Kimi ni Todoke – 03


More Fuwa Fuwa feelings~

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Lemme start of the post on how awesome Ryuu is. He is very awesome on character introductions because he should have done that on the previous episode. And take note that he forgets names easily, but it’s nice how he could still remember his.

You know why I freakin’ love him more? His seiyuu is none other than Yuuichi Nakamura, who voiced almost every other blue haired dudes in anime right now like Iceman (Basquash!), Tomoya, Ikuto and Alto. That’s why I always thought that there’s something missing in Ryuu’s character design, he needs blue hair.


Let’s move on with this… guy… who popped out of nowhere challenging Sawako to a staring contest and naming Kazehaya’s dog as “Pedro Martinez”. First of all, that was an awesome first appearance. Next, “Pedro Martinez” is a cheesy name. And lastly, that was an awesome hair gel he’s using.


He’s their temporary homeroom teacher, Kazuichi (or “Pin”, for short and cute). He took over their homeroom teacher before who got sick after working with Sawako. Well, he stared at Sawako for seconds so he cannot be a pussy unlike their previous teacher so he’s sure to be awesome.

Speaking of awesome, this one wins:


Kazehaya’s like a kid xDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 This scene is freaking cute that Kazehaya copied Pin after the staring contest but he loses. Total kyaaa~!!!<33

And blushing + steaming Kazehaya FTW!!! KAZEHAYA YOU’RE LIKE A MOE KETTLE DAMMIT. *faints*

Ok, more Kazehaya…


Everyone’s Kazehaya indeed. UGH, why are these two calling us all idiots??? T___T


What the hell is wrong with this guy, can he stop being perfect??? I’m literally gonna faint and melt everytime this guy takes the screen. Also, I love how he shows that he’s not that stereotypical “Mr. Perfect” everywhere since he shows so much awkwardness. And me loves my bishies awkward~


I can’t help but LOL so much at this scene xDDD!!! Pfft~ Kazehaya’s face… BWAHAHAHAHA!!! Sawako is hilarious though for thinking that the letter was not to her. And I lol’d so much on Kazehaya’s face xDDD.

Also, if Ryuu would have received Kazehaya’s invitation supposedly to Sawako, this series would take a wrong, wrong turn 😛 *shot*


And last why. Kazehaya just proves to pack a lot of blush pills lately. Actually, he has like a permanent blush but it glows more when flustered xD lol.


I ultimately squeeled on this one!!! Oh gawd~ *restrains myself from typing less “kyaaa”s but can’t help it*… KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~!!! OMFG SO MUCH BLUSHINGS EVERYWHERE~~ KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~!!! MOAR FLUSTERED KAZEHAYA PLOXX.


First sound Ume/Kurumi made, I already wanna scratch my head and go pull my own hair off. Hirano Aya should justify this role. Oh hey~ Hirano Aya can get effective on getting more hate! xDD… Really, don’t ever think that pretty blonde girls who help you pick up stuff while flower backgrounds flash around be already trustworthy, especially when they’re voiced by Hirano Aya xP.


Enough Kazehaya fascination fangirling (hey~ fascination works xD), I’m very happy for Sawako in this episode so much!!! And I also nearly cried as well on how so little things give her so much happiness already. Like the simple thing of teaching everyone. I also felt sad on the part where she told Kazehaya that she sometimes daydream and wishes about getting noticed or asked help by a seatmate. Sawako is just… d’awwwwwwwww… I just wanna hug her so much~ >___<



So purdy~~~~~~~~~~~~ :cute:

See? I told you so~ Sawako is beautiful… Oh my god she’s just so pretty~ Plus all the pink effects add to it~ So pretteh sfm. <33


Kazehaya: “Sorry, I guess I’m really selfish… I wanted to be the only one who could see it. So, let me keep what I just saw… all to myself~”

Kazehaya, oh you selfish you~ Not planning to let anyone see Sawako’s smile and keeping it all to himself~ Total fangirling plus points xD though that possessive quality would be a total turn-off for me in real life. That totally made Kazehaya so much cooler than we all thought he could be. And it’s pretty obvious something’s brewing in him towards Sawako <33.


