other hand, I watched to the end because Luke and Lisa are awesome, they make great partnership, and also because Cecily is so dumb that its funny, swinging that magical demon sword around that’s supposedly a hot girl with the same size boobs as Cecily, BTW Cecily’s armor looks like a cos play to me… especially that white hat thingy on her head, whatever that is, its not gonna protect her from a pebble…

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