Anime Status: May ’09


I thought that I should make an impressions post just like everyone else before college starts next week. I’ll be very busy for sure starting then and I will have no time to make this, so I thought I should do it while I have the time. Also, I wanna say that the shows blogged in Metanorn aren’t just the shows me and Tsui are watching. There are some shows better than them of course. This is better than wasting time blogging all 20+ others shows not being covered.

And before you continue on, please keep in mind that this list is highly biased, objective and personal. Not even you, my co-author Tsui, my family, or my dog has something to do with it. And I don’t wanna hear smart asses saying “Nonono *this show* is awesome it deserves blahblah” . I’ll repeat, it’s personal. I’m very willing to listen to yours too so feel free to share your thoughts on them, not force me to change my list or suggest something I do not like. Feel free to share your thoughts on the current shows airing too ^^~

Shows I have not yet even watched (and have NO plans of watching) are Hatsukoi Limited. *avoids tomatoes thown by fans* Sorry, I tried the manga and it bored me to death. Also, I’m quite following it on the RC blog and I don’t find anything that convinces me to watch it. The male caracters totally looked like ugly-fied generic harem leads, and the girls were alright though. And yeah believe it or not, I had watched two episodes of The Best!! Super Cool Class President than this XDDDDD. All in MY opinion so I don’t wanna hear anyone asking me to watch it. Also Cross Game. Well, since it’s the so-called “underrated show of the season“, I’ll leave it be XP.

I won’t also discuss about the show I have basically have nothing else to say to like Gintama, Marie & Gali, Chi’s New Address (Well “CHI IS SOOO DAWW CUTEEE*. That’s it.), and Shugo Chara (still on Doki ep 65 and will stop there for the meantime). As well as the shows I had already discussed along with Tsui on the First Impressions Round-up Post, like FMA: Bro. and those I had stopped watching for the meantime (and nothing has to say to as well) like Sora Kake Girl and Tears to Tiara. And of course, forgettable shows had been forgotten so don’t expect me to remember them (which shows? I forgot. It’s forgettable, die.). And oh, FMA: Bro is being aired in our country dubbed *fake claps*, so probably I’ll stick suffering with that. *hears “Nooo, how about Kugyu?” – Pssh, whatevs :P*

And OVAs/ONAs and Specials are totally included, even though the series was finished ^^.

So let’s proceed, shall we :3? Btw, the list is arranged by from lowest priority to highest biasness (or the HOT 10~).


The Best!! Super Cool Class President


DON’T YOU KNOW THAT THIS IS LIEK, TEH BEST SHOW THIS ENTIRE SEASUN??? IF U DUN THINK SO, YOU’RE DRUNK! So YEAH! I survived watching the first two episodes of it for the lulz and no harm done! See? My eyes just bleed. Dropped.

Tayutama ~Kiss on my Deity~


Guess what’s so new in this series?! OMG besides from the awful animation, the series’ budget is getting lower and lower every episode! Oh my god this stunning development is just awesome. So yup ^^, this series goes waah waaah waaaaah… But I need to mentioned the cute creatures though XD!!! Will continue if I have time, just for the lulz.

Asura Cryin’


…and I’m literally cryin’ over it for being too forgettable. When I download an anime from a torrent, I really compile them in a folder, and I think Asura Cryin is the first anime I watched so far that I delete each episode after watching it. Lol. It’s just… there this season, being mediocre and uninteresting for me. Dropped.

A Certain Mahjong Animu


Oh my gawd Saki, where should I start? The yuri, or the yuri? Or maybe the yuri? XDD. It’s about time I should drop this series as well. The first few episodes were still fun though, but I lost interest in it already when it had gotten pointless. And I’m not even planning to play Mahjong XD lol. Dropped.



And hot spring episodes sure are necessary. The only thing I like about this series is the girl group Eclipse and the music, and my favorite character of awesomeness and bad-ass-ness, Iceman ^^. ICEMAAAAN!!! Also, this show is nothing like Macross Frontier, so stop with the comparisons (MF is waaay awesome). The series isn’t that much high of a priority for me to watch though.

