ARISA – Ch. 06



Kinda-spoilerific OP pic ftw~


Back to the ginormous cliffhanger on the previous chapter, and after the long long wait for this chapter to come, we’re up for a really huge revelation… or not? This series is just mysterious that we all don’t know which ones are true or false XD!

So yeah, Manabe says to Tsubasa (Arisa) that she really is the King, in case she forgot about that because of her “amnesia”. And here we go for some flashback story-telling~~~


Arisa had just became the class president and she wants to be as responsible as she could be. Manabe back then, is a delinquent, he has a bleached hair, which made the teacher mad at him.. Argh, I hate teachers who rant about hair color DX! I should have dyed my hair fire-engine red already if weren’t because of those stinking rules >.>… Lol excuse me I got a little sidetracked XDD.


So anyway, Arisa continues to visit Manabe day after day at his house, giving him notes for the lectures he missed, announcements, etc. Lol Arisa is so nice and responsible!!! You get a nomination for best class president XD. But aww~ Manabe is so tsun even when wounded XD. But again, Arisa is just so nice and treats him ^^.


Is it just me or do Arisa and Manabe just looks so cute together back then~? XD. Oops, I think I accidentally pulled my shipping trigger already XD. But yeah, they’re both so cute because Arisa’s sweet and Manabe’s tsun-tsun XDD. And btw, these scenes with the girl smiling and the boy blushing is sooo overused but it’s still working for me XD~ Let’s all see where these two are going~.


Oooh~ Oooh~ I have a secret too! I wear my socks upside down!!! Oh wait, why? Why are you ignoring me?? Nuuuuu~ T__T… *cries in a closet of despair*


Manabe finally goes back to school to see the “secret” Arisa’s talking about. And then he enters the class Freak-ology, or what they call the King Game. Manabe is shocked (who wouldn’t anyway? XD) and wonders what the hell is happening. Turns out that a wish is being granted.


Hmmm… that wink probably meant something…

“Even though everyone called it “wish-granting”, it was just trivial things, like taking care of things people were worried about. So I just thought it was something a meddlesome class president like you would do.”



Let’s all not forget about the consequences of this game.


:freeze2: Yandere-mode Arisa?!?! But that look totally says that she’s sad. Maybe she’s not really the “bad person” behind this, maybe there’s someone else sharing her role as king who is up doing the dirty work along with her or she’s being forced by that person.


Uhmm… Dude, you still don’t know who she really is. She’s Tsubasa, so even though you say that she’s Arisa the King of ebilnessness, you got totally got the wrong person -__-;;

And here’s probably a huge shocker…


*LEULTIMATEGASPSx1000!!!* That’s an easy password!!! I never guessed it XD. But lol at Tsubasa’s attempts on guessing Arisa’s passwords at first. Using your birthdays as one is the most stupid and uncreative way of making passwords XD. And oh, at least Arisa did better, by using a four-letter word that would just leave everyone suspecting her more.



Tsubasa accessed the secret folder and it contains the date listings of the different requests for the King’s Game as well as the answers for a certain exam. *Leultimategasps* And I think this is already proof that at least Arisa has some sort of relations to the game.


…Says the one who always acts weird during the King’s Game.


Ugh you’re supposed to be the evil one hiding in those goody two shoes right? RIGHT??? SO WHY??? Why that warm smile and that cheesy “I like you”?!?! NONONO!!! That cute face… I’m…  getting… weeeaak… *melts*.


Lol she then turns into her psychotic mode now. I don’t know if she’s either jealous of Arisa or if she’s over-possessive of her, judging by this reaction after she thought that Arisa’s bf already knew everything. But one thing’s for sure… She’s jank XD.


OMG YOU’RE READING MY MIND TSUBASA XD!!! Girl, I love you so much~ XDD. We should hang out some time~ XDDD *gets slapped*. But yeah lol, that’s like every forum is discussing about: The possibility about having two or multiple Kings. Because somebody just has to grant the wishes when the other one isn’t able to do so (like i.e. Arisa’s in the hospital and I think someone else did the job on the Athletics festival thing).

And yeah, Arisa probably has a dirty.. err.. Dirty’s not the word lol I’ll change it~ Mysterious (yeah I guess this can do) relationship with that person. Poor Arisa for being such a really nice girl to be in the middle of all these scary secrets T^T.


What are you waiting for Takeru?? Kiss her!! Kiss her!!! 8DDD Lol Takeru is such a great friend who’s always beside Tsubasa to support and comfort her~


Takeru is awesome~ To be really honest, he’s so awesome that it’s dangerous. I love him for entering Tsubasa and Arisa’s world always being behind Tsubasa ^^. But lmao, if he ever turns out to be the King, I will laugh out loud and sell my soul to him for being so awesome XDD.


*LEULTIMATEGASPS (AGAIN)*!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whowhatwhere the hell knows that the Arisa they’re currently facing is a fake? Yep, it’s probably the “secret” Mariko is talking about a while ago. So run Tsubasa~ Run and check out your sister fast before the…


Wow a flowerbed, literally~ OMG Arisa is gone!!!


Ok, before we all start calling this bitch a scary-possesive-psycho-jank-freak… Wow. Why doed she know about this secret? I’m totally at the edge of my seat every chapter of this manga. It sucks though because we have to wait for a freaking long time for another chapter/scanlation! Agh~! Lmao. But yeah, this manga is totally exciting, suspenseful, etc.

And now, I really wonder why Mariko knew about this. Also, is she acting as the King only, or she and Arisa are both behind the game? I hope if ever Arisa was the other half of those who started the Game, it was all innocent until she got blackmailed/forced by the other one that ended this King Game being nasty. Argh I hate waiting for the next chapter XD!!!

