Anime Status: August ’09


Welcome to Anime Status for the month of August~!

Anime Status is a monthly ranking of anime I am currently watching right now. Well yes, the list will be highly subjective, biased and personal. It depends on how I like the show this month of August and that month only ^^.

We get to say bye-bye from NEEDLESS, Kanamemo, Elementhunters, and Aoi Hana (lame lesbian show that goes nowhere just like the manga… And Fumi sucks). I’m currently backlogged on Taishou Yakyuu Musume, since I felt that it’s getting quite forgettable sometimes. Also, the show that I’m backlogged the most is GA Art Design Class. Come on, where’s the love for this show?! I highly enjoyed the first two episodes but too bad that the subs ended in there T__T. Is there a hidden hate for this show to be ignored by subbers? Lol I think GA deserves some love.

Other shows I’m just planning to marathon instead of just following in a weekly basis are Hayate no Gotoku! 2, Tears to Tiara, and maybe Shangri-la? Maybe some non-filler episodes of Shugo Chara as well (oh god I wonder how little that would be >.>).

So anyway, let’s proceed to the Status right now. Lots of movement this August because some Summer shows showed what they really are halfway through the some. Some failed so hard, and falled so hard in the list. But there are also those which kept me amused, for they retained higher spots, even Also, let’s get to see the Spring shows that are still continuing in this list and what spot they are in.  You know how this goes, so I won’t explain the symbols, but I added a Last Month’s Position and a Peak Position as well.

down20: Hanasakeru Seishounen


Last Month: 14 | Peak Position: 14

I only watched one epsode of Hanasakeru Seishounen this August, all thanks to Kitsune baiting me with Li Ren x Lumati XD. I’m already putting the show on hold until I saw his post and I’m like, “OMG! Gonna watch it!” and Kitsune’s like, “Just as planned!”  XDD. Roflmao. So yeah, bitchslap is entertaining, followed by ghey crack for the lulz XD.

down19: Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei


Last Month: 15 | Peak Position: 15

Jun, y so love?? Gawd~ He’s my fave character of the whole series btw, alongside Nozomu of course ^^. And probably my obsession love for him is getting into the Yosuke [Persona 4] and Gil [PH] levels of love where I collect naughty fanarts of him O___O…. XD;; Yeah. *SHOT*

So anyway, I guess ZSZS is just… I don’t know. This is actually the first time I watched a SZS series in a weekly basis though, and I think I find the show to be a bit more effective on me when it’s done on a marathon.

down18: CANAAN


Last Month: 08 | Peak Position: 08

I think I should say this but CANAAN disappointed me. It had gotten really boring as it goes, then it suddenly gets slightly interesting right after. Then it gets silly again… I enjoyed some Canaan x Maria yuri hints. Haha, they’re totally my fave yuri OTP of the season right now followed by Marin x Kanon (Umi Monogatari). Canaan x Alphard is fine too~ And I love Minoru btw~ Lovin’s this male character in the huge female cast XD. But overall this show is one of the biggest fails this season.

new 17: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei


OVA/Re-Entry | Peak Position: 05

Gotta love to put up a pic of my OTP there~ Fufufufu~!!

So anyway, we’re now at the fifth installation of HiguRei and this one is just WTF. I enjoyed the part where they are playing mahjong though, and Rena is still made up of awesome win ^^.

up16: Katekyo Hitman Reborn


Last Month: 21 | Peak Position: 14

Obligatory shounen watch for me that I catch on streaming sites… Erm, yeah. It’s still mini arcs though, or whatever they call it, but I guess it’s still fairly enjoyable with cute scenes and Yamamoto getting a nice amount of screentime ^^. So yeah, at least Repborn gets more entertaining compared to some few shows I’m currently watching.

down15: Yoru Wakaru Gendai Mahou


Last Month: 12 | Peak Position: 12

I guess this show is really pass-material and I’m almost at the edge of dropping it by the middle of the month but I just can’t. It’s getting predictable, generic, boring at times, silly, but something just makes me love this show: THE HAIR COLORS!!!

