2008’s Dozen: Favorite Anime Girls – part 1

I really thought why did Kanzie didn’t made one “dozen gallery” for the girls this year yet, and my patience is running out plus this year would end soon so I’ll just be the one to make a gallery of my favorite anime girls this year 🙂 Unfortunately, they’re all SFW (well, that’s how I can see them :P) so everyone can view it. Get ready to see pages of girls, girls, and girls of anime in the year 2008! Photo spam ahead folks!

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2008’s Dozen: Favorite OPs


Since this year’s at its end and everyone’s writing up their 12 “bests” of this year, I’ll go different this time and write up the “bests” of this year in 12! Lol get it? XD… And my first “Dozen” list is regarding the OPs of this year!!!

2008 had been a great year for great anime, as well as their opening sequences. Now that the year’s ending, I’ll wrap up all of my most favorite, memorable, and awesome OPs of this year in a dozen!!! All of the OPs are from animes shown January 2008 to December 2008. Anime shown last year but still managed to continue broadcast in Japan on 2008 still qualifies. So here goes the dozen!!!!!!

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