Spice and Wolf II: 02 – Accessory


Wear the furry, be the furry.

Another interesting episode again as usual. The series just can’t stop being very entertaining. It’s pure discussion about different stuff with mythology and alchemy. We also get to meet the witch, whom seems pretty interesting to me with her being really mysterious. But of course, the best moments of the episodes are still the interactions between our two leads.


Meet the witch.


Horo goes on a date with Amati. Damn you, Lawrence! Damn you for sharing your girl to someone else! lol.


Furry loves her furry accessory.


And my favorite part of the episode is the last part. Lol the kid really do have dirty thoughts, ain’t he?


I just did not quite get the reason why he ran away like that with the kid going after him -__-;;.

Good episode again, just like the first one. Surprisingly, they’re really keeping up with nice quality all throughout, I guess. And that’s really good. Also, I noticed that they used certain flashbacks in this episode from the first season, but the catch is, they’re all newly-created o scenes, so far as I remember. I’ll give credit to the forums in AnimeSuki for pointing that out (Link).

I have really nothing much more to say, or else it would be too long when I will start to ramble about the myths and the alchemy stuff. Horo is still as cute as always. I’m really having a little irk about a slight changes in their characters from the first season though. It felt like Lawrence has become more blunt towards Horo.

More screencaps on the gallery next page.


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