up14: Umi Monogatari


Last Month: 22 | Peak Position: 11

Midway through the month, I was thinking of dropping it but I realized that I’m just too late right now and the show’s already ending anyway so I guess I’ll just stick with it. So it’s just fairly decent after all. Not really outstanding or anything. Urin becoming ebil was pretty much predictable though. I still believe Urin’s my favorite Horie Yui role of the season. And also, props for the director because I never knew this anime came out only from a pachinko game.

up13: Princess Lover


Last Month: 19 | Peak Position: 13

Turns out that this show is unexpectedly good. Well, I gotta love how it put on the harem thing aside and get more intense and stuff and I can say that I’m enjoying this show. Princess Lover! turns out to be one of the better harem shows of the year in my opinion ^^.

up12: Pandora Hearts


Last Month: 20 | Peak Position: 06

PH is full of awesomeness this August! Even for the hiatus week for it (damn whatever caused it -_-;;), it still produced quite memorable episodes this month. I gotta take note of Episode 20 being the most hilarious thing I’ve ever watch this Summer season xDD. I badly wanted to make a post on it but I just lack time T^T.

up11: Suzumiya Haruhi 2009


Last Month: 18 | Peak Position: 07

So yay for us finally getting out of the Endless Hell!!! I think I’m enjoying the series again but I just can’t seem to feel the ‘magic’ back then at the first season cast before. I guess the art style affected it a bit though, I missed the original art designs for the characters back then on the first season.

down10: 07-GHOST


Last Month: 06 | Peak Position: 05

Oh my god more than twenty episodes already but my fangirling on 07-GHOST just never dries, isn’t it? Though I just treat 07-GHOST the same way as Pandora Hearts, I never really mind the plot so much as long as it provides me fodder for my ebil fangirl needs >8DD.

down09: Sora no Manimani


Last Month: 05 | Peak Position: 05

Sora no Manimani still continues to be the show that’s very fun to watch, though it’s really not that “top-priority material” or anything so I could care less about not actually blogging it.

Mii-chan is total LOVE, but I can’t also help but feel sad for Hime for always failing her chances :/… I really like Hime for the sole reason of Haruka Tomatsu voicing her (LOL seiyuu biasness) so she’s definitely a thumbs up character for me. And LOL Fumie >.>… Not rooting for her, I disliked her from the start.

Also, am I the only one sad that this is already ending soon? I hope it extends more to at least 24 episode ‘cuz I’ll really miss Mii-chan and the others so much :'(

up08: Hetalia Axis Powers


Last Month: 10 | Peak Position: 01

The past few episodes had been very enjoyable! Well, at least compared with last month’s. And I guess I gotta give some credits to Hetalia as well because it helped me to pwn my history Prelim exams ^^. Haha~ Hetalia is indeed helpful.

Anyway, seems like I’m getting another new ship to jump on in the fandom: Switzerland x Japan!!! Haha~ I really love Swit’s quick appearance on episode 31. Last but not the least, ok I’ll admit this, reason why APH climbed up is the ridiculous amount of Arthur-service that’s been happening! XD

new 07: Pandora Hearts DVD Specials


Special/New Entry | Peak Position: 07

Ohohoho~ Sharon definitely loves a Panda!Break like we all do!

