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OMAIGAWSH!!11 KANZIE’S POSTING AGAIN!!! 8DDD… Blame this stupid f*cked up Asian internet dilemma for my absence >.> And I hope this Gareki/Nai (Karneval) coloring would serve as my bribe ohohoho~ sorry gift for my long absence~~ ^^;.

Inside the Digest:

– Karneval: Ch. 12
– Medaka Box: Ch. 14
– Beelzebub: Ch. 24
– Out Code: Ch. 6
– Kaichou wa Maid-sama: Ch. 40
– Kobato: Ch. 15.5
– Koko ni Iru Yo!: Ch. 16

Fresh Pick: Livingstone

Stuff totally piled up for this edition of Manga Digest because I should have posted this thing days ago, if weren’t for the sad earthquake incident on Japan and the Indian Ocean that caused internetos in here get slowed down to almost nothing to browse except from Twitter, dA and other fast-loading sites T_T. So yeah, new and newer chapters of different manga just kept on piling on me until I have this mountain I have to work on lol. But I have to skip some others to shorten it ^^.

I’ll be passing up Akuma to Love Song 14-current chapter in here because I dropped the manga. Also, I won’t be tackling about Shinobi Life AGAIN because *sigh* we have a chapter about Kagetora sucking off Beni’s finger and Beni thinking about it the rest of the chapter. It’s quite disturbing as well because it’s the shota/young Kagetora doing it >.> But lol I still find it hot ‘coz it’s still Kagetora lolz. I also didn’t included some others as well since they’re just passable.

Anyway, let’s move on with the Digest ^^.

Karneval: Chapter 12


New arc ^^. And we also get to see some bits from Gareki’s background. He turns out to be adopted by a woman who raises twins. She already died, due to getting killed by her lover. Gareki and the twins are planning for revenge on that person. And yep~ Gareki encounters the twins back again when he’s with Yogi and Nai. But it looks like the twins has some secret of their own. And I’m looking forward on what bloody hell it’s about~.

On with the fangirling, lawl this chapter is absolutely hilarious as usual XD!!! Yogi is totally crack and awesome~ Gareki is still such a bishie while Nai is getting a small screentime in here, he’s still cute ^^. Here’s my absolute favorite part: Show ▼

And there’s also an omake as well. It’s so funny so it’s also worth checking out ^^.

Medaka Box: Chapter 14


Terrible new filler(?) character. Well, I sure do hope she’s only filler because she’s annoying. Who gives a damn about Medaka-sama-sama‘s school uniform anyway? It’s a form of expression, bitch. Throughout the whole chapter I was like STFU-ing that character. So annoying. I hope she wouldn’t be the one next in line to be a part of the Student Council >.>

Beelzebub: Chapter 24


Pretty cool build-up chapter. We get to see Oga getting freed from the seal of Baby BL. But with that attitude of Oga right after that pissed off Hilda and kicked him out of her house.

I thought that was a huge turn-off for Oga to call Hilda names behind her back when he’s the one at all. I hope their fight would be settled soon. But I guess it won’t be for the meantime because Hilda seems

Out Code: Chapter 6


I guess I should be adding “Out Code” up on my MD feature as well ^^. Yesh~ this is pretty entertaining. WHat totally interested me in here is that the Artist of the manga did some arcs on Higurashi. And lol, he/she proves it in this chapter. I wonder if this horror thing would be consistent though, I would totally want to! XD.

Other than that, it’s a pretty fun chapter. It had a horror-house setting. And it’s full of fangirling moments too! I’m so shipping Shirogane with Kirio~!!!

Kaichou wa Maid-sama: Chapter 40


One thing that made me go gaga in this chapter is USUI SINGING!!!!!!!!!!!111oneoneoneeleven!!!!! Goddamnit I’m gonna faint reading that part XD!!! I was like… O____O and it’s just indescribable. Trust me singing is the last thing I would totally see Usui doing XD… But he showed his skillz (I don’t know if it’s good or bad or just alright) and he’s just as hot as ever. Drama CD for this part pls!!!

And Usui in neko ears is just smex.

….Seriously now, it seems like Usui’s “counting down the days” or anything. I always get this vibe that he’s looking heavier in terms of what’ inside him (no, he’s not eating so much ^^;;). It definitely looks like he’s hiding some problem. Oooh~ way to keep me tuned in more ^^.

Kobato: Chapter 15.5


New (short as usual T_T) chapter for Kobato. Nothing much to say other than Kobato’s so goddarn cute (and BAWWWW it’s really just short T^T). There’s a new lady btw. I wonder how will she play out. Maybe she’s an acquaintance of the dude back then that Fuji-san dissed?

But anyway, itseems like I won’t be putting this manga on priorities to read anymore because we have the anime just around the corner~ I can’t wait to be spoiled with all the Kobato sweets~ XD.

Also, some forum on MangaFox caught my attention. “Why can’t Kobato take off her hat?” – now that they mentioned it, I really wonder why. I love how CLAMP keeps things so mindfcukingly mysterious even to the smallest details. Or maybe Kobato’s bald in that part of her head O__O.

Koko ni Iru Yo!: Chapter 16


OH MY GOD I LOVE ARISA <33!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 Lol, I’m having an Arisa collage above XD. I just love her and I’m quite glad she’s getting some “panel” time XD. I know she’s just a side character (T^T) but I can’t help but to love her. Gawd I just love twintailed blond secondary characters XDD coughVKRimacough.

