Chihara Minori – Paradise Lost


Finally, Paradise Lost and Yuuki no Kodou by Chihara Minori are up!!! I already posted the PV of Paradise Lost here. It’s the kick-a** OP theme for GA-REI -ZERO-. Paradise Lost is a more upbeat song while Yuuki no Kodou is more slower and mellow. [EDIT: Link fixed ^_^]

[:DOWNLOAD Paradise Lost:]

[:DOWNLOAD Yuuki no Kodou:]


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4 Responses to “Chihara Minori – Paradise Lost”

  1. Machinany says:

    Both links are for the same song sadly, might wanna get that fixed.

  2. kanzeon says:

    @Machinany: OMG sorry! Thanks for saying it ^_^ link fixed 😀

  3. Machinany says:

    Thx kanzeon, I’ve been looking forwards to this so I’ll forgive ya for the quick fix.

  4. Took me awhile to get around to listening to this one, but I certainly wasn’t disappointed. Sometimes, you just have to be able to sit back and let this song take over. It does help that “Paradise Lost” is really energetic while “Yuki no Kodou” contrasts it with a more peaceful contented melody. Both tracks are pretty enjoyable in their own way, and even if they’re a bit generic at times, it’s not bad at all.

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