Ehem… Anyway… There are two basic reasons why the DVD specials got ranked higher than the show itself. First, it’s a DVD special, obviously it’s animation quality is better. Second, it’s just fucking awesome. I enjoyed every crack of it, and it’s so cool to watch the show without the srs bsns atmosphere ^^. So yeah, I enjoyed both extras definitely ^^.

up06: Valkyria Chronicles


Last Month: 07 | Peak Position: 06

Faldio is a stinking asshole, that’s a way to start off saying what I think about VC right now. I just wanna scream “In your face!” to all fangirls Faldio had gathered~ Haha, isn’t it so cool to know what’ll happen in this show? OMG I’m becoming a hater T^T…

Anyway~, we’re now at the part where Alicia kicks major ass in the show!!! And Welkin is becoming less interesting with his DORAMADESU. I hope all the ridiculous drama can burn in a fire already. But I still gotta give props to this adaptation because it fleshes out the huge cast more so than in the game, from what I’m seeing.




down05: Spice and Wolf II


Last Month: 04 | Peak Position: 04

Oh my god what kept me from loving this show so freaking much is that there’s finally much more interactions between Horo and Lawrence, and they’re evn now on the next level!

I don’t really care much about the economy thing, so I’m all for the shipping and one thing that keeps on pushing me to shout on at this show is that, “OMG DO IT NAO ALREADY!!!” >XDDD. Oh wow, this is definitely very awkward to discuss but dear, the sexual tension is just THICK. Come on Lawrence, Horo doesn’t only want hugging! XD Yeah, probably I had already gotten bored with Lawrence if I were Horo, because dude lacks so much balls.

up04: Umineko no Naku Koro ni


Last Month: 10 | Peak Position: 04

This is a very very VERY fun series to watch, though just ignore the horrendous writing and just watch it for the gory-gore and the amusing killing sprees and some shipping xD. I also got interested on how vast the possibilities could be. I love the Stake Girls, the Meta Scenes, the shiny furniture blades, and all the other ridiculous stuff in here. The music is also amazing, all thanks to the VN.

I’ll repeat this again. Umineko may not (and won’t be :P) the best show of this season, but I’m still hooked over it. They keep things really interesting that’s why this is one of the shows I definitely look forward to each and every week ^^.

But don’t let me get started on the VNfags…

down03: Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~


Last Month: 01 | Peak Position: 01

I guess I’ll just let Phantom make way for other two shows that really shines throughout the month. Phantom is still totally intense and just freaking hawt though, and I might say that this is definitely one of the shows where BeeTrain can be proud of. Also, did I mentioned how Phantom puts CANAAN to shame? Comparing the two gun-toting shows I’m watching, Phantom just makes CANAAN look cheap and it just throws it into a puddle of lameness.

Cal/Drei’s change is… unbelievable, but I’ll just ignore it for the meantime lol. Moving on, I guess the high school thing adding on the lives on Reiji and Elen was quite unexpected though, and it turned me down a bit. But oh well, I’m really not taking the show very seriously anyway so I’ll just go with the flow, as long as my OTP is lovey-dovey~ 😛

Seriously now, Phantom is definitely shaping up to a really fierce grand finale, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they pull off a really good one, the show will definitely regain its crown next month ^^.

stay 02: Tokyo Magnitude 8.0


Last Month: 02 | Peak Position: 02

This turns out to be one of the strongest shows of the year. I just can’t help but not stop on watching this because I also live in an Asian region too where earthquakes can happen. This show is just effective on realism and casting on the “What if?” card.

Mirai’s character growth is just stunning. From a character I just despised at the first episode, comes a character that indeed showed the best of her when the worst came. Also, what happened in episode 8 where ~*****spoiler*****~, just nailed it. What a very brilliant turn for this show. T_________T. I really can’t describe it but it’s just an emotional murder. I’d never been freaking attached and played by a show again until this one! Oh my god I’m just full of disbelief, dazed and shock at the same time just right after I watched it. Bottomline is, this show is shaping up to be one of the bests of the year for me.

up01: Bakemonogatari

bk75bk06_.avi_001301760-210x119bk8Bakemonogatari - 08 - 23

Last Month: 03 | Peak Position: 01

What made Bakemonogatari win over Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 and even Phantom is that Bakemonogatari is simply DISGUSTING, and I LOVE it~

This is definitely one of the shows I’m anticipating every week. Yeah, it’s like “OMG new week, new Bakemonogatari episode!!!” for me! Compared with TM8.0, it might be truly amazing but my anticipation level for TM8.0 isn’t very strong at all. Actually, I’m more hyped up on Umineko than TM8.0…

