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Heh~ Gareki’s just too irresistible not to be featured front page and colored by yours truly in MD ^__^. And yup~ I’ll be making all OP pics for MD as manga colorings made by me ^^. Hope you’ll like them~

Btw, I won’t be adding Medaka Box and Karneval Ch. 10 in here since I feel sleepy and lazy now~ I already blabbered it on my Twitter waaaaay way back a week ago I think. Also, Shinobi Life got pretty boring in its current arc and I have nothing to talk about it.

Inside the Digest:

– Karneval: Ch. 11
– Kimi no Iru Machi: Ch. 56
– Bijo Jiku: Ch. 2
– Watashi ni XX Shinasai: Ch. 3
– ARISA: Ch. 7

Fresh Pick: Let’s Lagoon

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ARISA – Ch. 06



Kinda-spoilerific OP pic ftw~

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