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Metanorn was founded by Kanzeon and has been part of the aniblogosphere since early 2008. From a wordpress blog, it came under the sub-domain hosting by Kokidokom at the end of 2009.  That is where Kanzie and her cohort Tsui made a mark of opinionated reviews and fabulousness that became a personal signature of the aniblog. With RL kicking in however, both the founding members became more than busy to continue blogging in 2010. That is when Kyokai took up the gauntlet to spearhead the site to expansion. Hitting the big 3million visits in the mid of 2010, continued inflow of traffic and a slowing site was the reality check to finally migrate to metanorn.net along with a much-needed redesign.

Since then, Metanorn has not only served hundreds of episodics but expanded to variety of anime fandom and popular culture content. We haven’t missed a single day without an update since 25th of July, 2010. If you want to know more about the site or have any specific queries, feel free to contact Kyokai and for technical ones, Will.

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Infamously known as the Boss Lady, Part-Oni and a Pro multi-tasker.

It’s a strange and coincidental story of how I got around Metanorn early 2010 but even after 5 years, aniblogging is still fresh and interesting. For history, I’ve been blogging since 2002 and writing has been a passion since school, so even after completing studies and joining the work-drones, I freelanced on different sources to continue my hobby. Besides running Metanorn (Aniblogging, designing graphics, producing podcasts and some limited programming & management), I’m a workaholic Digital Marketing and Project Management Specialist, who is outspoken, bold with a Think-Done perspective.

I’m an animanga enthusiast with a varied taste. Ready to sample anything, it just has to be interesting enough. I have a weird attention span that is majorly ruled by my current mood. I like many genres (mystery, comedy, shuojo, supernatural, horror, shounen, etc.), but story and characters always have to be strong for me to keep hanging on. I watch few moe-blob shows too but they are few and far between. I used to get irritated by fanservice when they came often and without reason but I’ve grown out of that phase as well. Now, I can watch anything #likeaboss!

Belonging to one of the hottest South Asian country, I have traveled to and lived in many countries; however, I have finally settled in the smallest continent. My regular days are spent as a workaholic-drone and balancing out work and home-life, while in Aniblogosphere, I like to share my fandom experience with others and vice versa.

My plan for the ever-expanding Metanorn will keep on evolving with new content and sections being added as you read this. Metanorn now hosts a considerable Team that empowers it with not only reviews on various seasonal anime but fandom news, manga/ music/ game/ visual novel review/recommendations but very personalised yet comprehensive views on everything that needs to be watched, played and read. I can only say, enjoy your stay at Metanorn.

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If you ever see any advertisements, they are are not for profit but to recover the yearly payment of hosting and domain maintenance. If you want to advertise with us, please contact Kyokai on the above email address.




1. Kyokai is the boss and her word is law.

2. Even if the population of Team has increased, we will post whatever we like, whenever we want as a collective… So, deal with it.

3. Our grammar may sometimes have its flaws. For some of us, English is not our first language. We may also abuse “OMG!”, “KYAAA”, “WTF”, “SQUEEE!” and many other words so deal with it again.

4. FEEL FREE TO COMMENT! We love comments. Especially when they make sense. Just don’t flame and put in sexist or racist remarks. Also, make sure you know what is an “OPINION”, because and respect other commentors, unless they’re trolls or flamers who deserve to get bashed and burned to death.

5. Downloading is alright for us, just make sure you still support originals! Download links would not be posted on site. You know where to go when you are reading the posts right? Keep checking our official twitter and facebook page for updates.

6. While commenting, please do not abuse emoticons. When one of us sees a comment that has more icons than your text, we’ll automatically delete that comment and might ban your IP on repetition.

7. We love your comments so try them before emailing but we are not averse to the idea of the latter. Even if you have something little to say, comment/email away!

8. We don’t accommodate questions asking for raws or subs. You can always Google it, or check out tokyotosho.info/ nyaa.eu.

9. Please do not request for downloads on music. We will post whatever we like, whenever we want.

10th and Major Rule: We, as a collective, believe in the love of fandom and sharing it with others.  SO, HAVE FUN HERE AND ENJOY YOUR STAY~!

With RL kicking in however, both the founding members became more than busy to continue blogging since early 2010. This is where Kyokai came in, who joined the blog at that same time. She took up the gauntlet to spearhead the aniblog to expansion. Not to mention, hitting the big 3million visits, continued inflow of traffic and a slowing site was the reality check to finally start looking for a new place and thusmetanorn.netwas acquired as a dedicated domain.

Transition and migration to the new hosting service definitely took its sweet time with the site being offline or on a standstill for a few days. However, things moved towards stability with a dedicated tech guru, a lot of research and coordination with all concerned parties.

The all new Metanorn now hosts a considerable Team that empowers it with not only reviews on various seasonal anime but fandom news, manga review/recommendations and very personalized yet comprehensive views on everything that needs to watched and read.

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