So anyway, moving on with what makes Bakemonogatari freaking awesome, is it’s just stylish, and that’s something really refreshing on anime these days. The WTF-ness just cracks me up, the throwing of dialogues are brilliant, the random weird camera focusing is ridiculous but it works, and I guess it’s just very artistic. And who would forget about the intestines? XD

SHAFT just does what they want to do with that show, and you’ll either love it or hate it while they don’t care. So Bakemonogatari is just basically the show where it’s not particularly “good”, so I’ll just describe it as “disgusting”. “Disgusting” is the new “fierce”.


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17 Responses to “Anime Status: August ’09”

  1. meteorhouse62 says:

    GA really needs more love. It sucks that it doesn’t get subbed but craptastic shows like Elementhunters get to. -__-

    I kinda stop watching Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 because it’s so sad it’s just… not for the faint of heart 🙁 . I guess I’ll get back to it when I’m emotionally prepared again >.>

    Last but not the least, WOOOT Bakemonogatari @ number one!!!

  2. Cinderbird says:

    Shipping Japan x Switz as well~ :love: …

    When I saw Valkyria Chronicle getting the op pic, I was wondering that omg it would get in the top three? O_O But not~ Yay! XD I really got annoyed lately with how Alicia’s awakening lost impact thanks to the OP. But yeah, it’s still nice since Alicia kick Selvaria’s big b00bs any time of the day XD. And FALDIO IS AN A$$HOLE INDEED 😡 .

    And I so agree on Bakemogatari ruling. Part of it is still because I haven’t watched TM8.0 (ok, kill me now XD), and Bakemonogatari just… rocks. It’s disgusting indeed that’s why it’s so awesome!

  3. mikan-sakura says:

    Yay two Pandora Hearts in one Anime Status!!! :omg:
    And I just can’t get any more happier that Umineko gets a really huge leap it deserves! Yaaaay~!!! I’m glad you’re enjoying the show ^^. And hell yes at Bakemonogatari at #1!!! The show’s just plain awesome and sick~

    Can’t agree any more with the list (erm, except from SnMM dropping hard at 9 T_T) Still, this is my most fave Anime Status list so far ever!!!

  4. Panther says:

    I am sad. TM8.0 lost to Bakemonogatari. I mean the latter comes close to the former for me, but TM8.0 is still number 1. Where is my TM8.0 ANBU/Frostii episode ARGH, all this Twitter talk is driving me crazy.

    Lawrence lacks balls. Truth. Sex with ookamimimi anyday.

  5. Westlo says:

    “I’ll repeat this again. Umineko may not (and won’t be :P) the best show of this season, but I’m still hooked over it.”

    The second half of Umineko will be a lot better than the first half. Still don’t think it will be better than Bakemonogatari but it should be top 3 from Summer.

  6. Faer1edust says:

    YIPEE!!! Umineko is on the Top 5!!! :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: . Yeah, DEEN might have been failing much adapting it and even though it doesn’t have top-notch animation, the show’s still very interesting and hooking that’s why it simply rocks ^^.

    Happy about Phantom giving way for the obvious top two contenders of the best shows of the season. And I love how CANAAN dropped very hard xD. I agree that the show’s becoming a huge disappointment ^^.

  7. Kiseki says:

    Haha Reborn. xD; The fact that they’re revealing canon stuff in the anime before the manga makes it well worth watching. (Screw Uni calling Reborn “uncle”. I swear, I bet Reborn screwed Luce and is the father of Aria. >*D)

    And omfg panda!Break. I…have…to…watch…

  8. kanzeon says:

    Yeah! It’s unfair! D: GA is tons better than that crap duh..
    LOL good luck~ But I hope you’ll catch up on TM8.0 soon 🙂

    VashKu FTW <3
    Lol I only found Alicia to be so stunning and fierce in the screencap that's why I chose it to be the cover for August ^^. But yeah, the OP kinda ruined the biggest surprise of the show -__-.
    Faldio stank is stank XD.

