Vampire Knight Guilty: 09 – What A Feeling!


Oh lol. The last episodic post I made was about Vampire Knight and after a week without posting some anime episodes (because of schoolwork and laziness FTW), I’m back again… This time, with another Vampire Knight again XD. Anyway, skip the next two paragraphs on Kan chats if you don’t wanna hear my problems and head over to the real VK impressions…

[:I’ll show you a sweet dream:]

Vampire Knight Guilty: 07 – The Thorny Kiss


Oh my, what happened to Shiki’s silver eyes?

Kan chats…

I must admit that this is definitely one of the better VK episodes ever since the first season. Lots of development and revelations! Also, I finally picked the series up again after finding out that it’s definitely getting better and we get to the point where I get to see more of Shiki and Rima, actually they’re the only reasons why I’m following this series XD… I’ll continue following this using raws 🙂 The post contains huge spoilers for those who are still catching up on the manga btw so please proceed with caution. [plus click on the pictures for larger resolutions]

[:I’ll show you a sweet dream:]

Kanon Wakeshima – Suna no Oshiro


Kanon Wakeshima’s second single Suna no Oshiro (Castle of Sand) contains “Suna no Oshiro”, the current ending theme for Vampire Knight Guilty. The second song, “skip turn step”, is a song where we get to hear Kanon’s less creepier side and it’s more pop than her usual gothic.

[:Download Suna no Oshiro:]

[:Download skip turn step:]

Kanon Wakeshima – Suna no Oshiro [Vampire Knight Guilty ED]

Vampire Knight EDSuna no Oshiro by Kanon Wakeshima

[:DOWNLOAD Suna no Oshiro TV size:]

Kanon Wakeshima does it again. The PV was not too long ago but I’ll tell you again, Suna no Oshiro (Castle of Sand) is just so haunting and mysterious. I like her voice but not a fan of it. She plays the cello really well!!! Like still doll, she still kept up with her lolita gothic attire which is so cute! God I would have wore that everyday if weren’t you’ll be laughed at on our country. She really looks like a doll (wayyy prettier than Barbie). The song is perfect for Halloween! Btw, sorry because I only uploaded the TV size, I’ll be replacing it with the full version as soon I found one ^_^.

[:Lyrics below the jump:]

Vampire Knight Guilty OP – Rondo

Vampire Knight Guilty OP

Full version of the song “RONDO” of Vampire Knight Guilty, sung by the twins ON/OFF. They also sang the first season’s OP.

[Download “Rondo” by ON/OFF]

Vampire Knight Guilty: 01 – Sinners of Fate


OP Sequence – Rondo by ON/OFF

It’s still to early for Christmas for this song to play… Kidding aside, I actually like it better thanツ the first one song-wise only. I quite miss the action-packed OP of season I though and I’ll miss some specific scenes where uber-gothic cool Rima throwing her umbrella; Shiki unleahsing his blood-whip and many other scenes… This time it got replaced by Yuuki wandering into the forest (and spinning on birds’ eye view… WHAT THE HELL.), and basically character intros with a story book. An look at Rima together with that cute Rabbit thing! I kinda like the last past, where the camera is being lost on Yuuki at the moonlight, with her long hair and her Artemis scythe.

[:I’l show you a sweet dream:]

Vampire Knight Guilty: trailer


Matsuri Hino’s manga, Vampire Knight, has an official trailer for it’s sequel which would be composed of another 13 episodes. I think it would cover the [SPOILER – highlight to view:] Rido arc and some things continuing that arc. It means there would be more Shiki-sama and Rima-sama!!! Wooot! I think the promotion pic is cool with Yuki’s scythe facing you! And last but not the least, look at Yuki’s long hairdo… Whaddya think?

And here’s the trailer. The first music played in the trailer is entitled “RONDO” sung by twin brothers ON/OFF, who also sang season 1’s OP. The second song: Suna no Oshiro is the ending theme. It is sung by uber-talented Kanon Wakeshima again ^_^ who sang ‘still doll’ from the first season. I found it more creepier to listen to than ‘still doll’, which means it is unusual to loop it on an iPod but it still maintains the gothic and alluring aura.

Vampire Knight Guilty airs October 6.