Japan Top 50 Singles [09/06]


Whoa~ It’s been a while I posted some of these. Song listings and ramblings after the jump~

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Music Digest: “Nobody, Nobody but chu~”


Genderswapped K-On! is just awesomecakes.

Uhm, the pic isn’t really related to anything in the digest. And… I-I-I-it’s not that I want to shamefully promote that I have uploaded a new video in my youtube channel a few weeks ago: a genderbent version of K-On!’s “Fuwa Fuwa Time”… And I really don’t mean to make you subscribe to my channel even though I don’t really have much time to decorate my rotting channel page and upload vids that often… Yeah, not at all! ^^;;. SO anyway, on with the digest~!!!

In the digest:
Featured Artist: Wonder Girls
– Japan Top 50 Singles [06/20]
– Billboard Top 50 [07/04]
– Jordin Sparks
– An important thing…

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Nana Mizuki: First Ever Seiyuu to Reach #1 on Oricon Weekly Albums Chart!


*crying tears of joy*

Congratulations to Nana Mizuki for she’s the first ever seiyuu to get a #1 spot on the Oricon weekly albums charts!!! :oha: ULTIMATE DIAMOND is indeed a very huge success with 74,000 copies sold only in its first week in release. No other seiyuu had that very high position since 1968, where Oricon started posting weekly album charts.

Once again, CONGRATULATIONS NANA-SAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 You totally deserve it~ :thumb: !!!

Japan Top 40 Singles [05/24/09]


Wow it’s surprising yet nostalgic to hear Cruel Angel’s Thesis’ 2009 version and getting the 27th spot. Anyway, K-On!’s OP and ED singles are out of the top 10. We also have Polyphonica’s ED Theme “Koi no Uta” by Haruka Tomatsu getting the 40th spot. Nuuu~ at SID dropping T^T. Last but not the least, Morning Musume gets the number 1 spot with their 39th single. Song list after the jump~

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Japan Top 40 Singles [05/17/09]


Nothing much to say (besides from the obvious delay) but I’m glad that K-On! is definitely holding on tight in the Top 10 ^^. I also like Kaela Kimura’s “BANZAI”, and I remembered it seeing on Poupee Girl ^^. So yeah, probably next week will have ABS’ “JAP” (Sengoku Basara OP) to debut and I hope it’ll get a high spot~ Song list after the jump.

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Japan Top 40 Singles [05/10/09]


Sorry for the super delay. Note first, that this is the top forty last May 10, 2009. Lots of movements in the charts that week. And nice to see lots of songs that I actually know XP. Nice to see Namie Amuro’s WILD suddenly jumps up on 33 XD. Ai no Mama de is slowly falling down the charts. More popular anime singles also enters the Top 40 as well. Pandora Hearts’s OP by FictionJunction enters #25, while BUONO’s “MY BOY” is at number 6 ^^. Also, “USO” by SID (hawtness~) rockets up on #2. Yay!!! Song list below the jump~

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Japan Top 40 Singles [4/26/09]


[Credits to OriconGoddess]

Yay~ The Oricon updates are back again since my source had regained her source (lol). There’s a slight change though, because it only shows the Top 40 instead of 50, but anyway, e njoy the charts ^^. Continue below for the song list.

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Japan’s Top 50 Singles [03/15/09]


Weekly thanks to OriconGoddess on youtube ^__^ Hit list below the jump.

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Japan’s Top 50 Singles [03/08/09]


Haha! I knew and I’m sure of it! Ayu-chan at #1!!! Not surprised XP. Now this time I can’t wait next week for kalafina, Mamo-kun, Kana Nishino and WISE *crosses fingers*…

List of songs below (the jump). [Credit always to OriconGoddess on youtube]

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Japan’s Top 50 Singles [03/01/09]


Credits to OriconGoddess on youtube ^^!

  • Nooooo T_T Nana-sama’s Shin Ai and HALCALI’s Re:Yasashi Kimochi left T_T
  • I’m surprised that SCANDAL’s Sakura Goodbye isn’t here T_T… I love Gogo Yubari cosplayers SCANDAL!
  • OMG LOVE DIVING!!! :kyaa:
  • Lovelovelove Sayonara My Days!!! Wow her hair is sure darn straight
  • :kyaa: OMG Hibari Kyoya at #11!!!! *faints*
  • Yay!!! BoA at number 8!!!
  • Woah, Ai no Mama de sure stays so damn long in the top 5 -_-…
  • I can’t wait for next week for Ayu to get her #1 spot! *feels assured XD*
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