Music Digest: “Nobody, Nobody but chu~”


Genderswapped K-On! is just awesomecakes.

Uhm, the pic isn’t really related to anything in the digest. And… I-I-I-it’s not that I want to shamefully promote that I have uploaded a new video in my youtube channel a few weeks ago: a genderbent version of K-On!’s “Fuwa Fuwa Time”… And I really don’t mean to make you subscribe to my channel even though I don’t really have much time to decorate my rotting channel page and upload vids that often… Yeah, not at all! ^^;;. SO anyway, on with the digest~!!!

In the digest:
Featured Artist: Wonder Girls
– Japan Top 50 Singles [06/20]
– Billboard Top 50 [07/04]
– Jordin Sparks
– An important thing…

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