Hanasakeru Seishounen


Ohohoho~ This show is so wrong in many ways but I can’t help but wait for every next episode of it XD. I really love Kajika and how bold she can be XD. And besides her, this series is totally giving me the vibes of like some US or Mexican telenovela series XDDD. Haha true. It’s quite cheesy at times but everyone do loves cheese.

Natsu no Arashi


It’s about time I should be dropping this show, heck I don’t even know why I picked this one up XDD. I really tried my best to like this show, but I just can’t. They say it’s good though, but for me there’s nothing great about it. Dropped~

Katekyo Hitman Reborn


Ugh. Cliffhangers in here again lol. Tsuna beats the hell out of that freak finally by bursting out a huge X-Burner, then he finds Irie Shoichie’s white round machine thing, only to see Irie holding all of Tsuna’s friends as hostage in a tank. He demands Tsuna to hand over his Sky Ring or his friends will be killed inside there. Then there’s a cliffhanger in the end on what will Tsuna do.

Well it’s still… shounen. But I will be continuing to watch it though because I don’t want the other 135 episode-worth time in my life to be wasted.



Ooh look, a loli in twintails. A BORED loli in twintails. That’s so my whole look while I’m watching this series now. I thought at first that this is only going to be like, 111-14 episodes only, but when I checked again back to MAL, it states 24 episodes?! Oh my god I don’t wanna suffer anymore. And anyways, I only watch this show for my dose of Kuniko x Kusanagi shipping moments, which is something this seriously lacks XD. *shameless shipper*. So I’m totally on the fence in this one if I want to continue it.

A Certain Magical Index-tan


HELL YEAH on AcceleratorxTouma yaoi XD!!! Haha Accelerator was awesome and he definitely stole this whole episode. But of course, how would we forget about the cutest part in here? Duh, Index-tan of course! Total cuteness.. so fans of the series should not miss this special.

Code Valkyria: Maximillian of the Rebellion


Awwwww~ That’s so close of Valkyria Chronicles to enter the Hot 10 but for sure, when they get more into the main storyline with more revelations, action and development between my OTP Welkin and Alicia, it will be more interesting and worth watching. Since it’s a 26-episode serie, probably the first half will focus more on building up and fleshing the characters and then things will get more interesting later on the second half for sure ^^.

HOT 10

>>> These are my 10 precious shows that earned the top 10 spot in my watchlist. Out of all those shows airing, they are the ones I had fun watching so far. Highly biased and objective because this is a personal list after all!

10: Sengoku Basara


Hahahaha… It’s so much fun watching this show on Raw without understanding everything because there’s nothing for me to understand on this anyway. What I want though is less talk, more action. I just fast forward all those boring chat scenes except when there’s Yukimura and Masamune in them XD. But lol at episode 10 because the big-titted ninja Kasuga got bitchslapped by Sasuke hard XD.

9: CAKE-on! (title idea stolen from issa-sa :3)


It’s so nice to see when this show adds in a new character, everyone will already love them in just after an episode. But I think Azusa is irresistibly cute! Downside though is that she can be labeled by others as “Mio’s carbon copy” that first starts off as the “most normal one” then suddenly gets raped by KyoAni to become a huge moeblob. The sweets and tea Tsumugi makes are WIN!~ though.

8: Pandora Hearts


To be totally honest, I would have put in Pandora Hearts higher than Haruhi. Heck, even higher than Smexy Ojiji Paradise and 07-Ghost you know… This series just sucked in one thing, and I feel sad for Pandora Hearts because it totally doesn’t deserve it: THE ANIMATION. It looks old, lame, crappy, trashy, horrible, and awful as fuck. And it totally gives a very bad impression to the series. I don’t care if you throw tomatoes at me for saying that but it’s true, unless there’s something wrong with your eyes. Don’t get me wrong. I loooooooooooovee Pandora Hearts (<3<3<3GIL!!!<3<3<3) But the animation is definitely a HUGE turn-off. It’s 2009 not the ’90s, so they should have made it look the date.

The manga is love though!!! I prefer reading it than watching it (but lol @ me for still watching it XD, this has become a guilty pleasure and my bitch sap).