Well that’s just ridiculous to say that Sawako’s spreading rumors about her friends. Yoshida and Yano should not believe these bitches easily. Poor Sawako T___T. Now the real bitch behind this disgusting act should really get caught and killed. ~*whistles*~

This show just keeps on being good~ I really love how they keep everything very simple yet sweet and fluffy. Perfect blending~ xD.Ok, this show surely doesn’t have the best foreground animation of the season, because I still can’t believe how extremely jank Yoshida looks tbh >.> Yano and Ryuu also looks funny sometimes too, but still not in Yoshida-levels of jankness :\ I hope they could improve with that and show that Kazehaya and Sawako aren’t the only main characters in the show too. The background art on the other hand, is still pure candy bliss to the eyes~

The music still continues to be amazing. It can go from cutesy to melancholic then sweet. Definitely one of  my favorite  BGMs of the season already, and I can’t wait for the OST to come out. The OP and ED really grows a LOT on me, especially the ED. I don’t like Chara’s voice at first but now I find the song growing on me. The OP is still nice to listen at, for it’s H&C flair.

Overall, it was yet another fun and sweet episode full of positivity. Though next episode we’ll have some conflict right now with someone spreading rumors about Sawako spreading rumors (lol, did that made sense? xD). But yeah, poor Sawako T___T. I hope Yano and Yoshida realizes who the real bitch behind it immediately and it’s definitely not Sawako. Can’t wait for next ep~!!

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17 Responses to “Kimi ni Todoke – 03”

  1. fenixdown110 says:

    I bet you it’s the blond girl(helped Sawako pick up the papers) who is spreading the rumors. She wants to steal Kazehaya all to herself. It’s a really dirty move. 😡

  2. Faer1edust says:

    Cute and fluffy episode again~ So much win moments with Kazehaya x Sawako most especially all the blushings Kazehaya had been doing~ So cute >///< Kazehaya Fascination FTW

    Lol @ Ryuu having blue hair xDD. I also like Yuuichi Nakamura roles besides from all the blue-hairiness with them because so far I know they’re all cool and hawt~

    Pin is Win~!! Lol I love how it rhymes with his name. He’s made to be a win ^^.

    Uuugh, I wanna hate Ume already =___=… She smells trouble.

  3. Kiseki says:

    …Am I the only one here that likes Kurumi? orz

    I wanted to cry when Sawako smiled. Not sure why.

    Pin is srs win. Srsly.

    …Okay, now I want Minamoto with blue hair.

  4. warriorhope says:

    @Kiseki|: I like her too, since she’s at least well-developed. Kind of like Ami from Toradoraa.

    @ post: Kyaa~ at Sawako smiling. lol she’s beautiful anyway though.

    Heh at all the Kazehaya gifs. His moe-moeness I guess commands it.

    Pin is either Prussia in desguise or a shojan main character that grew up.

  5. kanzeon says:

    Lol Kazehaya is sweet sugar bishie moe everyone just can’t help but to like~ and I declare Kazehaya Fascination!!! Harharhar~

    Lol. And oh btw, he also plays Gray from Fairy Tail, I forgot to mention that xD; He also needs to have his hair dyed blue too~ xD. Yep ^^ signature awesomely cool and hawt~

    PIN-WIN PUN. So awesome~


    I like Kurumi too on the manga but not yet on the anime (we’re still at ep2 sweetie ^^) but yeah, she had been awesome once her character had been developed =) Can’t wait for it to happen on the anime~ ^^

    Pin wins~!! Heck yeah xD;


    Sawako is super purdy~ <33 So stunning ^^.

    Kazehaya is the gif king of this season tbh. xD

    Oh god now you're giving me imaginations of Pin commanding all of us to call him "ORE-SAMAAA!!!" xD.

  6. Xiao says:

    lol Yuuichi Nakamura will be pigeon-holed into into voicing for guys with blue hair now just like KugiRie is for tsundere lolis. 😛

    Oh gawd, I wuv Pin~! <3

    lol Kazehaya's so cute. I have to give props to the author for making his "refreshing" perfection likable. It's hard to do that without making them so superficially "nice guy all around, LOVE ME!", especially in shoujo.
    And whaddaya know? His sparklies actually work for him. lol :XD:

    And ohhh~, Sawako. <333 She's so adorable. Everyone should crowd around her more. :aww:

    Finally, I'm hoping Yoshida and Yano have enough common sense to figure out quickly that Sawako isn't the type of person to spread rumors. I mean, sure I haven't read the manga yet so I don't know what's going to happen but…this is Sawako. 😛 And dude, if you’re doubting, just go up to the person and ask them yourself. Though that’s probably not going to happen, this being anime dorama, and all but I dunno…

    Hmm, yea, hope this issue with the rival girl will be solved soon. Feh, why is it always like this with them? \P

  7. notsundere4u says:

    The use of the name, “Pedro Martinez,” is most likely an intentional shout out (name drop? homage?) by someone associated with the show to one of the greatest baseball players ever to play the game.

