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This is your one-stop place for the downloads here posted in Metanorn from character singles, to different OP and ED singles of your favorite anime. We made this post so that you won’t find it hard to browse in here. Note that we only included those since Spring ’09 though ^^;;. From that, this post page will be updated as soon as new anime music download gets posted in here ^^.

You can click the CD cover picture to get into the page of the single you want to download. Enjoy~ ^^.

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Tsui’s Favorite Anime OPs: Final


Final part of my favorite OPs list!

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Tsui’s Favorite Anime OPs: pt.3


Part 3 of my favorite OPs list. Where animation studios get involved… and Bleach too.

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Tsui’s Favorite Anime OPs: pt.2

Zetsubou Sensei Pictures, Images and Photos
Second part of my favorite anime OPs countdown. From the Holy Grail to the town of Oyashiro-sama. To the Excalibur from the Rumba~ (this time it’s pic related.)

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Tsui’s Favorite Anime OPs: pt.1


Part 1 of the list of my favorite anime opening sequences. Before I begin the list, I want to say that they are just based on my personal opinions and bias-ness. And pic: unrelated. Out of the hundred other great anime OPs out there, choosing only 20 was really hard. I don’t have a certain specific criteria, I just go with how awesome the music is, and how unique and watch-worthy the overall sequence will be. So anyhow, let us start of the list with harem, a badass teacher, Samurai’s, mecha and teh USA!

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The Jukebox


One thing you might already know about me is that I absolutely love music. From upbeat tracks that I dance on our cheerleading practices, to sentimental tracks that helps me pass on the mood. Not to mention of course, J-Pop, which keeps me in touch with my weaboo roots XD…

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Absolute Anime Ending Themes

Last time, I posted the list of the BEST Anime Openings that I love. Now I will count down the BEST (lol, in my opinion only ^_^ no flame wars please!) ANIME ENDING THEMES that I love!!! There would be only fifteen songs because I only find a few ED themes that I like ^_^. They are the songs that kept me until the last second of the show and they made a lasting impression and impact after I watch it.  Like the rules of last time, there would only be ONE song per anime series and anime shown from the 1980’s below were totally out of my list. So here it goes!!!


Absolute Anime Opening Themes

Ok, so everyone has their own favorite anime openings of all time, we may all differ but I kinda have a unique taste of openings. I base it from the song itself, the video and how memorable the opening would be for me. I also base it on how it gives me ‘the chillz’ everytime I watch and listen to it. So here goes my fave OP list!!!