D. Gray-man Hallow – 02-03

D. Gray-man Hallow00004

Wow, Persona 5 is looking pretty good!

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First Impression – D. Gray-man Hallow

D Gray Man Hallow00003

8 years later and they’re still on those tedious fetch quests…

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“What’s Hot”: 2008


The supposed-to-be “year-end” post that never happened because I was gone lol XD… So here thy present the best, the worst, the OMG’s, the WTF’s and my (actually “our”, since Tsuiteru gave some ideas to me on this post as well) biased favorites of the year 2008 from manga, anime, seiyuu, music, randomness and more. In short: 2008 wrapped up in a post XD.

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Give Rabu to Ravi!!!

Need I say more?

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