Anime Status: May ’09


I thought that I should make an impressions post just like everyone else before college starts next week. I’ll be very busy for sure starting then and I will have no time to make this, so I thought I should do it while I have the time. Also, I wanna say that the shows blogged in Metanorn aren’t just the shows me and Tsui are watching. There are some shows better than them of course. This is better than wasting time blogging all 20+ others shows not being covered.

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2008’s Dozen: Favorite OPs


Since this year’s at its end and everyone’s writing up their 12 “bests” of this year, I’ll go different this time and write up the “bests” of this year in 12! Lol get it? XD… And my first “Dozen” list is regarding the OPs of this year!!!

2008 had been a great year for great anime, as well as their opening sequences. Now that the year’s ending, I’ll wrap up all of my most favorite, memorable, and awesome OPs of this year in a dozen!!! All of the OPs are from animes shown January 2008 to December 2008. Anime shown last year but still managed to continue broadcast in Japan on 2008 still qualifies. So here goes the dozen!!!!!!

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Kannagi 08 and 09: – A healthy imagination makes everything crazy.


Tsuiteru: Wow… finally a chance to catch up on Kannagi!!! Forgive me for the delay… I was really the one who’s at fault for this since I had computer problems at our house so I have to go to Kanzeon’s to watch this and make this post together XD.

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Nagi Christmas Banner FTW!


Yeah… The title says it 😀 . 2nd Christmas banner features Nagi!!! I also apologize for the lack of posts lately because our college entrance exams is coming up tomorrow. Tsuiteru and I will be back on covering Kannagi 8 and 9 as soon as the exams are over 🙂 Wish us luck because our future is held on that sheet of paper! Plus I cannot cheat with him because we won’t be seatmates in that time, our seats will be shuffled T.T… XD LOL I don’t really cheat that much XDNevermind what I just said. Anyway, enjoy the new banner and tell me what you think of it!!!

Oh and before I forgot, watch out for the premiere of Anime’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 this weekend!!! Not 10, but 11 girls will duke it out to become the fiercest and most modeleqsue anime girl! [Ani-NTM Cycle 2 OP Here]

Special Mention: Welcome Back AMAYALEE!!!

*back to serious studying*

Kannagi: 05 – Join the Nagi-sama Fans Club!

Super big surprise at the end of the post.


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Kannagi: 04 – Sadistic Sisterly Love


At night, a man is found by a girl in a nun’s outfit and asks him for his confessions, for only 100 yen. That girl turns out to be Zange. At Jin’s residence, Nagi tackles about losing her powers because the tree had been cut down due to modernization. At school, Jin starts a conversation with Takako, Shino and Akiba about idols, their types and Zange, which is quite popular for her 100-yen confessional.

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Haruka Tomatsu – motto hade ni ne! [PV]


It’s just too adorable for words! The video was fun, with Haruka Tomatsu herself just spending free time at her pad having fun with reading, laundry, eating and dressing up. There’s no Kannagi dance this time but I guess there would be as soon as she’ll have a live performance. One thing I noticed is that she looks reeaalllyyy tall! Or is it just her thunder thighs (which is an asset, btw). She’s very cute in this video especially when she’s making a fruit shake and she tastes it awful but she still continues to drink it ^_^. Also when she’s playing dress up! So adorable. Tell me you love it or else I’ll shove Haruka Tomatsu’s thighs into your throats!

Btw, you can download the full song HERE.

Haruka Tomatsu – motto hade ni ne!

Ever since the first time I’ve heard and watched the OP sequence of Kannagi, I already knew that this is gonna be a hit, and it is! Great job for Haruka Tomatsu for a phenomenal performance as Nagi! I just love this song and for sure it would brighten up your day. I also can’t wait for the PV! More scans below the jump as well as the download link for the full version of the song!

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Kannagi: 03 – Pure-Pure-Boy and Aho-Aho-Man

After watching this episode, I therefore conclude that I’ll start worshipping Nagi-sama (together with Sebastian-sama and Taiga, of course ^_^)…


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Kannagi: 02 – I have a split personality…

First of all, sorry for the HORRIBLE screencaps… I think it has something to do with the subs I downloaded. Next time, I would be downloading a different fansubber for this anime.


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