Japan Top 40 Singles [4/26/09]


[Credits to OriconGoddess]

Yay~ The Oricon updates are back again since my source had regained her source (lol). There’s a slight change though, because it only shows the Top 40 instead of 50, but anyway, e njoy the charts ^^. Continue below for the song list.

40 – Joji Yamamoto – “Oretachi no Haru”
39 – Minami Kizuki – “Dareka no Tameni/Wasurenagusa”
38 – Dew – “Thank you”
37 – tacica – “Metoro”
36 – Kuranosuke Shiraishi – “prayer”
35 – BENI – “Kiss Kiss Kiss”
33 – AKB Idoling!!! – “Chu Shiyouze”
32 – Caocao – “Kojin Jugyo”
31 – JERO – “Yancha Michi”
30 – Mai Kuraki – “PUZZLE/Revive”
29 – ET-KING – “Kimi Omou Hana”
28 – 10-FEET – “1sec.”
27 – UNDER GRAPH – “Kokoro no me”
26 – Hideaki Tokunaga – “Sunadokei”
25 – Angela Aki – “Tegami ~haikei juugo no kimi he~”
24 – Metis – “Zutto soba ni…”
23 – Miyuki Kawanaka – “en yanakibun”
22 – Fujifabric – “SUGAR!!”
21 – OLIVIA – “Sailing free”
20 – Perfume – “ONE ROOM DISCO”
19 – Namie Amuro – “WILD/Dr.”
18 – BREAKERZ – “Everlasting Luv/BAMBINO”
17 – Gackt – “Journey through the Decade”
16 – Kiyoshi Hikawa – “Roukyoku Ichidai”
15 – Kim Yonja – “Kita No Akashiya”
14 – Shion – “RAIN OF TEARZ”
13 – Yusuke – “Himawari”
12 – Ryoichi Higuchi – “Tegami ~Shinai Naru Kodomo Tachi E~”
11 – alan – “Kuon no Kawa”
10 – Arashi/Kenta Yano STARRING Satoshi Ohno – “BELIEVE/Kumori Nochi,Kaisei”
9 – Koda Kumi X Misono – “It’s all Love!”
8 – Base Ball Bear – “Kamigami Looks You”
7 – Junko Akimoto – “Ai no Mama de”
6 – Kaori Mizumori – “Aki no Miyajima”
5 – Tsuyoshi – “Sora ~Utsukushii Ware no Sora”
4 – ℃-ute – “Bye Bye Bye!”
3 – GIRL NEXT DOOR – “Seeds of dream”
2 – Kobukuro – “Niji”
1 – EXILE – “THE MONSTER~Someday~”

We have to wait and see next week on which spot the K-On! OP and ED singles will enter the charts. “Don’t say lazy” ftw~. I’m also excited for YUI (FMA: Brotherhood OP) to enter the charts as well. For sure they’ll gain high positions because there had been a weak flow in both enka and mainstream music. Speaking of mainstream, both Perfume and Namie Amuro dropped on the charts with their respective chart-topping singles T_T. There are still singles that are left standing strong like the fierce Angela Aki and Junko Akimoto (lol she’s staying in the top 10 for like, a millenium already XD).


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8 Responses to “Japan Top 40 Singles [4/26/09]”

  1. Diego says:

    I’ve developed the rather unfortunate habit of skipping OPs and EDs when watching anime, mainly out of a desire to save time. When things get real busy around here, shaving off even just a couple of minutes can mean the difference between finishing an episode or leaving the end hanging all day until I can pick it up again.

    So I’m here to voice my support for the only OP I’ve heard in full this season: “Cagayake! GIRLS” for the win! (Yeah, it’s no masterpiece, but like I said it’s the only one I’ve listened to from start to finish.)

    • kanzeon says:

      Glad that Cagayake! Girls somewhat cured your ‘illness’ a bit ;). I don’t actually like that song but I’ll be overall happy when a K-On!/anime song enter the charts in a high spot just like always ^^.

  2. Minnie says:

    GO KAT-TUN!!!! AND OLIVIA!!! :cheer:

    I hate Cayagake GIRLS but I look forward to see how Don’t say lazy do on the charts. Yui’s OP as well! ^^

    Minnie’s last blog post..Chrome Shelled Regios Episode 16: Keep Overestimating Your Powers Nina!

    • kanzeon says:

      OMG KAT-TUN IS LOOOVE~<33!!!

      I'm rooting "Don't Say 'Lazy'" for the top spot ^^. Lol there's gonna be a lot of new entries next week because lots of anime singles had been released the past week ^__^

  3. miken-chan says:

    I listened to “It’s All Love!” a couple weeks ago from a radio rip, I can’t say I love it — but I do love pure idea of the two sisters performing together. (though I favor misono) XD;;

  4. I dont like the song on the top spot. >_<

    Kairu Ishimaru’s last blog post..It’s All The Same Shit

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