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Lol… Sorry for the late post ^_^. Another mystery/psychological anime again this Fall but with a harem twist is Chaos;HEAd. Based from an ero-game adaptation by Nitro Plus, this one tackles the story of Takumi Nishijo’s delusions which slowly turns out being the reality.


[EDIT: I minimized the disturbing images so click them for full resolutions… If you dare.]

OP ThemeUmm… What was it again? F.D.D by Itou Kanako

The anime starts with an apocalyptic prelude, being Takuma and the pink-haired girl the “only remaining people” in the world, well, that’s what she said. The girl unleashes her cool weapon and puts it in Takumi’s chest. They then kiss…


Ooooh… SHINY!


Kissing = Good enough for me to start the show XD…


Now it gets back to the ‘real’ start. Sena, a figure produced by Takumi’s deep addiction to anime and gaming, wakes up Takumi. Takumi is most definitely a hikikomori. He seals away himself from reality and the society. He also has a tsundere sister named umm… what was her name again?

…Anyway, a lot had been happening to Shibuya lately, with cases of weird deaths because of the New Generation, or New Gene, for short. Takumi’s deep infatuation to the world opposite to reality makes him create fantasies involving girls, even with his sister.

Back at his house where Takumi’s having a little chit-chat with his online friend, Grim. He received a link to an image url. He got in great panic after he got a lot of messages continuously saying the same link. Takumi accidentally clicked it after his mouse fell and he saw a shocking scenario…


Click it! Click it! Click it!!!

*Oops the button was accidentally pressed!* XD…

Look what we have here…

So cute!


The cutest thing I’ve ever seen on my entire life! How adorable!!!


Oww you poor bloody thing, alone in a dark room…


Thought it wasn’t real?

On the way back after visiting an internet cafe, Takumi finally saw the crime scene, in reality.


Think again.


Hope you can sleep tonight peacefully ^_^…


I’m SO loving this girl already.


After that horrible encounter with the pink-haired girl killer, Takumi had been having weird and scary delusions on reality. He also starts to get paranoid around ‘3d’ girls.


Somebody’s here to say hello ^_^…


The glasses-girl whom he thought was dangerous on the street was just an interested friendly(?) fellow , which even helped him on his way home after he fell unconscious. It seems that she is also an otaku, and a senpai to him. Takumi got his perverted illusions again but anyway, she asked him to go with her shopping for some anime goodies next time.

Back at school… Looks like Takumi meets a familiar face. End of episode.


ED ThemeIt was a techno-pop tune which I kinda liked but wth, it’s still forgettable… Super Special by Seira Kagami – I guess this girl sang the wonderful OP for Kaiba…

Next – Uhh… Who the hell know what will happen next >_>…


Kan chats…

The series was alright to the least. Now this one drops on to my not-so-prioritized to watch this Fall. The thing that I found horrendous in here is the whiny, annoying voice of Takumi… I always wanna mute up my laptop everytime he speaks. Plus, I found the names of the characters forgettable that I have to rewatch the show again to confirm them. The OP was ugh… It could’ve been better because the game’s OP was just awesome. I didn’t even remembered the title and how the song goes to be frank. It is the type where I’ll just skip it along.

The characters were VERY generic to hell’s pit. Older senpai who’s klutzy, a younger sister who’s flirty and “onii-chan” annoying x5, and the main character: a loser and a whiny jerk… I want to punch them all in their faces. The rockstar and the pink-haired yandere are interesting though. The only interesting part in here are the two main scary scenes in this episode: the one with an impaled man (though I wish to see more squirting blood in there XD) and Takumi’s delusion to the megane-girl who chases him madly on the street (THAT WAS AWESOME… I would want to see more of that!). Though besides from those several a lot of rantings, the animation was nice though as well as the bgm’s.

Plus, can you stop the “Those eyes… Whose are they?” thing?! GOD!!! Anyway, I think I’ll be following this series as well and might drop for the next 2-3 episodes or until I get tired of it…

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8 Responses to “Chaos;HEAd – 01”

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  2. omisyth says:

    Why do you no like awesome show ;_;?

  3. FuyuMaiden says:

    It’s fun because the characters are all so easily to dislike though. Who cares if they all die!

    But lots of people who have played the VN don’t seem to like the first episode at all. The game opening is definitely a lot better than the one they’re using. I really want to (try to) play that after I finish the series since I’m already enjoying the anime. Something that has even more mystery and creepiness would be even better.

  4. kanzeon says:

    @omisyth: I don’t hate it that much… Sorry for making myself sound mad or anything XD… I’m just in a bad mood when I typed this… (But I hated the voice of the main guy though and I’m not gonna change my opinion for that…)

    @FuyuMaiden: Lol I also know that… And a lot of people have been comparing this to a more modern Higurashi. I saw the OP for the game too and also thought it’s better.

  5. ffviiknight says:

    The one reason why I’m sticking with this show… delusional (or is it?) facial distortions.

  6. kanzeon says:

    @ffviiknight: Yeah! I also love that. It’s so cool.

  7. Shin says:

    My Life: The Animated Series. Other than encountering hot chicks and dead people, I’m very much like the hero in terms of lifestyle ;o

  8. kanzeon says:

    @Shin: Whoa you’re life is interesting ^_^… And you encounter dead people? Cool!

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