    Haha yup~ I’m so enjoying Umineko. If it weren’t for the gif-filled episodics I make every week doesn’t show how obvious it is~ XD
    Glad it’s your fave Anime Status list ^^. *huggles* Well, the reason probably of SnMM dropping is that it’s not much of a huge priority to watch for me, but I still love the show though (Mii-chan x Saku~<33)

    Aww~ But you never know that next month might be the month for TM8.0 if they pull off the best ending impression~
    I watch the Mazui subs since they’re fast lol. Will probably marathon it again with better subs once it gets finished.
    And good thing I’m a good girl on Twitter XP. I don’t blabber much spoilers on TM8.0~

    @Westlo & maya-nee:
    I’m quite happy because if we only count all the Summer anime in the list (that excludes Phantom now), then Umineko is now part of the top 3 ^___^. That means it’s still Top three among the summer shows I’m lovin’ so far~ <3

    Yeah! Stakes, magic, awesome murderings, shipping hints, a psycho loli, loli violence and a FIERCE! witch, come on, can Umineko get more awesome? XDD
    CANAAN is just disappointing for me. So yeah, it deserved the drop I guess~

    I’m just watching Reborn because I’m already too late for dropping it XD. I’m not following the manga though, but it’s good to hear that the anime’s revealing canon stuff more ^^.

  9. kirapika says:

    Awesome Anime Status post, I couldn’t help but agree with your blunt comments because more or less, I feel the same way XP You right, summer season was a fairly surprising one because I didn’t expect to like most of the shows here. Oh god, I really need a marathon week now after all the backlogging the I’ve done XD

    Ughh. Yes, I know. Why won’t anyone sub a show as good as GA? It totally needs love more than Elementfuckin’Hunters. =-=;; ! :rage:

    Lawl~ I agree, Jun is just.. LOVE. :love:

    I’m so glad to see Umineko being on the Top 5. I guess it’s just looking less worthy because well… DEEN is being a failure at this. Though I still commend them for how awesome they made the human!stakes look ^^ And yep, just like maya-nee and Westlo said, it’s bound to get better in the next arcs. That is unless DEEN miserably does something baaaad again T_T 🙂

    And w00t for Bakemonogatari! I think it just deserved it for real this month. 😛 Can’t wait to see the next Anime Status ^^

  10. Ashelea says:

    Lol I’m only watching like, 6 shows this season XD. But so glad they’re all in the top 10 ^^.

    Bakemonogatari is definitely stylish, and I’m lovin’ how “disgusting” it is <33.

    What I pretty much love on Umineko is how they really keep the mystery strong. The red text is quite helpful and it seems like the show would be more fun as it goes when more red texts gets revealed.

    I also got irritated on Faldio and not he's acting like some ass jerk loser. I hope Welkin gives him a good beating soon.

    I'm quite glad Hetalia's climbing back ^^. I won't survive if it gets out of the top ten T__T…

    On Sora no Manimani… I guess Hime's slowly winning me over. I just feel… bad for her sometimes… lol. At the same time, I can't help but love Mii-chan as well. It's just kinda sad that there's so much haters saying how selfish she is -__-;;

    And yay 07-Ghost~!! My total fave moment of the entire series had happened!!! Frau huggles Teito!!! Kyaaaaaa!!!!!!!! Now bring on a sequel announcement already!!! XD

  11. Xiao says:

    Yay! Monthly status! I always look forward to these. Huhuhu~ x3

    Gotta say the only thing I find redeemable about CANAAN is Alphard. Everyone else is rather blergh and Alphard is just a…cool terrorist (can’t believe I said that ^^; ).

    Omg, yay for RenaxKeiichi~! <333
    Aww, I kinda wish there was a little bit more but I’m satisfied with it picnic in a junkyard~ since Higurashi doesn’t run on shipping as much.

