Moments of the 00’s #4 – Lelouch’s Fate

Before we get on with moment #4, we head on first with some Code Geass-related news. Yeah, there’s gonna be a new Geass anime project announced. But still, the question is HOW? There’s Suzaku and Lelouch on the Newtype scan above. After the very much controversial ending R2 had, will we get a real continuation, or just some alternative spin-off? Color me confused right now with that new manga revelation and this announcement.

Moving on now, I think everyone knows about the ending already. Probably those who still haven’t watched it, I bet they already got spoiled with lots of memes spreading everywhere about it. But still, I’m giving out a spoiler warning just to be careful.

>>

New Code Geass Project?


“New Code Geass Project Launch Green-lit! Wait for more info in 2010!!”

What the…? HOW?

UPDATE: Project revealed. Prepare to be disappointed

Thanks to Code Geass R2’s finale…



The series is gone for like, more than 10 days ago now and my so is my post about that (09/27/08)… I’m surprised that day when I got those freaking number of views and comments. It had been my most viewed ever (and I think its reign will remain for a LONG time) and I got the 12th spot for the daily-counted, most popular blogs on WP… But two days after that, O_O… nosedive time XDDD!!!!! Now my blog is back on receiving its average views again… Back to reality~

Code Geass R2 – 25 [Ending]

Just watched the final turn of Code Geass on raw (after skipping 12 episodes of it XD which I only visit RC in order to catch up with the series…), meaning I only understand like, 10-20% of what they’re saying, anyway, I don’t take this show too seriously so I don’t care that much but I can tell a few on what’s going on. So here goes some USELESS sh*t…

  • Kallen battles it out with Suzaku
  • Nunally fell down on the stairs (yeah, like that’s important)
  • She wears a cute prison uniform (is that a prison uniform?)
  • Lelouch dies from the hands of Zero (Suzaku)
  • Orange-kun ends up with Anya…………. LOLWUT?
  • There’s a cute group portrait at the ending
  • CC became a wanderer… And then she is talking to somebody while lying on a haystack.
  • Plus I don’t think that Lelouch was dead.

Now I’ll dl the subs as soon as it is released to confirm these stuff… (And again… Anya? With Orange-kun??? WRRRYY???)

☆Absolute Anime Openings ~Prologue~☆

[This post was the supposed-to-be-prologue of the entire chart. Forgive me for posting this right in the MIDDLE of the chart XDD]

But before I continue, I wanted to give a reason why I posted an all-day-long-running-live-countdown today on my blog. It is because I received a great achievement on my blog last Monday. I don’t really care about site traffic but wth, I got an achievement of 852 views!!! Yipee!!! *faints*… *goes back to poise again* That was really something to me. I’m glad that many people cares ^_^!!! God Bless ~>.<~ And now, to show my appreciation, I’m giving y’all a live countdown by moi!!!


☆Blabber and Bones☆

Photobucket– The rumors for a sequel to Full Metal Alchemist and Darker than Black are not yet confirmed but BONES still have the possibility of continuing their project (Yeahhh!!) or maybe not (Boooo!)… As for me, I absolutely loved the two series and I’ll be glad if there would be any sequels to them but if there wouldn’t be any, it’s still fine since those two series doesn’t need sequels at all. If they are continuing them, especially FMA, they should assure the fans that they wouldn’t ruin the story of the manga. Good luck to the Bones studio btw.

– There would be a new OVA called Zettai Shougeki -Platonic Heart- and it will premiere on August 2008. The official site was recently opened and I think it looks cool so just wanna share it to y’all but still, I don’t have any idea what would this be about (since I can’t understand Kanji much) but the character thing there with matching VAs speaking was cool. I hope anime sites would be more on Flash than just posters XD…

– And for some rantings and spoiler on Code Geass: SHIRLEY DIED ON THE HANDS OF THAT ROLO!!! *gets emo for 5 seconds*

…*back to cheerful mood again*…

– For Allison to Lillia, I’ll finally start to watch it again since the Lillia and Treize arc is on and I’ll even try to blog it!!! Yipee!!!

– PLUS for those who have voted on Anime-NTM, you can still vote per day, per IP address (just in case you don’t know…) so keep your favorites on the running! Vote everybody!!! Vote! Vote! Vote! (or else I’ll get yandere…)

Code Geass R2 – Turn 09

Wooooooohooooo!!! I just downloaded a new media player which is wayyyy better when it comes to snapshotting(thank God)… And my first to sample is… Code Geass R2 episode 9!!!!!

[its subtitled BTW so sorry if it gets in the way… but please appreciate my effort :)… Click the images to view full size]

PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket [:Continue…:]