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Don’t be scared, it’s not about yaoi yet!

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“What’s Hot”: 2008


The supposed-to-be “year-end” post that never happened because I was gone lol XD… So here thy present the best, the worst, the OMG’s, the WTF’s and my (actually “our”, since Tsuiteru gave some ideas to me on this post as well) biased favorites of the year 2008 from manga, anime, seiyuu, music, randomness and more. In short: 2008 wrapped up in a post XD.

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Vampire Knight Guilty: 09 – What A Feeling!


Oh lol. The last episodic post I made was about Vampire Knight and after a week without posting some anime episodes (because of schoolwork and laziness FTW), I’m back again… This time, with another Vampire Knight again XD. Anyway, skip the next two paragraphs on Kan chats if you don’t wanna hear my problems and head over to the real VK impressions…

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