☆Absolute Anime Openings ~Prologue~☆

[This post was the supposed-to-be-prologue of the entire chart. Forgive me for posting this right in the MIDDLE of the chart XDD]

But before I continue, I wanted to give a reason why I posted an all-day-long-running-live-countdown today on my blog. It is because I received a great achievement on my blog last Monday. I don’t really care about site traffic but wth, I got an achievement of 852 views!!! Yipee!!! *faints*… *goes back to poise again* That was really something to me. I’m glad that many people cares ^_^!!! God Bless ~>.<~ And now, to show my appreciation, I’m giving y’all a live countdown by moi!!!



Now let’s continue on to the On-Deck songs. These are the songs which haven’t made it to the main Top 20 but they are still worth mentioning since they are all great OPs.

Cruel Angel’s Thesis – Evangelion OP

– This is a legend when it comes to OP sequences so I’ll be giving chances to others on the chart.

Nightmare – Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori OP

– It has a nice feeling that it gives you to start off the series. It is like you are ‘imprisoned’ while listening to it.

White Night True Light – DNAngel OP [English Version]

– Vic Mignognahas a smexxy voice!!! Kyaa~!

Colors – Code Geass 1st OP

– FLOW’s strong vocals and the pleasant tune of the song makes this one of my favorite OP themes.

Kinjiareta Asobi – Rozen Maiden 1st OP

– LOL. I don’t expect to put on some ALI Project songs here but I think this is the one that is the most fitting for a show. It suits the Gothic motif of Rozen Maiden.

Motteke! Serafuku – Lucky Star OP

– When we’re talking about MOE and EPIC-ness of OP sequences, Lucky Star’s Motteke Serafuku never fails with its addictive dance and wacky video.


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    @CinderBird: Yebah

    @omisyth: Hey welcome back!!!

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