But I’m still rooting for my number one bet on who really IS the evil King behind all: Show ▼


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10 Responses to “ARISA – Ch. 06”

  1. faer1edust says:

    Arisa is really nice >.< so it's hard to think that she's the one behind all this King stuff. Mariko maybe only acting like the King. But who made the wish btw?? O__O. Is it Mariko too?

    When Midori goes on to say "I really like her"… all my speculations with him being the King went all back to zero :XD: …

    Btw, I wonder what would be the role of Takeru as the series goes by. I agree with you that I smell danger ahead of him though or maybe he can be bad.. But I hope not~ lol I want him to be with Tsubasa (more of a Tsubasa x Takeru shipper as well).

    Ugh I always hate it when I wait for the next chapter to come! It's a monthly release right? This manga is one of a kind and I'm totally hooked with it.

  2. Rabbitskip says:

    This chapter is full of so much revelations and suspense!!! This manga is just great :runs:

    Arisa is so nice but I love her mysterious side as well :blush2:

    Mariko is scary and psychotic. How did she know about the real Arisa being at the hospital? O_O Is she like the second King? :freeze2: I hope Manabe and Tsubasa will team up soon to find the real culprit. 😉

  3. Ashelea says:

    🙂 Another great chapter again~

    I think Arisa likes Manabe before *gets shot by TsubasaxManabe shippers*. Why would she come over by his house everyday anyway if the reason is only to let him know about school stuff and etc.? She should have another reason why she is so driven to visit him. They’re both cute tho~

    I totally feel so bad for Arisa because all I can see from he is a good reason to help why she started that wish game, but I think I agree that there’s somebody else who’s acting as King. Maybe that person stole her role and continued to blackmail Arisa?

    I’m SO relieved to know that I’m not the only one who thought that once Midori said that he really likes Arisa, I kinda went ceasefire on speculating him so much that he’s the king. Nice to see that he rly likes her, but we never know if he’s still making that up.

    I freaking hope that Arisa will wake up and slap the hell out of her psycho friend. That creep annoys the hell out of me and her eyes in psycho mode are just scary o.O

    And I love both Manabe and Takeru~<3 Can I have them both plz? XD.

  4. Rin says:

    This chapter was what I would call a “Holy Schnapples!” chapter(seriously, where is snapples coming from?). I totally agree with you about Takeru. My vision has changed from wanting Tsubasa to be with Manabe(Manabe goes to Arisa), to Tsubasa going to Takeru(who seriously needs better hair). This is just getting better and more suspenseful. I seriously cannot wait another month for raws and scanalations to come out.
    .-= Rin´s last blog ..1,000 views already! =-.

  5. warriorhope says:

    Sigh. I hope they make an anime out of Arisa one day. Even just an ONA or ODA. It’s too cool a shojo not too.

    AArisaxManabe and TakeruxTsubasa y/y?

  6. Xiao says:

    If you really did dye your hair red while still in high school, I would have worshipped you forever. 8D
    Lol XD

    Aww, Arisa and Manabe really do look cute together. ^^ Tch, forget about goody (but…somewhat a little cute) innocent for now Midori who doesn’t seem to have a clue about what’s going on with Arisa. Manabe actually has some awareness of her secret…and the fact that he saw her in yandere mode…lol, I think I just jumped onto the ArisaxManabe shipping as well. xD;

    Pfft, even elementary kids wouldn’t use their birthdays as passwords. 😛

    But hmm…yea, I wonder how Arisa really got into being a “King” in the first place. I suspect her to be conspiring with someone (or someones) as well. The question is just why and how. :/

    LMAO I love the thought of Takeru being the king! DEW IT, SENSEI! DEW IIIIIITTTTTTTTTT!!!!!! 8DDDD Or make him the favorite underling of rubber ducky-sama. *SHOT* XDDD;;;


    Aww man, after reading the scanlations, I really get excited about the next chapter, too.
    As for Mariko…great, now I’m thinking that she and Arisa probably walked into the wrong side of town one day, found this hawt weird dude all beaten up in an alley way and then agreed to be his groupies because he offered them the latest cellphones (which hypnotized them into making them his slaves, ooo~).
    …pfft, yea, and that guy is Takeru. *SHOT* xD; So goes my crack theory.

    But hey~, next issue of Nakayoshi is coming out next week. So it won’t be too long of a wait. ~.^
    .-= Xiao Jie´s last blog ..SoMT Stage 1, Wildcard Round =-.

  7. Lea says:

    I have absolutely no idea as to who I think the king is anymore. XDDDD
    At first, my theory was the boyfriend + Arisa as a team thing… I guess? But this manga is just so dang confusing. I guess I’ll just wait.
    But more suspense, huh? That’s a good thing.

    This series is really addicting. :’D
    .-= Lea´s last blog ..Updates – Banners + Blogging Vacation =-.

  8. gracelle says:

    Mariko is scary :doomed: … but I don’t think she’s the original king if ever. I’m starting to like Midori.

    Takeru is so cool :kyaa: and Manabe is so hott :omg:
    I don’t know who to ship between Tsubasa and Arisa. But I think I want Manabe for Arisa more 😉

    This manga is so creepy in a good way! I can’t wait for the next chapter.

  9. Rina says:

    What if the King is really Arisa? :dun: :doomed: 😥

  10. janette says:

    its her and her boyfriend i suspect :rage:
    but aris looks so inesent :huhu:

    tsaubusa kicks ass 😆

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