Hakkenden: Touhou Hakken Ibun 2 – 13 [END]


Using the power of yaoi to save the last episode

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Got Robbed in Brazil.


Well, finally here’s the BULLSH!T elimination episode of America’s Next Top Model that probably happens every cycle… And this cycle, the victim is the fierce diva Natalie. This show is really getting so obvious that they want to get rid of her to make way for the obvious winner Teyona. Some minimal raeg and ramblings ahead.

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Kannagi: 04 – Sadistic Sisterly Love


At night, a man is found by a girl in a nun’s outfit and asks him for his confessions, for only 100 yen. That girl turns out to be Zange. At Jin’s residence, Nagi tackles about losing her powers because the tree had been cut down due to modernization. At school, Jin starts a conversation with Takako, Shino and Akiba about idols, their types and Zange, which is quite popular for her 100-yen confessional.

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Chaos;HEAd – 01

Lol… Sorry for the late post ^_^. Another mystery/psychological anime again this Fall but with a harem twist is Chaos;HEAd. Based from an ero-game adaptation by Nitro Plus, this one tackles the story of Takumi Nishijo’s delusions which slowly turns out being the reality.


[EDIT: I minimized the disturbing images so click them for full resolutions… If you dare.]

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Vampire Knight Guilty: 01 – Sinners of Fate


OP Sequence – Rondo by ON/OFF

It’s still to early for Christmas for this song to play… Kidding aside, I actually like it better thanツ the first one song-wise only. I quite miss the action-packed OP of season I though and I’ll miss some specific scenes where uber-gothic cool Rima throwing her umbrella; Shiki unleahsing his blood-whip and many other scenes… This time it got replaced by Yuuki wandering into the forest (and spinning on birds’ eye view… WHAT THE HELL.), and basically character intros with a story book. An look at Rima together with that cute Rabbit thing! I kinda like the last past, where the camera is being lost on Yuuki at the moonlight, with her long hair and her Artemis scythe.

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