    Umi Monogatari is so slow right now (I haven’t even watched any subs yet) but I still like Urin’s succumb to ebil depression. Just wish they would move it along faster and have her pull of some adult transformation or whatever. *saying this cuz remembering Black Lady & Mistress Nine from SM* Junichi Sato directed SM, yes? xDDD

    Kinda meh on PH in general but yes, ep 20 was so much fun to watch. Lol
    I loved the DVD extras as well (panda!Break~ <3) and damn, no wonder why they’re ranking quite high on the DVDs sale list. That and the merchandise that comes along with it. Huu~ *wants but can’t have* TwT

    Don’t have much more to add about Sora no ManiMani. Glad that it’s being updated at a normal pace so I can just enjoy it and not have to worry about waiting. I hate it when I plan to watch something but subs just never show up. Urgh. =w=
    But yea, I feel for Hime, too. I have to applaud Haruka Tomatsu on doing such a wonderful job with her voice. It’s one out of the two things I like about this show the most, alongside Kanae-san~ <3



    Ahaha, bravo to SHAFT with Bakemonogatari. Yes, very disgusting and I love it. X3 I can’t wait for the next arc.

    Gah, I suck. I still have to marathon a couple of other shows on this list. ^^;

  12. Rapture says:

    Yay! Bakemonogatari WINS!!! :ohohoho:

  13. Kitsune says:

    haha Yes, that episode was fun 🙂 I might put the show on hold as well though.

  14. Anime Status posts are so fun to read~ It makes me want to catch up on all of the shows I’m falling behind (which is a lot because of school). xD

    Omg, Jun looks so awesome. Kyaa…got to get through the whole SZS so I can watch him. xDD But ah…I just realized that he’s probably like…the only male student that actually seems to get some spotlight, huh?

    I kind of dropped CANAAN, and was hoping to catch up soon, but now I’m sort of doubting if I should catch up…? I had a feeling it would have some yuri hints, seeing as how there are tons of girls and barely any guys.

    I fell behind Umi Monogatari as well. 🙁 But anyways, omg! It came from a game? It seemed to have that kind of vibe, but I didn’t know that. And…Urin’s ebil?! Wow…my crack theory from the first episode was correct. O_o

    PH love ftw~ But time is always nuisance…gar.

    Sora no Manimani is still enjoyable for me. It never ceases to entertain me. Haruka Tomatsu is great as Hime, she just brings out her personality so well. xD Yeah, I’m not rooting for Fumie either. She just has that kind of feel to her that makes me dislike her for some reason. Dx If only it wasn’t such a short series. TT^TT Moar!!

    Even though it probably is nothing compared to the manga, I find Umineko total win and awesome-sauce! 😀 So many of the elements just make it so enjoyable I just can’t help but be interested. But Beatrice’s awesome-ness helps too. ^^

    Aww…hearing your thoughts on Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 makes me want to catch up so badly! I’ve read so many good things about it from so many blogs, and gah! Must catch up. But from the episodes I have seen (not many), Mirai does have great character development, and is probably one of the best developed characters in terms of changing and growing appreciative in life. I just love the whole realistic feel of the show…must watch…NAO!

    Lol, not surprised about Bakemonogatari. It’s just so disgustingly great. xD I need to catch up, but I’ve loved it so far. The disgusting parts are what make it unique. xDD

  15. mei says:

    i’m rooting for GA!GA!GA! who cares if it’s not subbed. the color power rangers are a hoot!! we could all use more Tomokane’s antics in our lives

  16. Eri says:

    Umineko and Bakemonogatari are my personal fav ;p I have currently put Bakemonogatari on hiatus but that’s only because I am interested in other shows… Umineko is just freaky awesome!!! I keep watching Reborn with expectation but I don’t feel like blogging it so much x_x

    And YEAH!!! “DISGUSTING” is definitely the new “FIERCE”

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