7: Haruhi Suzumiya’s Comeback… FURREAL!


…And I hated the ending theme. Well, not hated it, but I just preferred the first one. This one’s forgettable. Damn, the next day after I watched it I already forgot about its title.

So moving on, I’m quite glad to see this series back and it feels quite nostalgic watching and seeing Haruhi, Kyon and the gang back again. And I love how Haruhi proved all those haters everywhere that she still reigns supreme as Queen of Animu~ I can’t wait for the next new episodes ^^.

6: Smexy Ojiji Paradise


Ristorante Paradiso… Hmm well, what can I say? I tried my best to hate this show but I realized that old men in this show are soooo hot kyaaa<3 /kidding XD this series is really beautiful ^^. I still don’t get what’s so hot and worth drooling about old men though -_-;;… This series is simply sophisticated. It has beautiful animation and art, plus it features some life-lessons that you’ll learn as well as each character gets fleshed out, though I’m just quite not sure what lessons are those XD.

I should comment on the current episode I’m watching. Ewwwie at the old hag taking out the innocence of poor young!Claudio O___o…

5: 07-GHOST


Ohohoho~ BIAS me XD. Hey, Studio DEEN is definitely making a good adaptation out of this one and I’m so not disappointed. Not the show for everyone though (especially for homophobics), but for us fangirls, I’m currently happy with it ^^. And Mikage’s death episode (9th) is surely a huge bawfest T_____T.

What worries me though, is on how Studio DEEN will keep things more interesting and how will they glue more people to love this one. I must admit that Hakuren coming in to the series had started to bore me (because I prefer Mikage), and I just want to skip those parts up until… *stops to prevent spoiler*.

4: Eden of the East


Well, your expected number 1 isn’t really number 1 huh? XD. It would have been number one when I made this list last month or for two weeks, but the latest episode is just lazy. I would have also put this on the top spot when the series is more than 11 episodes. But it is not, and it worries me. I still have faith that they would pull it off up until the movie though.

This series is a gem. Beautiful animation, mysterious premise and very interesting characters. I’m demanding for more, and I want MOAR SAKIRA too XD.

3: Kannagi DVD Extra (episode 14)


Kannagi just PWNed all the other new series above on its special DVD episode. And with that, Kannagi proved to be one of my favorite anime this year. The humor is still timeless, and I had a huge smile on my face seeing all these characters back again ^^. Nagi (Anime’s Next Top Model cycle 2 host) is surely missed. …And Akiba-kun is awesome XD (~obligatory).

And thus, Kannagi season 1 is finished ^^. I’ll kill for a season 2 of this one.

2: Requiem for the Phantom


Woah BeeTrain??? Are you freakin’ serious??? O___O. Yesh ^^. Phantom turned out to be the darkhorse of this season. Just epic intense, and what had happened on episode 10, I’m beyond the edge of my seat on this series. It’s the ideal series for me: blood, action, and of course, something worth fangirling for on Ein/Elen and Zwei/Reiji.

I would be ultimately happy if the series ends on a happy note (even though basing on what’s happening, it’s a sad one T ^ T). But yeah, Elen can be pretty stupid sometimes because of her loyalty to Scythe, ugh… But I hope she’s still alive because both of them needs to get married and live a happy life because they deserve to!!! Reiji is seen alive so OMG ELEN BE ALIVE TOO!!! *repeating*

Ugh, this series is just freaking epic!!! Shame though that I can’t properly blog it because of its licensing, meaning I only watch this on streaming sites T___T .



