Kämpfer – 01


Natsuru is a normal high school boy… Until he finds himself waking up with boobs.


OP: “Unreal Paradise (あんりある パラダイス)” by Minami Kuribayashi


It was pretty funny how we can already see the animation going in a downard spiral with the OP. Yes, this is only the opening.


ED: “One Way Ryouomoi (ワンウェイ両想い)” by Marina Inoue and Megumi Nakajima


Shake ya booty! Well looking at that dansen, it seems painful to try them. I love the stills in the ED, they’re quite hawt. The animated parts were still awful though.

Quick Glance:

Well Fall started pretty lame. We have this harem fanservice show mixed with gender bending and a German title. I actually don’t have anything more to say good about it except for the seiyuu cast, and some seiyuu jokes (which is the only WIN thing in this episode, the fanservice also sucked). The animation was decent, but in some parts it looked pitiful. The art was fine though, I pretty much like the colors and the backgrounds on some parts. I hated the BGMs, it honestly bored me to death. But hey, it could be worse. At least it’s not the epitomy of horribleness animu.

Marina Inoue voicing a male was pretty funny, too. Male Natsuru sounds kinda out-of-character in my opinion basing on how he looks. It’s like listening to Jessica then Kanon on Umineko. Other than that, no complaints on the other seiyuus. I love how Megumi Nakajima (Sakura) sounds a little less Ranka-like in here. I almost thought it’s not her. And Horie Yui never gets old, literally and not.

I don’t really have expectations at all so I guess this show won’t go anywhere. Maybe for the fans of the manga, they might watch this, but considering the source material, it’s really a pity how low the standards of new anime being made today.

P.S. – What’s with those stuffed animals with intestines hanging out on them?

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11 Responses to “Kämpfer – 01”

  1. fenixdown110 says:

    The first episode was already subbed and released the same day it aired, but I haven’t been able to watch it yet. Still downloading it… I guess this one serves as a lighthearted comic relief of the new season.

  2. Kiseki says:

    The stuffed animals are their messenger thing…things.

  3. fenixdown110 says:

    Finished watching it. It’s okay… Nothing spectacular like you said Kanzie. It’s really just fan service and dirty implications, which aren’t too bad now that I think about it. I am a guy afterall. :nosebleeds: If we’re lucky we’ll get a plot, but I’m not crossing my fingers here.

  4. meteorhouse62 says:

    Meh. A pass for this one. It seems like Sekirei all over again.

  5. kanzeon says:

    I actually liked it quite a bit, I guess. Maybe because of those cute animals and how they dance and destroy buildings in the OP is pure win XD.

    The ED is soooo dansen routine-trying-to-be-a-hit. But I love the duet of Megumi Nakajima and Marina Inoue <3

    I agree that the main male sounds so weird. But I love Marina Inoue performing two polar voices~

  6. NobleX says:

    I don’t know … it seems watchable. The only part i thought was awesome was when Akane suddenly sticks gun to male Natsuru’s face.
    Kinda reminds me of Kurokami (which i absolutely hated and couldn’t watch more than six episodes of), but i’m not really sure why. Maybe cuz i don’t really like it… But i’m gonna stick with it for a few more episodes…

    Also , “WTF, what muscles are they using to dance like that” was my first thought when watching the ED.

  7. Xiao says:

    The acting and seiyuu jokes were the only things that kept me amused as well. Oh, and the stuffed animals, too. Can’t wait to hear how Kanden Yamaneko will sound like.

    Guess I’ll just listen to it play instead of watching then. Not like I can understand half of what they’re saying but for the cast, for the cast. And Marina Inoue needs more male roles from now on. lol XD

  8. Miken says:

    I went into this show pretty much just for the cast so I didn’t really have any expectations for the plot. Still, the cast did fulfill my expectations and while the ED was not as infectiously catchy as I had first expected, it’s still a pretty good listen with an awesome duet.

    I agree with you on Megumi Nakajima too. While it barely took me half a second to realize who she was voicing, the way she delivers it is definitely separate from her Ranka and Citron roles. Still sounds pretty damn similar though…Hmm…I wonder if she’ll ever voice some characters with lower pitches?

  9. Floh says:

    The ED it’s so ridiculous.
    I don’t know, but this serie reminds me ranma 1/2 lol

  10. Silver says:

    I actually thought this was better than Sekirei. Sekirei fanservice smacks people in the face. This actually stays away from that and is more subtle. Not only that, I have not notice any panty shots either which is pretty awesome I think. Unlike Ikkitousen or Sekirei, the fanservice here is much better.

  11. Chomesuke says:

    I kind of liked this to be honest. I’ve never watched Sekirei though. I’m more of a shounen person.
    However, the ending was ridiculously stupid. :red:

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