Deadman Wonderland Anime Announced!


Sci-fi Action-Horror Manga “Deadman Wonderland” by Kataoka Jinsei and Kondou Kazuma (Eureka Seven) will be getting an anime adaptation.


Not-so-spoilerific plot summary [Wiki]:

Ten years have passed since the ‘Great Tokyo Earthquake’, a massive natural distaster that sank over 70 percent of Tokyo into the ocean. Ganta Igarashi is an unassuming 14-year old middle school student in Nagano Prefecture. Ganta is an ‘escapee’, a Tokyo survivor of the earthquake, but he has no memories of the disaster and simply wishes to play soccer and live a normal life. All that changes one day when a mysterious man covered in blood appears outside his classroom window. The ‘Red Man’ slaughters Ganta’s classmates, but strangely leaves him alive after imbedding a crimson crystal in his chest. Ganta’s life goes from bad to worse when he is blamed for the grisly murders and sentenced to life imprisonment in ‘Deadman Wonderland’.

Deadman Wonderland is Japan’s only publicly operated prison, built after the earthquake as a tourist attraction to help revive Tokyo. The prisoners serve as staff and ‘entertainment’ for visitors. Due to the heinous nature of Ganta’s crime, he is given DW’s ‘death sentence’. A metal collar placed around his neck slowly injects poison into his body. The only way to delay his ‘execution’ is by consuming a special candy-like antidote every three days. Shortly after arriving at the prison, Ganta meets a mysterious girl named Shiro, who seems to know Ganta from the past. He also befriends a prisoner named Yoh, a kleptomaniac with a talent for locating things.

Volume Covers [up to vol. 4]:


Now that’s what I’m talking about. This news is bloody awesome! I had stopped reading the manga since April though because the scanlations had been very slow, but I’ll definitely continue to read it back when it comes back.

When it comes to the animation production, I’m totally crossing my fingers for it to be BONES, since they also got to be behind Eureka Seven (from the same artist), so I hope they’ll be the one to animate this. Also, I hope they’ll be all the way explicit in this one, since it’s quite risky to pick up this kind of adaptation without disappointing what the manga’s all about: VIOLENCE, BLOOD, GORE AND VIOLENCE!!!

So yep~ It’s kinda sooner than expected for an announcement like this, but I’m glad. And LOL @ my Anime Adaptations Wishlist getting fulfilled one by one XDD. I’ll edit up that post now and add some more before it gets empty and all fulfilled lmao, so yeah, that post would be under construction for the meantime ^^. For now, I’m just a happy person waiting for more news about this.




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9 Responses to “Deadman Wonderland Anime Announced!”

  1. Wasabi says:

    :love: GOOd!!!GOOD!!Looks good…I can’t wait!! :XD:

  2. Anon says:

    This is awesome news. I hope they won’t censor out this one too much. And BONES for the animation!

  3. Omisyth says:


  4. phoenixdown110 says:

    I’ve been reading the manga too and I can’t wait to see all goodies animated! But I hope they don’t skimp on the dark and bloody details. muhahaha :ohohoho:

  5. Codee says:

    just started reading the manga and glad to hear an anime is coming, Can’t wait!!!

  6. chris says:

    well i currently reading this one.. lol and its so awesome. althought its.. so brutal lol.. EYE popping.. lol eheheh

    and it would be better if they released it elfen lied..

  7. FOx says:

    this manga is sooo easy to read like a good anime series. IM SO EXCITED. where is jack frost -_- next plz 🙂

  8. MisaoFan says:

    The anime will be produced by Satelight for…October ?

  9. Ao-Kiji says:

    No kidding, right?!
    YES! THIS is what i have been waiting for… Finally… T_T

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