No explanations needed. Hetalia is a huge evil genius and this series tops my current watch-list. And of course, this is MY list after all, and Hetalia’s my current top fandom. I’m so happy that this series will continue on until the next season and hopefully Fall too and until forever for me to follow for the rest of my life XD!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!! ALL HAIL HETALIA!!! XDD *goes insane*



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18 Responses to “Anime Status: May ’09”

  1. WHOA! We have many similarities on the shows we dropped, liked, and LOVED *_*

    rankings are kinda different though, but still similar xD and both have hetalia as numero uno!!! YAAAY!!!

    yes, fellow kusanagi x kuniko shipper xD I don’t meet much of those xD

    basara episode 10 . . . OMG I WANT BITCHSLAP!!!! xD

    Sapphire Pyro’s last blog post..Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom – Episode 10

    • kanzeon says:

      Lol really? You’re my lost twin!!! XDD

      And Shangri-la definitely needs MOAR kusanagi x kuniko moments!!! Even though it’s not really that obvious and had been given attention to, I hope they would. Rawr~

  2. Panther says:

    I saw the bitchslap coming, I only watch this series raw because no decent subber is on time. Dammit, I like Kasuga though. :\

    Panther’s last blog post..May09 Figs Haul

    • kanzeon says:

      Yeah, at first I’m still watching it with subs, but I got tired of waiting too long for subs so I just watch it raw ^^.

      You like Kasuga? I like Nouhime better ^^.

  3. Xiao says:

    Well, you definitely held out for longer than I did. I was “Hmm, let’s watch this first episode…FAIL! *dump*” 😳

    I applaud your tenacity (if that’s the right word, lol). *applauds* XD

    & I throw golden GIL plushies at you for being so dead-on true about PH. Everything is alright but the animation sucks so badly. ARGH! DIE Xebec! :rage:


    I still have to watch ep 09 but OMG, nuu! MIKAGE~! 😥
    But yes, Studio DEEN did a good job for 07-Ghost. Not the best (cuz ugh, unnecessary crappy-looking fillers) but still good. Meh, now I really want to get to the part where Capella comes in…cuz though I like that Church, it’ll get extremely boring just watching Teito train. Though it’s against fake Fraus but…yesh, I want capella and moar CastorxRazette, plz. 😀

    • kanzeon says:

      I try to check the next few episodes just to know how it will turn out… Turns out to be more lulz XD.

      Lol tenacity XD *checks dictionary*.. Ooh, I like it~ XD

      *catches Gil plushies and huggles them to death* Thank you~ Really, Pandora Hearts doesn’t deserve this treatment of Xebec!!! 😡 I hope it will get re-made or something by a different studio in the future.

      OMG you should check out the DVD special~ Nao nao nao!!! *shot*

      Yesh! Lol I can’t wait to see the RazettexCastor backstory and when Capella enters the scene :kyaa: . *begs Studio DEEN on skipping the training parts*

  4. fye says:

    I should really get around to continue watching Ristorante Paradiso. I was still at episode 1 orz…

    And Phantom is awesome! It’s quite quiet throughout this whole season and I totally agree with you being the darkhorse.

    Lol Hetalia ftw!

  5. The fuck? Didnt like Hatsukoi eh? Every romance-genre otaku will like that shit. Even those people like me who doesnt watch shit like that anime, is still going to watch it because it has something good to offer that I dont even know. So you suck for not watching it.

    Kairu Ishimaru’s last blog post..Anime Shows That Need Sequels

  6. Auntie Heng says:

    i guess i should get my paws on phantom then, i didnt survive past the first 10 mins of episode 1 :p takes alot more to get me interested

    HETALIA!!! :runs: :runs: :runs:

    • kanzeon says:

      It still really depends on you though, because some people liked Phantom while the others didn’t.. (but I hope you’ll like it ^__^)

      And yesh Hetalia! :cheer:

  7. Natsu no Arashi is getting no respect! :-_-:

    Glo the Legend’s last blog post..InuYasha > Other Rumiko Works

  8. akagi_gurl says:

    Yay for Hetalia #1!!! 😉 :kyaa: :blush:

  9. issa-sa says:

    OMG, Claudio was bishie-licious even back in the day! XD

    This list is somewhat ‘nostalgic’ for me, reminds me of when I’d watch just about anything even if I knew beforehand that I wouldn’t like it (just to have something to bitch about on my blog? XD) that I’d have this loong list of series half of which may be decent by end up forgetting to finish in the end 😛

    issa-sa’s last blog post..Obligatory “OH SHI- it’s already been THIS long since I last posted?!?!” update post on what I’m still watching this season

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