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Chihara Minori – Paradise Lost


Finally, Paradise Lost and Yuuki no Kodou by Chihara Minori are up!!! I already posted the PV of Paradise Lost here. It’s the kick-a** OP theme for GA-REI -ZERO-. Paradise Lost is a more upbeat song while Yuuki no Kodou is more slower and mellow. [EDIT: Link fixed ^_^]

[:DOWNLOAD Paradise Lost:]

[:DOWNLOAD Yuuki no Kodou:]

Chihara Minori – Paradise Lost [PV]


This is the PV of GA-REI ZERO‘s OP: Paradise Lost by Chihara Minori. Bada** series needs a bada** song! I just got so addicted with this song… Well, it’s the beautiful Minorin so except me to love everything from her. Honestly, I’m really a fan of her voice and her music style. The violins accompanied by upbeat techno music is just awesome.

GA-REI -zero- 01: Nice Coffee.


GA-REI -zero- basically doesn’t follow the manga (yet) so it really kept me interested and I’ve been anticipating it since summer. It was really exciting because like Jigoku Shoujo, it is an original production, meaning it doesn’t follow everything and I assure myself that I will be waiting for every episode of it. And GA-REI -zero- did an excellent job on creating its first episode. Just… AWESOME

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