    Mr. Martinez is a dominant pitcher, who is still active, and plays for the Philadelphia Phillies, which beat the Los Angeles Dodgers last night (Oct 21, 2009)to reach the World Series. When Mr. Martinez retires, it is possible that he will be recognized as the greatest baseball pitcher in history; he is certainly the greatest pitcher of his generation and someone who dominated batters during the age of designer steroids.

    I think that, for a baseball-loving Japanese viewer, mention of “Pedro Martinez” would not be seen as a “cheezy” use of a foreign name, but rather, a curious reference to one of the most recognizable figures in world sports today. But for people who do not follow sports,the use of the name, “Pedro Martinez,” in an high school romance genre anime would seem completely random, in a “cheezy” way.

    At any rate, I suppose we can assume that this spikey-haired character knows something about baseball.

  8. Shinmaru says:

    Haha, I thought I would get to be the one to explain the Pedro Martinez reference. Ah well. It cracked me up because a baseball joke is the last thing I expected from this series.

    I love Ryu, too. There is something about his laziness that kills me. You have to admire a guy who has his priorities straight — he’s just there to sit at his desk and tune out all day, no questions asked. (I’m also a fan of Yuuichi Nakamura. You watching FMA: Brotherhood? He is pretty awesome as Greed, too.)

  9. Polprav says:

    Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

  10. notsundere4u says:


    Are you asking me or Kanzeon?

    To be honest, I don’t really pay attention to the male seiyuus. I pay more attention to the female voices. The only reason I’m even checking out this show is because I like listening to Noto Mamiko’s voice. She’s very soothing in an interesting way. I’ll always check out an episode or two of whatever she’s going to be in. Plus, Hirano Aya will always appeal to me because of her roles as Haruhi and Konata.

    Moreover, the only reason I checked out FMA: Brotherhood is because I had just watched Claymore and I wanted to hear Teresa’s and Miria’s voice again. Little did I know that Paku Romi would use a voice very different from the majestic Claymore’s. (I had not seen and did not know anything about the manga or the original anime series until I checkout out Brotherhood.) Still, Inoue Kikuko’s Lust was nice, until they….her. 🙁 Likewise, even a relative newbie like me had seen almost a dozen shows starring Kugimiya Rie and, again, I was startled that she was using a voice very different from the ones she uses for the little lolis she always seems to be voicing.

    I don’t know what all this says about me, but I assure you that I am no stalker. :p

    I’m still watching Brotherhood. The quality of the storytelling seems to me to be of an uneven quality. Sometimes, the emotional payoffs do not strike me as hard as they are intended to; there are times I don’t feel much impact when a major character dies or a grand secret is revealed. In such cases, I wonder if this is because I don’t know anything about the original series or the manga. If this is the case, then I would say that Brotherhood has some flaws.

    But at other times, you can’t help but feel your blood pumping. At these times, it seems all worth it.

    Nevertheless, I think I’ll see the thing through. I am very interested in the art directions they take. There are some unique visual effects here.

    As for Nakamura Yuuichi, I am sorry to say that his turn as Saotome Alto has soured his voice for me. I definitely recognize him. But I agree his Greed is fun. I especially like the first Greed–the one they…. by dipping him in the….That guy was crazy.


  11. notsundere4u says:

    I realized that I may have written something that was insolent and rude to the blogger. The comment was totally classless and I apologize. My intention was not to offend. My intention was to show my appreciation for the manic, over-the-top, full-of-energy style the blogger uses to cover the shows that really move and excite her. I tried to do this by mimicking her style in a short statement. But it came out horribly wrong and I knew it a moment before I pressed the “submit comment.” The comment has been thankfully deleted since. But I would like the blogger to know that she is a terrific anime blogger and I hope she will continue to give her readers pleasure with her awesome style and unique take on anime.

  12. Misu says:

    :XD: @ Kazehaya being a “MOE KETTLE”, but he really is! I love him being oh-so-awkward, it’s wonderful!

  13. Ryan A says:

    it’s nice how he could still remember his
    so. mean. 😛 jk, I had a nice chuckle.

    Development ensues.

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