Suzumiya Haruhi 2009: Endless Eight [END]




It’s about fucking time, Kyon.


Oh Haruhi, you’re forgiven.

Well, I’m glad they ended it at last, since it’s obvious anyway judging by the title on how many “endless-ness” will happen. The 3/4 of the episode was still entirely repetition though, and I must say that the final part just gave a huge grin out of my face. The overly-done dramatic music made me lol, and that music alone translates to: “Holy fuck, FINALLY”. Haruhi sure really has a thing for Kyon lols. But if you’re asking me if the long wait every week was worth it, I might disagree. Gawd, that was such a real waste of money for KyoAni with their direction of this arc. The world is in recession! But oh well, here’s me finally getting a sigh of relief that Haruhi’s back on track and we’re finally(?) out of this trolling arc along the endless haet and raeg. Cheers~

Looking forward to the next arc [Sighs].


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15 Responses to “Suzumiya Haruhi 2009: Endless Eight [END]”

  1. fye says:

    This arc was terrible, up to the end. I hope they’ll bring back up the vintage Haruhi awesomeness back then.

  2. Johns says:

    FINALLY IT’S OVER!!! :runs: Picking up Haruhi again.

  3. Tuna says:

    I wished the focused and showed more on the part where everyone came over Kyon’s house to do the homework. Oh wells, glad the arc is finally over.

    Even though I was getting annoyed with the arc, Haruhi recursions are better than no Haruhi at all.
    .-= Tuna´s last blog ..Haruhi Suzumiya: How Endless Eight Should End =-.

  4. tsuiteru says:

    @fye: I know, I know.

    @Johns: Yes.

    @Tuna: Yeah. That would have been better.

  5. Sergio says:

    Meh, too late to care about it. I suppose I have enough free time to watch the new episodes though, but it won’t be anything like the first season.

    After making such a mistake (I believe they were trying to be “innovative”, to repeat the success of the first season, you know, with things like the movie, etc but they ended up blowing it) they should have kept repeating the episodes, then apologize and make a true second season, if they have enough money after the DVD sales crash

    Well, at least Haruhi looks cute in those pictures, I may take a look at the episode later
    .-= Sergio´s last blog ..Like zoo animals =-.

  6. Tara says:

    Finallyyyyyyyy!! :oha: I was getting really tired of this arc, thank goodness it’s over ^^

  7. Super Tough Anon says:

    Hurr Hurr. It ended. Not so endless now, are you, Mr.Endless Eight? It’s kind of depressing though, since I just finished the fourth book yesterday, and just after watching this episode, I pick up book 5, read through the short, two page prologue, and the first chapter I see read “エンドレスエイト”… Woe is me…

  8. MasterArts says:

    You Know what i think they were just stalling us with the endless eight eps because there were so behind on work that they had to stall with eight boring eps but i am glad this is the last of the endless eight eps

  9. meteorhouse62 says:

    Wow finally it’s done. Endless EIGHT indeed. I’m glad it’s over.

  10. graphkun says:

    Yes! :oha: Now I need to marathon it now…

  11. Cryskolt_19 says:

    Haha…It’s funny how the arc ended off,actually. Personally,I think KyoAni is capable of doing much better with the ending episode. A clearer signal to the fans that it’s the end would have been nice,and the little bits of plot details,like “Nagato’s Ultraman mask”, etc, could have been emphasized abit more, at least to divulge its importance in the show. It’s clear that the show tried to differentiate the eps by using practical methods,like the gal’s change of clothes every ep,but eventually that alone wouldn’t be sufficient to stop one’s boredom.I think the only reasons for us to watch this arc are the colorful use of soundtracks for the ep’s events and the cheery OP and ED that gives one a false sense of hope… 😥

  12. Kanevollfeed says:

    I think It was more than just a repeated episodes… If you wait for them every week is tired, but if you watch them continuesly, you would able to really “see” a lot of stuff… for physics it was not a waste of time… It has real explenations… Study a little bit of Axioma set theory… Nagato gave the clue…

  13. DK Eternity says:

    Having read the light novel, I can’t exactly say that I’m surprised with how it ended, but I have to say KyoAni did quite a good job with it.
    Overall I did enjoy the entirety of Endless Eight, although I don’t exactly know why. Still, I suppose it’s been done way more than enough and it’s time to move on…
    I do agree that all this is more than just repetition though. The events of Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody, Endless Eight, and everything else before Disappearance do play a role in that story, and I think that even though it was a bit too much, we do get what Endless Eight is trying to tell us.
    Anyway, next up should be Sighs, and the autumn episodes, then Disappearance. And if you think that Haruhi was cute in that last scene of Endless Eight episode eight, just wait until you see Disappearance.

  14. misteranonymis says:

    for some reason i have a feeling kyon n nagato might have somethin going on eventually … just a weird feeling i guess

  15. yidgey says:

    Well, more or less I enjoyed it. But it started to drag nearthe last couple episodes. I’m glad they were creative enough to reanimate each one and give them new clothes. I loved all the bathing suits and yukata. So cuuute~ :cute:
    ButI was hoping for something a little better, because I’m a little slow (probs a lot…) ❓ and didn’t catch on to the fact that they hadn’t finished there homework yet. I was hoping he was gonna do what Koizumi kept saying and finally say that he loves her. But, meh, I’ll take this ending too. But they didn’t show much of their homework doing, so that was kinda lame… :rage:

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