And I don’t want to talk much on the part of the PSSG (“Patron Saint of Shy Girls”), Teru’s third-wheel angst and Hinata’s adorableness lol biased. It’s just getting “Meh” for the meantime so I’ll shut up before I bitch about it.

So yeah~ Hoping for MOAR Arisa-chii and wishes she hooks up with the MegaPIG guy to be appearing soon >8DD *shot*




~dA page~

Sypnosis [Baka-Updates]:

At the beginning of the 20th century American Doctor, Duncan MacDonald, engaged in a series of unethical experiments. Those experiments concluded that should one suffer a death not ordained by fate the human body lightened by an average of 30 grams, the weight of a man’s soul stone.

Today, two men, Sakarai and Amano, are in the hunt to find people who are about to die before their time and either prevent their unnatural death or recover these stones, “Livingstones.”


I love Akano XD!!! Yeah~ lol that’s the first thing I gotta say. He’s so cool and funny. Kinda silly but it balances Sakurai’s “srs-bsns”-ness XD. On Sakurai, I really find him funny as well because he’s always trying to be serious and cool but lol, his interactions with Akano shows the best out of him. I can say that they really have good chemistry.

Yep~ I’m definitely looking forward for more ^^. I wonder what other instances will they encounter next about all these stone and souls thing. I gotta give props for the manga being very original. That’s the main reason why I find it so awesome just at first look. It’s witty, puzzling, but humorous as well. The death thing is pretty interesting too. So yeah, I’m curious on where this one will be going.


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5 Responses to “Manga Digest”

  1. Machinany gun says:

    Medaka Box is a highly amusing idea, sadly its based around 60-75% of japanese manga’s. School (I hate school). Still it has to be based there for the suggestion box to make sense. I still think Medaka’s “uniform” stands out amusingly well. If that was a standard uniform eyebrow’s would never relax again. Hope the new character gets transferred too tho, she annoyed me too.

    Don’t read the other manga’s. Might look into Livingstone tho, seems decent.

  2. Xiao says:

    kanzie, you’re back~! ^^
    God, I’ve been hearing a lot of bad news about the weather there everyday. Hope everything’s okay for you.

    Kobato can’t take off her hat cuz she’s hiding a halo underneath it~ <3
    Haha, that's what I like to think. XD
    As for the new lady, the minute she said "divorce papers" my mind jumped to the Okiura guy, too. I like him and I doubt he has any kind of relationship going on with this lady (whom I like already cuz she and Kobato seem to be getting along well, hehe) but if this is second wife or something…yea, I'm just way too fast to conclusions. lol XDDD;;

    Ah, Kobato~ Can't wait for the anime! x3

    Arisa is definitely really cute. <3 I really want to see more of her for the sake of some girl friendship. I don't like it when it's fully focused on a triangle. That's just boring. =P
    And HELL YEA I want her to hook up with MegaPIG, too! …Then again, I want Hikage to hook up with him as well (cuz he’s way more hawt) but that’s just because I want to rebel. *SHOT* XDDD

  3. I really might drop medaka box if the damn girl shows up again =_=

    karneval!!!! =3

    I still haven’t read koko no iru yo . . . huhuhuhu

    out code seems cool *_*

    usui singing!!! squeeee~


  4. meteorhouse62 says:

    Medaka Box got pretty boring as of late in my opinion. It’s getting quite repetitive with the same lesson learned each and every chapter: “Medaka always wins, Medaka is freakin’ awesome, Medaka this, that.” I hope there’ll be some development. And I’m also annoyed by that girl as well -_-.

    Hilda’s becoming much of a damsel-in-distress right now in Beelzebub. I would hate it if that continues. :/

    Livingstone caught my attention. Will definitely try to pick this one up.

  5. kanzeon says:

    @Machinany gun:
    Yeah -__- I hate school as well >.>
    But the suggestion box thing makes the manga more fun ^^.
    Lol Medaka’s uniform is just an eyecatch no doubt ^^.

    The weather here in ph was quite fine though. Small amount of rain and stuff but nothing dangerous thank god. But it’s just tragic on what’s on the news about our neighbor countries because so much had happened recently. Thank you for worrying ^^.

    Lol yeah, the people at some forums (hehe~ lurking) are also suspecting that. There are also some saying that she has horns too. Wtf XD.
    And you might be right about the lady. I agree ^^.

    Yesh yesh!!! I have an Arisa ally :7:
    Oh my god Hikage will so have a man harem if MegaPIG joins the wagon XD.
    Then we can have Arisa as the last member of the harem for a yuri ending XDD. *shot*

    @Sapphire Pyro:
    Nuuu!!! I hope that b*tch won’t be the reason for you to drop it T__T. She should get away!!! D8< I won't recommend Koko ni Iru Yo! to you because for sure you'll just get pissed by the main character >.> But you should check out Out Code ^^.
    OMG I AGREE!!!! So glad that someone ese’s lovin’ this manga to heaven!!! Woot~

    I badly want development as well. I agree…
    I hope there’ll be some Zenkichi x Medaka developments XD. My OTP~
    Ooh~ Pick up Livingstone and tell me what you think about it ^^.

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