2008’s Dozen: Favorite OPs


Since this year’s at its end and everyone’s writing up their 12 “bests” of this year, I’ll go different this time and write up the “bests” of this year in 12! Lol get it? XD… And my first “Dozen” list is regarding the OPs of this year!!!

2008 had been a great year for great anime, as well as their opening sequences. Now that the year’s ending, I’ll wrap up all of my most favorite, memorable, and awesome OPs of this year in a dozen!!! All of the OPs are from animes shown January 2008 to December 2008. Anime shown last year but still managed to continue broadcast in Japan on 2008 still qualifies. So here goes the dozen!!!!!!


12: DISCOTHEQUE by Nana Mizuki – Rosario to Vampire CAPU2


Nevermind that stupid fanservice anime because the song is just too cool!!! Nana-sama ftw! The dancing was cute too!



11: PAPERMOON by Tommy Heavenly6SOUL EATER


The overall OP was dramatic plus the song was probably better than the first one (lol just not a fan of TM Revo.)… Anyways, I also love Tommy Heavenly6 so this earns a spot for my faves this year ^_^



10: Kimi Hana by PigstarJunjou Romantica


Junjou Romantica’s one of the series that I’d been watching all along this year so this song probably because stuck in my head for like, forever XD. This OP rocks!



9: Tabi no Tochuu by Natsumi KiyouraSpice and Wolf


The song is peaceful and calm and the video sequence is very clean. This is definitely one of the better OPs this year.



8: FLY AWAY by THYME – Someday’s Dreamer ~Summer Sky~


This song  is really catchy and I can totally sing with it, or just loop in on my iPod in a fine, sunny day. THYME is one of the J-bands I’m so lovin’ this year!



7: Breakin’ Through by Kita Shuuhei – Persona ~Trinity Soul


Why Persona? Because I love Persona, it’s hot. Why Kita Shuuhei? Because I love Kita Shuuhei, he’s hot. That’s all.


Proceed to the next part!!!


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14 Responses to “2008’s Dozen: Favorite OPs”

  1. Alan says:

    hey gurlz! juz finish going through ur listing, can’t agreed more on ur 1st choice. luV that song n always be!

    of course, every1 got their own favorite-including u. BUT CLANNED OP @ NO4!? OMG! that song is juz lame! suck pretty BAD! my ear will bleed juz hearing from that song….it shouldn’t even be in the listing.

    nywy, don let my words bother u. my nagging* mode is currently ON-

    keep up d work!

  2. omisyth says:

    A list Ic ompletely agree with (if not so much the rankings). Must say that for me, Xam’d would be number 1. Combination of kick-ass song, animation and symbolism to create an explosive OP.

  3. kanzeon says:

    @Alan: Oh I understand why you think about that for Clannad. Anyway, what are your other favorites?

    @tsuiteru: Don’t tell me you’re planning on dropping ef… You useless dog.

    @omisyth: Xam’d OP explodes with AWESOMENESS.

  4. nazarielle says:

    Never seen Xam’d, but that opening sequence makes me want to now. That was pretty awesome. Although Toradora’s OP would’ve been on my main list, rather than just an honorable mention :p


  6. Alan says:

    my other favorites?? well there’s alot! (will name few only xD)
    hmm… beautiful life from evangelion 1.01 (i know this is last year but who care!)
    –>tsudzuku sekai in gurren lagann movie (the theme is very simple n yet it has nice rhyme~)
    of course my alltime favorite=GALNERYUS/ALSATIA (the vocalist need to work more on his engrish* pronouns)


  7. FuyuMaiden says:

    Clannad should be number one because of all of the shots of Nagisa!!!!11

    …Well except I can’t really argue with the openings above it, but still!!! Lion is definitely the best opening of the year though (my favorite’s still Toki wo Kizamu Uta because of Nagisa~ and you know…the song’s good too and stuff).

  8. ffviiknight says:

    No Nabari no Ou? o_o

  9. Kitsune says:

    That’s a good list with pretty pictures 🙂 Well, I posted the OP/ED that I liked the most this year also, and it seems that we share the love for Lion 🙂

    Thanks to your list, I listened to some of the songs that I never heard before 🙂

    P.S. I would like to ask you two unrelated questions.

    Has WordPress finally implemented high quality youtube embedding?

    How to break the post into several pages?

  10. kanzeon says:

    @nazarielle: Xam’d is awesome. Plan to put it on your watch-list ^_^

    @FuyuMaiden: I really had a hard time arranging my top 5… If I just can, I would tie them all XD

    @ffviiknight: Umm… no. Me don’t like.

    1. Yep ^_^ It’s also mentioned in the FAQ

    2. We can use it by typing 🙂 (I discovered a shiny new feature from WordPress XD)

  11. Kitsune says:

    Thank you 🙂 Looks like they listened to my suggestion to implement the HQ options. Have to upgrade my videos now 😛

    Pages can be quite useful for long posts, I have to try it sometime.

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  13. Xiao says:

    I only watched a few of the ones I didn’t know but they’re all very good. ^^ Especially “ebullient future” (my god, that has got to be the best OP sequence I’ve seen yet! O.O). Hmm, gotta remember to marathon ef over the break.

    Lol #5. Awesome title. xD

    “Ash Like Snow” is cool and “Motto Hade Ni Ne!” is such a cute song! Gah, I still need to marathon Kannagi, too. Two more days~! D:

    & I need to download “Lion”. Loved the OP even though I never watched Macross but the song is just too addicting. xD

  14. kanzeon says:

    @Kitsune: Welcome ^_^

    @xiao_jie: Remember to watch ef ~memories first before ~melodies ^_^. It’s really a good drama series btw 🙂

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