Valkyria Chronicles: 02 – Stupidity can kill you.


The player controlling this episode ish UGH.

Welkin, Isara and Alicia escaped the enemies riding their own tank Edelweiss, which executes amazing speed compared to some other tanks. They went home with the whole town under attack. The old guy in command sent out the Darcsen tank, which isn’t fully charged yet because Isara declined to send out the Edelweiss tank because it was still a new model. Darcsen tank gets owned by the enemies tank, as well as Bruhl town’s windmills. The attack then ends for the meantime as Alicia haves a moment in the hilltop. Welkin approaches her, then the others came in later as they saluted the town, which is still surviving after all what happened.

Then it’s a new day as Alicia prepares for her institution. As she walks on the hallways she bumps into some person and she’s in shock to find out that it was Welkin.

Random Ramblings:


Oh, Susie… STFU please.


CG tanks are CG. But they still run on batteries…


If you’re a faggot and stupid enough to have the guts to run a tank that’s not yet fully charged, then you’re aware that it will stop soon immediately right?


…And if it stopped immediately, you’ll be caught up in the middle of warfare right? Well, they say that you’ll learn something when you’re dead already.


I really like the tank action happening in this episode. It’s really nice to see some anime focusing on a much rather different thing other than loli underwear and carbon dioxide.


On a serious note, I love the background t for this series as well. It’s so lush and just refreshing to look at. Even the destroyed windmill looks so lush and refreshing to look at.


Yep. Salute thy good background art.


Alicia is definitely the star of this show. Her expressions are so funny and priceless. It’s like she’s making faces and she still doesn’t realize that it looks stupid already. Hence, she’s so fun and moe~


Wah. Try to get your mouth bigger than the tank.


Here’s another one of Alicia’s epic faces.


Oh, and I finally know how Welkin will look like after 35 years if he hadn’t encountered his fate of helping Alicia…


Yup O__O. And he will be starting his gigolo restaurant at Rome. OH NOES THE RISTORANTE HORRORS!


WHAT THE HELL! WHO’S CONTROLLING THIS EPISODE? *still in mind that it’s a game* The military tactics suck, tbh. I laughed and I just can’t take it seriously. But I guess it’s the characters’ fault though that they lack trust on each other. If they used Edelweiss already to kick the enemies’ ass already, it would spend less damage. The driver of the Darcsen tank was a jerk, and lol he dies haha. The enemies were a bit smarter though on destroying the windmills, since the windmills is the primary structure of the town were land infantry is getting a bird’s eye view of the town, so yeah, but I’m not on the enemies side dammit!

Ugh yeah, I should stop being a war geek -_- My high school C.A.T. (military) lectures are haunting me back again XD.

But still, it was an overall enjoyable episode. We get to see some tank action in here as well as we get to know more about the characters. It still lives up to its potential to become a very good adaptation.

As for my shipping, I love the Alicia moment at the hill, but Welkin alone should have came damn you Susie and Isara! but yeah, real romance wouldn’t be coming I guess until later so I’ll save my shipping patience ^^. It’s the primary reason why I picked up the game and this anime anyway, so hope there would be a relationship development soon ^^.

As I mentioned about the background art, I just noticed that A-1 really has some budget to spend with this series’ lush background.  The scenery was really beautiful. Speaking of their animation, I find the CG touch on other characters moving  bit scary though O_O, but it’s just a minor itch.

Being an anime having a painful amount of 26 episodes, it’s possible that the first half of it would only be focused on build-up and fillers, but ‘m sure this will be awesome if they shaped it up more like from the game properly. So yeah, and the screencaps are on the next page to avoid clutter.


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9 Responses to “Valkyria Chronicles: 02 – Stupidity can kill you.”

  1. micKo says:

    lol. the “player” of this episode must not know how to play this game and how to fight a war.

  2. meteorhouse62 says:

    Ahh, now it make sense to me now why did the enemies attack the windmills ^^. Lol, nice investigation about that.

    I also agree on you in their tactics. They should have sent out the Edel-german named tank thingy first before the crappy tank and the infantry. But instead they talked and that arrogant old man busted out the crappy unloaded tank instead.

    SO that’s all I can say XD thanks for the post.

    • kanzeon says:

      Yes. But you shouldn’t really take the military tactics seriously lol. But yeah, they really talked and didn’t trusted each other, so it’s too late. Thanks for the comment ^^.

  3. Ashelea says:

    :huh: I-I don’t know about military tactics…
    …But!!! If I were handling that, I would send all the tanks to protect the fortification while Alicia will go all out and shoot all the enemies she encounters! XD

    Lol I was also annoyed by Susie XD… Ugh, girl needs to quit military if she always faint like that.

    AND ZOMG NO WAY RISTORANTE!!! *shudders* Hope Welkin won’t be that old… wrinkly… man :'(

    • kanzeon says:

      Lol! Alicia will definitely kick all of their asses XD!~~

      Yeah, Susie is annoying DX.. But I love the ribbon in her hair XD (random~)

      Lmao. Just kidding with the Ristorante XD.

  4. akane12 says:

    Does this show have romance? It’s what made me interested to check this one out.

    • kanzeon says:

      As the series progresses, yes ^^. But I won’t spoil you on how, so let’s just “ship” for the meantime ^__^

  5. kanzeon says:

    Yea, I know. And I’m watching this one for the romance build-up anyway, I just made fun of their military tactics.

    Lol yes. It’s better to eliminate him than to cause more damage because of his stupidity XD.

    Haha it’s feels really like were playing isn’t it? Lol where’s the controller? XD

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